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A few years ago he had decided to acquire it to cure his titulo occupation, when the municipality of Reggio Calabria, according to the accounts in hand, changed his mind by choosing the return to the private owner of a plot (approx. 6,500 square meters)) which he has illegally held for over half a century.

In fact, the expropriation and the acute occupation of this land had not been completed by the time the school was completed, which was then completed in 1974 and which within two years should have been transformed into full ownership with payment of the relative allowance, not as the procedure was never completed, in time it became an unnamed occupation. Here’s what’s behind it Salvatore Bevacqua school closed, vandalized and abandoned for over a decade in the Modena San Giorgio Extra area, in Reggio Calabria.

The Government’s decision in 2018

Although an administrative judgment already in 2018 reached the second degree, the municipality ruled to return the unnamed occupied land, as the alternative to the healing acquisition was profiled, after almost four years, the issue is still unresolved and the school is still in decline. However, a recent decision by the Commissioner ad acta appointed by the prefecture (as ordered by the judge in the judgment) traces a hopefully crucial path that goes in the direction of demolition of the school building to return the land to the private owner.

Amount from residual mortgage to pay for the demolition

A few weeks ago, the ad acta commissioner appointed by the prefecture with the municipal council’s powers to fully implement the Government’s sentence, pkt. IV, of 18 May 2018, n. 3009/2018, after already approving the final / executive project of the work called “Demolition of the former Bevacqua middle school building”, for a total amount of EUR 1,700,000, approved by decision number 120 of 21 June 2022, a new list of mortgages concluded with Cassa Depostiti e Prestiti, for which a different use of the residual products must be requested. All this to find coverage for the demolition intervention and not affect the municipal budget. These are balances of Muti, which Reggio Municipality has entered into a contract for for work performed, and which has provided savings. Once these amounts have been credited, it will be possible to proceed with the publication of the tender for the demolition.

From the intention to acquire and heal to the renunciation

Following an initial intention to remedy the final expropriation and to pay the related compensation calculated over the five years preceding the lodging of the complaint, an intention was formalized by a decree which, however, did not have sufficient financial coverage, The municipality itself had already realized a few years ago that it was not able to bear the costs of the acquisition which would have exceeded five million euros including interest (according to Article 42a of Presidential Decree 327/2001). Therefore, he abandoned the land and thus also the school, meanwhile marked by neglect and abandonment, and which would therefore have required the additional financial investment for adaptation and renovation, equivalent to about six million euros.

Reggio Municipality thus chose to get the land back, which, however, can only take place after the demolition of the school and with an expense equal to not even two million euros, therefore lower. For an institution such as the one in Reggio Calabria, in fact, in the repayment plan, the difference in expenditure – almost two million compared to over ten million – was decisive in the choice of how to proceed with the execution of the sentence. This is the synthetic image of the land where the school stands, today a mirror of decay and a container of uncultivated vegetation and waste. A school that the Municipality had intended to recover, and which in 2015 it had paid for a study for consolidation. Then the difference of several million euros and the economic reasons prevailed over the interest in saving a school in decline, and which in any case should have been rebuilt now.

Land with vandalized school returned and the one with housing repaired

Part of a much larger private area that reaches the abandoned and once beautiful Villa Guarna overlooking Sbarre Centrali, the land that was never completely expropriated over fifty years ago, it extends over 17 thousand square meters. On more than six thousand five hundred square meters, the Municipality has built the school and on the remaining eleven thousand has delegated Aterp, then IACP, to complete the expropriation to build almost a hundred public housing that is still inhabited and therefore subject to a procedure for the changed acquisition , which is still in progress.

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