PCI: “Orvieto, what’s capital? Health is also culture”

“We are constantly receiving complaints from many people about the condition they are suffering from, not only our hospital but the health system in general in the district. We are certainly not the first to point out the problem, others have already traveled repeatedly asking for the shortcomings that ‘as they gradually manifested themselves until they became chronic. What you feel in this moment is not a hint, it is not an impression or a rumor, but rather a repetition of unfortunate experiences where the need for care is not answered’ The blagging ‘of the decay of health care in Orvieto follows.

Leaving aside the rhetoric that, among other things, does not cure any harm, we believe that there should be at least a minimum of attention to the concept of service. We do not go into the etymology of the term and not even into its possible philosophical considerations, we leave them to the wise. In an extremely practical and material way, we maintain that the Health Service must be secured for everyone in the most adequate and efficient way. It is a short, dry statement, without special expressions and therefore easy to learn and must not conform to any interpretation.

The content and meaning of this sentence (evidence of any imposition from a liberal, condescending, speculative vision, from blind obedience to team orders) has been armored and must remain that of the struggles that led to public health when those who could not salary he had to manage. To remove these humiliations and give everyone, at least in terms of health, the same dignity, we worked very hard and the Communists were there and in the front line.

Probably, yes indeed, many of those who today sit on the benches of the Municipality or Region have not only not lived, but not even heard of that situation. Blessed are they, but that does not relieve them from having to take responsibility for avoiding the dangerous and certainly not accidental operation that Public Health and within that our hospital is quickly being pushed towards.

We believe that there is a precise and proper will to a political vision, according to which the weakening of Public Service must automatically become a promoter of private health, elevated to a panacea for all ills, for effectiveness, availability, timing and completeness of therapies . And we must also digest the hypocrisy of being told by the unique booking centers, the fateful phrase, ‘… in the end it costs almost as much as the ticket’. But if it really costs the same, then why not let the Public Service do it?

We are convinced that a service, efficient and professionally delivered in an impeccable manner, only for a purely mathematical calculation, minus the profits of the private professional, costs less if performed by the public structure; maybe the accounts have to come back in a different way though, it depends on what you want or need to prove.

If we return to the problem, then we are of little interest if our municipal council fails to be heard, even if listened to, does not find objective evidence from the Region, if it is finally contrary to the policy of depletion of resources and parallel privatization of at at least 30% of health care, explicit mandate from Tesei management.

Whether the junta is a victim or an accomplice, small changes, tell us with facts, with true attitudes, not with soft phone calls or velvety letters, which is the health care system that claims the health of its citizens, and at what delivery times when they are fully operational .

In this sense, we urge citizens to pray with us that Orvieto makes itself heard and brings results home, not promises: it will also be an opportunity to verify whether our first citizen is available to take the lead. its administrators and guide us. … towards the regional buildings to ask for facts and concreteness.

Our mayor’s answer to a specific question posed by an opposition council about the temporary closure of the operating rooms at Orvieto Hospital was nothing short of ’embarrassing’: I am not aware of this fact I want to ask. We hope so.

We chose this moment as a counterpoint to the junta’s choice to compete for the title of Capital of Culture. What better opportunity, in fact, for those who aspire to be legitimized as “the best administration”, attentive, inclusive, participatory, who care about the needs of its citizens, if not to include the certification among the requirements that refer to it. of the most flawless and effective health culture?

We could broadly discuss what this district needs in terms of health care in general, but it would only be to resubmit a complete and analytical documentation, which is already in the region’s possession, in the form of a bill and quickly submitted.

We take the opportunity to tell the region that we know how to read geographic maps and statistical data tables, estimate logistical times with reference to ordinary roads, and finally we know how to use the compass to define useful coverage areas for the public health facilities present. and, incidentally, even those in the definition phase and those subject to election promises or compromises.

Instead, we draw the Council’s attention to the combination of resources and activities (type and quantity), which are commensurate with our basic characteristics, and how it would be embarrassing for the management of ASL and for the health adviser to define tasks and justify cuts, to the local administrations. Incidentally, in addition to the role, this would also be culture, the political culture of the Administrator.

Finally, we would like to remind you that no matter how mild, patient and not used to flashy protests, we certainly do not guarantee tacit acceptance of the current situation, and even less will we give up fighting for a clear reversal of the trend. with respect to the selected address.

We are immediately available to work with political forces, associations, groups and citizens in general, to reinforce and express the discomfort and fear of the competent administrations, while requesting formal commitments and precise times to get what we deserve. “.

PCI – Federation of Orvieto
The Secretariat

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