Outside the city tour with children: here is what to see in Liguria in one day

There Liguria is an Italian region with view by the Ligurian Sea and offers one great variety of landscapesGive her the green hills of the hinterland on beaches on the Riviera.

If you are looking for a destination for one trip out of town with yours childrenhere are some ideas for what you can see in Liguria in just one day, starting from Genoa (and taking into account the distance between the Ligurian city and the surrounding areas).

Trip to Liguria: what to see in 1 day with children

Liguria is a region that offers a lot to tourists, both adults and children. There is a lot of history and beauty to discover in this region with crystal clear sea and green mountains.

If you’re looking for a trip out of town with kids, this is it some of the best attractions which you can visit in Liguria in one day:

From Piazza Manin it is possible to travel with small train of Casella who will take you in between the valleys Scrivia and Bisagnoto be able to arrive at the terminus and take advantage of lunch in a very good traditional local restaurant (or choose to have a nice picnic).

Arriving about Scrivia Valley you can not miss Castello della Pietra and Vobbia. This typical mansion was built on a ledge so much that it is so beautiful and aesthetically fascinating that it appears to be on a set of a fantasy film.

You can not fail to take your children with you Beigua Regional Nature Park. This nature park is one paradise for nature loverswith trails to explore, rivers to fish and lakes to swim.

Kids will be thrilled to explore this open space and discover all the animals that live in the park. The nature park is reached from Genoa through carin train or away bus.

Another trip out of Genoa and having to take the kids with me is for sure Recco. Besides having to try focaccia with BGB cheeseor “Protected Geographic Designation”, you can not escape the visit to the coastal town of Camogli.

A perfect and enchanting and above all ideal place to enjoy a little beach and the typical climate of the Ligurian capital. While you are at it, do not give up San Fruttuoso di Camoglireached by ferry from Recco itself, where you can visit small beach And the monastery.

Realizing that you are with the kids, if you heard it, you could go up the mountain via a dedicated path, and visit Portofino Regional Nature Park. It is a great place to spend time outdoors.

Children can explore the unspoilt nature of the park, take a picnic on the rocky beaches and even swim in the clear waters of the Mediterranean.

The ocean that you will find in this enchanting place because of the protection it has, guarantees a backdrop say the least wonderful.

From Portofino Regional Natural Park you will not be able to benefit from a visit to Portofino Square. ONE traditional village in Liguria, where in addition to being unspoiled, it is perfect for children thanks to its magnificent colors and feeling of freedom it provides.

Starting from Genoa instead a must (perfect even if you are with children), it is go by train on Five countries. Once in place, you will find yourself in front of five villages that you can visit and admire, while almost remaining disbelieving in the sea and seabed that await you.

The special and beautiful thing about the Cinque is the charm of a village that reminds us old centers inhabited by fishermen. To enjoy this location in the best possible way, we suggest one Swimming in the ocean and follow the path dedicated to climbing among the lemons mentioned by Montale.

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