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ROME. Mario Desiati triumphs at the Strega 2022 Prize in an edition that will remain in the story of the most coveted Italian literary recognition for being the first with 7 authors in the final.

Arrived with his girlfriend at the Nymphaeum of Villa Giulia in Rome yesterday shortly after noon. shoes Converse rainbow like the mask, Desiati immediately shone for originality on the evening of the proclamation, July 7, suddenly wet from rain.

In connection from home, Veronica Galletta managed due to the covid, while Fabio Bacà, finally negative to the stick, managed to get to a contingent Nymphaeum, but which almost seems to be normal again.

The live broadcast on Rai3 started at 23:00 during a sudden but brief rain shower, with Geppi Cucciari under the umbrella held by Emanuele Trevi, president of the polling station, and a rush of guests during the arcades of the Nymphaeum. The winner announced, super favorite since the start of the competition, Desiati, with 166 votes in favor Spatriat (Einaudi), he beat everyone in his second exciting return in the final after 2011 with Ternitti (Mondadori). A dedication also to the LGBT + world and its fight for civil rights.

His irregular characters, in search of a future and an identity, such as Francesco Veleno (whom we had already met in ‘The Book of Forbidden Love’) and Claudia Fanelli, protagonists in this fluid story that takes place between Puglia and Berlin, where the word homeland often returns, they have conquered both audiences and critics.

He is insecure, she is rebellious, they have been deep friends since high school in Martina Franca and will arrive on the big screen thanks to Dude, a young Milanese production company that bought the rights to the novel presented to Strega by Alessandro Piperno. ‘Spatriati’ is a word from the Martian dialect which in fact means irregular. “It’s a seed in all of us,” explains Desiati, 45, from Martina Franca.

“Puglia is a border country. I grew up with twentieth-century Apulian writers, one of whom was Mariateresa Di Let, who won here in 1995 but could not win this award because she died a few months earlier. I dedicate it to you, to my friend the journalist Alessandro Leogrande, who died in 2017, to the workers of the Italian publishing industry and to the souls working in the world of the Italian book. Passion is not enough, you need a real contract “, said Mario Desiati, winner of the 2022 award with 166 votes, with the bottle of Strega in hand.

In second place, with a big hole, Claudio Piersanti who had 90 votes for his ‘Quel cursed Vronskij’ (Rizzoli), in which he tells the story of a typographer, Giovanni, who does not suddenly give up, in a note, of his wife Giulia, with whom he has been since adolescence.

And to the third Alessandra Carati, with a very short floral dress in gray-black tones, in Japanese style, which had 83 voices for ‘And then we will be safe’ (Mondadori) with Aida, a Bosnian refugee fleeing the war with his family against Italy at . six years. Fabio Baca ‘was ex aequo in the seven finalists (also in the five of the Campiello Prize 2022), who won sixth place with 51 votes for’ Nova ‘(Adelphi), a story of violence and knowledge of the other with neurosurgeon Davide in the lead role .

In fourth place Veronica Raimoin sober total black, already winner of the Strega Giovani Award 2022 with ‘Niente di vero’, which goes in unpredictable directions with a lot of irony, which had 62 votes and is the second Einaudi title in the competition, for a total of four titles in Mondadori Group.

Fifth by a whisker Marco Amerighi in recycled designer dress, a little anxious by nature and says, “I can’t wait to go down for a cocktail”. Hans Randagi (Bollati Boringhieri), in which he gives voice to a generation displaced by the consciousness of experiencing growth and to the story of a family where sooner or later all the males disappear, had 61 votes. And seventh Veronica Galletta with ‘Nina sull’argine’ (minimum fax), a title saved by an independent publisher.

Tribute to Raffaele La Capria, who died on 26 June 2022, the main character in a major edition of the prize, the one from 1961, which he won with ‘Ferito a morte’, which the director and author Roberto Andò announced he wanted to bring to the theater in an adaptation with Emanuele Trevi. “It’s a novel that immediately became a classic, very suitable for the theater,” said Andò.

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