It’s “Urban Vision Festival” again, for two days of 360-degree artistic culture

The journey of exploration is resumed in the various forms of urban artistic expression. A journey that in Acquapendente gave life to the summer appointment ofUrban Vision Festivalready to live its seventh edition, and for a broader project that aims to involve the local community throughout the year, a true productive beating heart and the national and international artistic world to provide stimuli, generate, share and experience artistic knowledge between generations .

Proposals, events, installations and artistic installations will be found in the historic center also under the name street art, live music, site-specific project, visual mapping, indoor art exhibition, workshops and colormob in a festive atmosphere comparing contemporary art, classical and digital by famous artists and new young people. Friday, July 8th the gaze will be turned to possible future projects, late in the evening Saturday, July 9th the cozy moment at S’Osteria 38.

During the two days, we will try to create a form of perceptual dialogue that forces visitors to confront different realities, art forms, ideas, opinions and provocations. The intention is to trigger an irrational process in the observer, which forces him to search for artistic multi-personalities, exhibited in the most suggestive corners. A violent invasion of artistic and creative energy also thanks to a sequence of dynamic and indefinite exhibition spaces“.

Thus, the organizers – Dark Camera, Lazio region, Acquapendete municipality, Alicenova Synergie Solidali Cooperative – present the weekend with artistic culture in 360 degrees marked with “an adrenaline-pumping line-up, thanks to performances, theater performances and more“. Above all, the murals created in earlier editions (on the opening image from 2019). Those who have survived the time have become an integral part of the Aquesan urban landscape, enriching its tourist-cultural offerings.

Below is the program for the 2022 edition:

UV Collateral – Live Painting – Via Guglielmo Marconi
Curated by Matteo Bidini, “The Circle and the Drops”
– Super
– Sheko
– Elisa Veronelli

UV Collateral – Door Paint – Via Corgnolo, Via Poggio Graziano, Via Cesare Battisti
Curated by Matteo Bidini, “The Circle and the Drops”
– Majs79
– Fabio Petani
– Fijodor

UV security – Installations –
Curated by Matteo Bidini, “The Circle and the Drops”
– Livio Ninni – installation – Vicolo Troilo Accorsini
– Giulia Ronzati – video installation – Cinema Olimpia
– Dario Timpani – video installation – Ex Benetton – Via Roma
Curated by UV Project:
– Elsa Mencagli – installation – Falzacappa Benci Gallery – Via Roma, 6
– Academy of Fine Arts of Rome – “Pasolini” – Paper installations – Loggiato Palazzo Comunale

UV Expo
Curated by Matteo Bidini, “The Circle and the Drops”
– Stefano Fiorina “Light Bearers”, photographic exhibition and masks – External Garden S’Osteria 38 – Via Cesare Battisti, 61 / C
– Group exhibition: Mr. Fijodor, Supe, Sheko, Livio Ninni, Fabio Petani, Corn79 – at Mr. Monkey – Piazza Fonte del Rigombo, 7
Curated by UV Project:
– Roberto Forlini – Monastery of the Church of San Francesco
– Letizia Cassetta – Corso Taurelli Salimbeni
– Lorenzo Sironi – Via Roma
– Roberto Pulvano – at Ringo Tattoo – Via Roma, 36
– Claudio Di Maio – Exhibition and living painting – Via Roma
– Francesco Medori – Exhibition – S’Osteria 38

UV Visual / Holograms
Curated by UV Project E MothLab:
– Immersive Media & MothLab – Boni Theater – Piazza della Costituente, 9
– LSD mapping – Via Rugarella
– Mantica – Saturday, July 9th from kl. 21 – Travel show

UV music
Curated by UV Project and MothLab:
– iCore (Roberto Forlini + Svedonio) Saturday, July 9th from 9.30 pm – Piazza della Rugarella
– Luca Bernabei & Stefano Zazzera (Dj-Set) Saturday, July 9th from kl. 23.00 – Giardino S’Osteria 38 Via Cesare Battisti, 61 / C

UV images – Hall of Peace – Via Cesare Battisti, 41 / A
Curated by UV Project:
– Letizia Pallotta
– Bruno Tignò
– Matteo Spiga
– Giorgio Preite
– Federica Ghinassi

UV project – Laboratories
Curated by Matteo Bidini, “The Circle and the Drops”
– Carriers of Light – Stefano Fiorina – Giardino S’Osteria38 – Via Cesare Battisti, 61 / C
– Many hands posters – Matteo Bidini – Via Roma, 2

UV Ung
Curated by UV Project:
– Academy of Fine Arts in Rome:
Beatrice Fastelli – Piazza Fonte del Rigombo
Chiara Busatti – Municipal Library – Via Cantorrivo, 13
Davide Crisci – Municipal Library – Via Cantorrivo, 13
Andrea Simonelli – Municipal Library – Via Cantorrivo, 13
– Liceo Artistico Orvieto – collective exhibition – Via Cantorrivo
– Liceo Artistico Orvieto – internal screening of Olympia Cinema
– Liceo Scientifico Acquapendente – group exhibition – Via Cantorrivo

– Samuele Luciani & Satura Lanx – Live Music – Friday, July 8th from 21.30 Via Cantorrivo
– Creative city team – Saturday, July 9th from kl. 21 – Piazza Girolamo Fabrizio

UV safety events
– Officine Cairos – Armonie Possibili installation – Via Costa San Pietro
– Walk In – Blood and Bravery Tattoo – Via Cantorrivo, 24

dinner at a special price at Trattoria Toscana, Il Borgo, Scarabeo, Ristoro and Macelleria Poder Riccio, S’Osteria 38, Franco Marlo, Jolly Bar, Pizza in Piazza

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