in July you work for over 700 thousand euros

There are many and all important road and territory maintenance sites ready to start in Santa Croce sull’Arno. After months of planning and finding resources, both from the internal budget and from funds and financing that have been gradually identified, the technical office is now ready to give legs to an important extract of maintenance and new construction work that meets the objectives of this second mandate for Deidda junta, or to continue in it maintenance plan extraordinarily essential to concretize the desire to have a well-maintained, habitable and secure territory. It starts with girls and boys, too new games which will be located in the public parks in via Settembrini and in Beslam’s kindergarten, in Santa Croce and in the memorial park in Staffoli. These are sensory games designed to be accessible also to children and disabled children, to allow them to find an inclusive play dimension that no one sees excluded. An intervention of approx 9,000 euroswhich was possible to program thanks to the funding of our Health Society, dedicated precisely to the inclusive equipment in parks and gardens.

A significant investment will also be dedicated to road safety, with special attention to the maintenance of the sidewalk. It’s about about 275,000 euros of works to serve to restore pavements, curbs, zanelle, drains where necessary, manhole covers, to make the streets on which we must intervene secure even for the pedestrian crossing. As for the roads, the work will include: via Petrarca, via Vallini, part of via Morante and part of via Basili. More comprehensive is the list of sidewalks that will cover: viale di Vittorio corner via Giovanni XXIII, via dei Mille, via Settembrini, part of via Pisacane, via Marchesi, via dei Semi, via Cavour. Part of this work will be integrated with the construction of the new cycle path, with the aim of constructing a safe path for both cyclists and pedestrians.

There new bike path will design a strategic path which, by integrating streets and city parks, will equip our municipality with an additional infrastructure so that cyclists can safely reach important services and strategic points on our territory through sustainable mobility. The new cycle path will develop in the western part of Santa Croce sull’Arno and will describe a ring that will touch via Manzi, via Copernico, Viale di Vittorio, as well as a path that goes down from the Arno bank, will cross the garden of Children of Beslam, to connect through via Copernico, via Manzi, viale di Vittorio, to Aldo Moro Park and thus reach the area of ​​Palaparenti and Largo Ugo Bonetti. In this way, it will be possible to reach strategic places in full security, such as Villa Pacchiani, school buildings, the post office, the sports hall, the bowling alley, the headquarters of the carnival groups, the public assistance. A work that projects us towards the opportunity to live our municipality in a more sustainable way.

The realization of the intervention as a whole will be possible thanks to the merger of two projects, one of which has as its theme demolition
of climate-changing emissions in urban areas and which, in addition to the urban cycle path, provides for the planting of over 200 new trees in the urban structure. A small new green lung for Santa Croce sull’Arno, which will improve the habitability of areas most affected by traffic: The city’s forestry project will actually focus on via delle Querce Rosse, via di Pelle, via della Pesa. Via delle Querce Rosse will be at the center of a major afforestation: 182 plants of 13 different species will mitigate emissions from one of the roads in the heart of the industrial area, while rows of trees along via della Pesa and via di Pelle will allow an intervention of coating that is useful to ensure greater permeability to the soil. Urban afforestation and the construction of cycle paths will involve the municipality for a sum of over 450,000 eurospartly found thanks to regional tenders.

“We are seeing the start of many works that we have been planning for several months and which will have a huge positive impact on our territory,” said Mayor Giulia Deidda. “We are actually talking about road safety, about improving the viability of the city, about inclusion in public parks, about environmental sustainability. We have set aside over 700,000 euros for the maintenance of the area, and this time we have done so by raising the bar for expectations, because these construction sites in terms of positive effects will have a significant impact, even in the long and very long term.A significant part of the work will actually be about planting trees and providing a first functional path for sustainable mobility. with an effect also in the distant future, and which aims to begin to address concrete issues, which unfortunately are becoming more and more current, and which see in the protection of the hydrogeological structure and air health one of the most important games so as not to jeopardize the stability of our territories “.

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