«Here 40 thousand civilians under the bombs. They stay to defend their homes “- Corriere.it

from Andrea Nicastro

Goncharenko, mayor of Kramatorsk: “The house is the only security, the result of so many victims.” The Russians approach: “They are now 40 kilometers away, we are within range of their artillery”

KIEV – Mayor how are you?

“So so so, like the situation.”

The Russians have been bombing for less than two hours. What happened?

“A missile exploded in the yard of an apartment building in the central area of ​​Kramatorsk in the middle of the morning. A giant crater, cars overturned, all windows torn up by clutter. At the moment, we have counted one dead and six wounded. “


“In the neighboring town, Sloviansk, they are worse off. They have been hammered for a week and have several victims every day. Wednesday, six deaths in a single explosion. “

Slovenian is only 12 kilometers away.

“Already. And the Russians are 40 kilometers north and 60 kilometers south. I’m talking about airline distance for artillery fire, not by road. If we only considered the asphalt, they would be more ».

Kramatorsk and Sloviansk are the last two cities left by Putin to proclaim the conquest of Donbass

. His army tactics promise to be identical to those used for Mariupol, Lysychansk and Severodonetsk: destroy everything and then plant the flag on the ruins. Oleksandr Goncharenko, Kramatorsk’s mayor, becomes the last.

How many civilians are with you?

«A quarter of the pre-war inhabitants of Sloviansk, a little more here: 25 thousand e 40 thousand here“.

Can’t you force them to go? After all, it’s like a flood was coming.

“The law does not allow me. Every day we fill the information channels with pictures and stories about the destruction of Lysychansk. We have been asking people to evacuate for almost three months. But the choice remains individual. I can not deport them. ‘

On Sunday, as the Russians entered Lysychansk, many celebrated them on the streets. Who remains pro-Russian?

“Look, those scenes may very well have been built specifically for Russian television. Moscow is very good at these dramas.”

Are you excluding people in favor of Putin?

“None. We also say half of those who remain, but that is not the reason why they choose to face the bombs.”

Do they feel safe in the piles?

‘Some have shelters, others just basements, of course the majority believe they can survive the bombing. Maybe they get so scared and some want to run away. For example, 10,000 of us returned last month because it seemed quiet. I suppose these will disappear again, but the others will not. ‘

Why are you so sure?

“We have the experience from 2014, when the whole city came under Russian control. There were 35,000 left, more or less them today. And then just look at Sloviansk, nearby, during the bombing for a week. Out of 20 thousand people traveled, about a hundred travel every day. Virtually nothing. Who is here is because he wants to be there“.

If not all of them are Putin fans and know they are risking their lives, then why become them?

“Because they do not know where else to go. Because 70% of them are older people with a pension of 100 euros, and they know that the ugliest apartment in Ukraine costs at least 200 euros in rent ”.

Can you not offer them shelters in safe areas?

“Yes, but it’s not so much for the money or the hassle that they do not go, but for the House. It is their only security, sometimes the fruit of the sacrifice of generations“.

Is the house of life better?

“Basically, yes. Homeless people think they can not live, so they might as well die killed by bombs. They stay because they hope to defend it, put out the fire, close the windows if they break. Many have told me: I’m 70, better to die than to be a pimple ».

Will the Russians make it?

“I believe and I do not hope. They come down from Izium more or less parallel to the Siversky Donets river and the main road. They stay on the east bank of the river and from Lyman they bomb with artillery. It will be difficult for them to cross the river. From the southeast, they have no natural obstacles, but they must first conquer Bakhmut to get there. The battle is open ‘.

Have you seen the new western weapons?

“Only on Youtube, but if half of what you see is true, I have no doubt that we will not only be able to reject them, but also take back what is ours.”

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