Fun games to play while traveling with kids

Traveling by car with children, it is often the most convenient way to reach our favorite resorts. Especially in the case of long journeys, it is legitimate to ask ourselves how we entertain our children and prevent them from getting bored along the way. In this article we will look at a few fun games to play while traveling with kids of different age groups, so the hours in the car go fast and are a pleasure for the whole family.

As in any business, it is always good prepare the child for the journey who is to meet. Explaining how long it will take and what half will be at the end of the trip will allow us to spend the first few minutes answering your questions and curiosities.

Safety in the car: the first rule

If you are traveling with very young children (up to 2 years), it is a good idea for one of the parents to sit in the back seats next to him so that it is more entertaining and meets his needs. Always remember that safety must come first: if you have older children, never play games that allow them to move or move around inside the vehicle.

But how to entertain children in the car efficiently and safely? Let’s look at five types of games to suit different age groups.

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Music games: which ones to choose

The choice of musical games it is a winning idea if you have children in different age groups because this type of game is able to entertain everyone: young and old. Choose a song and start playing or start humming a tune: the first to guess wins a point.

If you have very young children, even just a CD of famous songs can help you entertain them along the way. Or for children two years and older, you can make a real one music chain to choose a song and sing it word for word in turn.

Interactive games

Car trips are the ideal place for cut your eyes and entertain children with the world around them. We advise you to suggest these games when you leave the highway, when the landscape becomes more varied and rich. You can choose an object to find around you (a red car, a bell tower, a train, a hill, etc.): the first to find it will be the winner.

This game is also suitable for all age groups: you will seek increasingly difficult challenges for older children and simpler for younger children.

Stories and tales of sound

When children (and also parents) are particularly tired, you can dedicate yourself to a story or use technology by listening to some audio narratives to your children. We advise you to use this technique towards the end of the journey, when your young children’s energies are also running out. You can facilitate relaxation or even sleep and reach your destination silently so that the driver can pass the last part of the journey more silently.

Mathematical and linguistic games

If you have older children of school age, you can use the car trip for some puzzles and games that can also refresh your school memory. Prepare some puzzles before you leave or play with license plates of the cars in front of you asking the kids to add up and draw the numbers whizzing past their eyes.

You can use tags and street signs to practice reading or to develop children’s creative skills by asking them to create new words. You can also make a challenge of tongue twister between parents and children: your children will try to win to beat mom and dad.

“guess what” imaginary

A very simple game that allows you to spend even hours having fun is the following: a member of the family is thinking about an object. All other members take turns asking a question through which everyone will have a series of clues guess the mysterious object.

You can create a real points competition with all the games and reward the winner on arrival, however, also give other small prizes to all participants.

Board games for the car ride

If you’ve really run out of ideas and you just need to pick some boxing games, our selection is here:

Guess who?

A guess who? it is played in two, and to win you must discover the identity of your opponent’s mysterious character. Guess who? Travel is the practical travel version!

Trip Trap Clogs

It’s the classic tic-tac-toe game that uses cats and mice instead of circles and scatterers. The ideal to carry in your bag!

Animals to touch

We make the child discover animals through multisensory experiences.
A motor activity, memory and association. Pocket version, perfect for travel.


One of the most popular games: Memory never goes out of style! Perfect for learning your first words and creating your first associations!

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