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A single stream of art that, like an embrace, enters the ruined building, passes the old Cavallerizza, climbs the double-flight staircase that preserves the grandeur of the past, and trudges out among the cracked rooms, the doors removed, the windows no more glass, to stop under the great fresco of Velasco, which has survived powerfully; and from there he leaves the Palazzo Costantino and insinuates himself in the adjoining Palazzo Di Napoli, one of the four Cantos of the Teatro del Sole in July.

The collective of Festino di Santa Rosalia

Can art save the world from oblivion? Maybe not, but he can try to do it. Hence the great collective Ex voto. Artists for Rosalia, organized in the days of Festino found by the Le Vie dei Tesori Foundation, and curated by Andrea Guastella, after an idea by Roberto Bilotti Ruggi d’Aragona, patron, initiator and owner of the two shared buildings with the community.

Inauguration on July 13th

The group exhibition opens on Wednesday 13 July at 4 pm and lasts until Sunday 24 July; born from a common and free vision of the intentions of Italian artists, gallery owners and curators, in the name of rebirth, but also condemnation, against abandonment, neglect, negligence. And always and in any case of the vital – sometimes dreamy – finding of the present. From the entrance of Via Maqueda in the Palazzo Costantino, the 87 artists gathered in twelve projects or collectives enter into direct dialogue with the spaces, often severely degraded, making them their own, attacking or caressing them, enticing them or bringing them to life. : it is a message of sustainability, common way of life, community, respect.

At the Palazzo Costantino Loci Interdicti project with 15 artists

He comes in contact with Palazzo Costantino Loci Interdicti, a project involving 15 artists, curated by Michele Citro, who sees the noble residence as a majestically tired giant who is no longer willing to fight; if Art Attack relies on superheroes who will climb up the walls as on the Tower of Babel, Inside Out will invite you to topple conditions and dimensions, inside and out, like sheets scattered across the courtyard of the building; Personae will populate it with masks, between man and post-man, of the man of today; Beautiful Flash (Guglielmo Manenti) will descend into Palermo’s belly to discover the threatening and benign creatures of the unconscious between graphic hallucinations and surreal dimensions; Rosa Mundi will create light boxes in the Cavallerizza, inhabited by missing horses, for the installation Destination, the Infinite.

The other artistic projects

And again, the social project Come Pappagalli Verdi born by teacher and artist Fiormario Cilvini, curated by Marilena Morabito and inspired by the book by the founder of Emergency Gino Strada, Green Parrots: toy-shaped mines that create innocent victims among children. Resin casts of the lower extremities, made by students of the Catanzaro Academy of Arts, sent to Italian artists who have reinterpreted them according to their style; the sustainable thinking of Theory of ecological sacrifice, the search for light (by Valerio Dehò) as a source of positive energy, which is also a dialogue between cultures and peoples. Giusy Emiliano signs abstract generations and storytelling Transition garden created by Rossana Danile with the continuous sculptures by Bruno Melappioni, two projects aimed at the need for a definite change of course to protect the planet and preserve the beauty that surrounds us. Closes Places of the Soul, curated by Alessia Montani, Valentina Bruno, Roberto Grossi: a single video to tell Farm Cultural Park, Fiumara d’Arte, Gibellina Museo Diffuso, Parco dell’Anima, Porta della Bellezza, Piazza Armerina Museum, Palazzo Oneto di Sperlinga , Orestiadi Funds, Brodbeck Funds. A preview of Pilgrim Pass designed by Domenico Pellegrino.

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