culture, music and theater throughout the month of July

Off to the third edition of ‘Le Signe Art Festival’event promoted by The municipalities of Signa and Lastra a Signa with the artistic direction of Alessandro Calonaci. Culture, music and lots of theater will be the main characters in Signe throughout the month of July.

The calendar was presented in Medici Riccardi Palace by the Councilor of the Capital City of Florence delegated to Culture Letizia Perini, the Mayor of Signa Giampiero Fossi, the Mayor of Lastra a Signa Angela Bagni, the Councilor of the Tuscany Region Fausto Merlotti and the Artistic Director Alessandro Calonaci.

“Nothing better than art and culture can communicate the sign and the power of a rebirth – said the president of the Tuscany region Eugenio Giani in a message – and this festival combines the rebirth of a territory that is apparently divided by the river, but united in the sign of creativity and art, and the rebirth of the entertainment world, which is back to flourishing in Tuscany, after the crisis due to. pandemic. An outdoor festival that will enrich the summer for the communities of Signa, Lastra a Signa and the entire city in safety. The festival is in its third edition, it was born and has been structured despite the difficulties of recent years, this element should already be enough to make us understand its strength and potential. I am sure that, also thanks to the good planning work carried out by local administrations, it will once again be able to amaze and enchant us ”.

“For the third year in a row, we are re-proposing the Le Signe Art Festival event with once again many quality shows and events to emphasize our traditions and improve some places in the area, also according to the territorial marketing protocol signed by the two municipalities – it says Mayor of Lastra and Signa Angela Bagni – “For example, few people know that the Goldoni Inn was decorated and inspired by an inn in the Ponte a Signa, and we would suggest it again in those places thanks to the creativity of Alessandro Calonaci. The inauguration of the festival this year will find place in Piazza Garibaldi, the central place of the city, and in that context, expertise and talents in the cultural field will be awarded “.

“Coming to present a third edition is already very indicative of how fruitful and valued the work done in recent years has been by our community” – confirms Mayor of Signa Giampiero Fossi – “I express my great satisfaction at the high artistic tenor that this edition will also be able to give us: an opera by the Compagnia dell’Opera Italiana will be presented under the northern tower of Signa – an extraordinary event for our community – and, in the following days, Sandro Querci’s intervention at Malaparte represents to me the added value of this festival, as Calonaci has often reiterated, this review is the demonstration that Arno does not share Signa and Lastra a Signa, but unites and strengthens our areas into a single large territory that loves art and culture. A big thank you to Alessandro for the commitment and passion he spends every year organizing this important event “.

The calendar opens on Thursday, July 7, 2022 at 9:30 p.m. with the opening night in Piazza Garibaldi, where the delivery of it Leon Battista Alberti Prize to prominent personalities such as Sandro Querci, Paolo Penko, Beppe Bonardi, who with their genius and great commitment have rendered a valuable service to the Signes communities. To present the evening Alessandro Calonaci and journalist Fabrizio Borghini accompanied by the music of the Femina Choir.

After Monday, July 11 at 21.30 the staging of LA LOCANDIERA by Goldoni by the Mald’Estro Company in Torre Garden in Ponte a Signa, while on Friday 15 July in the Ivy Garden of Signa the concert LA CANZONE FIORENTINA TRA ROMANZA E LIED was curated. by Massimiliano Ghiribelli, with the participation of the polyphonic group Interludium and the Caos Armonico di Signa Choir.

The performance of GIANNI SCHICCI by the Compagnia dell’Opera Italiana in Florence is scheduled for Sunday 17 July at the Giardino dell’Edera, while on Thursday 21 July the famous Sandro Querci in DA MALAPARTE IN POI. Closing on Sunday 24 July at 21.30, Rosa Miranda on Piazza Garibaldi with THE PASSIONS OF ROSA by Maria Pia Lombardo.

“The festival was born in 2020 as a need for rebirth after the pandemic. After 3 years, at the third edition, we thought we were out of it now, but unfortunately that is not the case. This festival has seen the light of day and continues to bring culture to all thanks to the determination of the two mayors of Signe, Angela Bagni di Lastra a Signa and Giampiero Fossi di Signa “- declares the director Alessandro Calonaci – The festival opens with the Leon Battista Alberti Prize, which aims to recognize the merits of personalities who, with “their genius and their study”, have rendered an important service to the communities of Greater Florence. The award is named after the magnificent artist who has lived and designed the Renaissance in our countries for years. In this edition, we will welcome the extraordinary artists we will see as protagonists in the area’s “good salons”, such as Piazza Garibaldi in Lastra a Signa and the Edera Garden in Signa.

“We want the pleasure and honor of hosting Massimiliano Ghiribelli with the Polifonico Interludium group and Coro Caos Armonico di Signa, Compagnia dell’Opera Italiana in Florence, Sandro Querci one of the excellences of our territory. We end the festival with a magnificent artist Rosa Miranda, in an imaginary cultural bridge that unites Naples and Florence, as it was in the past with Enrico Caruso “.

“With my company Mald’Estro – he continues Calonaci – we bring on stage Goldonis “La Loc Bandiera”: The innkeeper was from Ponte a Signa for a series of investigations carried out during these two years of pandemic and some lucky breaks, I can assure you that La Loc Bandiera was conceived by Goldoni thanks to the Bicchierai al Ponte inn. At the time of writing, to get to Florence from Pisa and Livorno, it was necessary to go up the Arno river to the last port: the Ponte a Signa, where the inn that Goldoni visited on his voyages to Florence was located. He was inspired by his famous comedy. You will say: how does Calonaci know all this? Know that the documents relating to the inn still exist today and are owned by the Accademia del Coccio. Records show that Goldoni stayed there several times and that the inn was run by a woman: the owner’s daughter. Is it all true, or is it just a fictional fantasy? Come and find out on Monday, July 11 at. 21.30 in Torre di Ponte and Signa. We are convinced that culture is for everyone and we will try to bring it to everyone ”.

The program:

July 7 at 21.30
Lastra a Signa, Piazza Garibaldi
Leon Battista Alberti Prize

July 11 at 9:30 p.m.
Ponte a Signa – The Garden of the Tower
by Carlo Goldoni
Alessandro Calonaci and Mald’Estro Compagnia

July 15 at 9:30 p.m.
Signa – The Garden of Ivy
Concert by Massimiliano Ghibelli
with the participation of Interludium Polyphonic Group and Coro Caos Armonico di Signa

July 17 at 9:30 p.m.
Signa – The Garden of Ivy
Company of the Italian Opera in Florence
by Giacomo Puccini

July 21 at 21.30
Signa – The Garden of Ivy
with Sandro Querci

July 24 at 21.30
Lastra a Signa – Piazza Garibaldi
Rosa Miranda ind
by Maria Pia Lombardo

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