Chris Hemsworth reads children’s fairy tales on the BBC

At the moment, he is completely engrossed in the presentation of his latest Thor: Love and Thunder – where he also took his own three children, in different roles and sets out to conquer the Italian public, however Chris Hemsworth always has time for his youngest fans, which is confirmed by his participation today Friday, July 8th to the BBC program CBeebies bedtime stories where the guard celebrity reads goodnight stories to children.

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Over the years, CBeebies’ microphones have changed Tom Hardy, Chris Evans, Rosamund Pike, Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Hugh JackmanBesides Harry Styles, Kate Middleton, Ellie Goulding, Dave Grohl, Steve Carell and many other celebrities. An excellent company to which Hemsworth is added was called to read the story “Stormy night”.

Based on the story illustrated by Salina Yoonthe story of the bear, afraid of rain and thunder, will be available on CBeebies (also on the app of the same name) and BBC iPlayer. A theme in which the choice of the interpreter of the Asgardian god, capable of controlling natural elements and atmospheric agents, seems to be perfect.

This is the synopsis of the story:

“When the thunder shakes its house and the rain hits the windows, the bear gets scared. But comforting his mom, dad and Floppy helps make the storm not so scary. Before you know it, the storm is over, because storms also need sleep. Like bears “.

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“What I love most is reading goodnight stories to my kids, and it was a pleasure to read Stormy Night, the story of a little bear who is afraid of storms. Although I know a few things about thunder and lightning, I always feel better when the storm passes. “said the actor, concluding to “Nothing is too scary with family and friends by your side”.

Married to Spanish Elsa Pataky, Hemsworth is the father of three kids: Gemini Tristan and Sasha born in 2014 and the oldest India Rose (born in London on May 11, 2012). Carried on the set – and on screen – by the aforementioned Thor: Love and Thunder to portray the little love with clear eyes, which we – without risking too many spoilers – see at the beginning of the film with Christian Bale’s Gorr and then with the same God of Thunder. A presence that many already assume could be repeated, so much so that there are those who believe that his is a role that it could even change the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Of course one more character recognizable and important of those entrusted to the other two, smaller, who in history have been ‘used’ to give body to the child Thor and a member of the group of young and heroic Asgardians (together with Waititi daughtersTe Kainga O’Te Hinekahu and Matewa Kiritapu, oi Portman’s childrenAleph and Amalia Millepied)

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In fact, Hemsworth defined what happened as “A unique and fun family experience”and adds: “I do not want them to become child stars and actors now. It was just a special experience that we all had and loved. They had a great time “. We will see.

CBeebies, the BBC’s pre-school program for children under the age of six, delivers quality content with the help of professional educators to entertain the BBC’s youngest viewers. It offers a range of preschool programs designed to promote learning “through play in a consistently safe environment”.

Today’s latest program on CBeebies is always CBeebies Bedtime Story, which is always read by a guest celebrity. The lullaby “Say goodnight” ends the reading and programming of the channel’s day, and makes an appointment at. 6 the next morning.

On BBC iPlayer the latest CBeebies goodnight stories

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