” Children’s Night by Maristella Lippolis


“Children’s Night” is the new book by Maristella Lippolis published by Vallecchi Firenze. 2070. Rome, unrecognizable and half-destroyed by regional wars, epidemics and climate change that has darkened its skies forever, is now called Tauersiti. The esplanade is inhabited by New People, a population that manages to survive the lack of food and water, a mass without identity, made up of thousands of people from many migrations from the rest of the world. In the towers around the perimeter live the privileged castes, who have an ever weaker and violent power, doomed to annihilate themselves from the male inability to reproduce. Only on the Esplanade are children still born, a dilemma that Power has sought and seeks violent and ineffective solutions to. Zora, a young woman, collects memories and invents stories to save lives. Meanwhile, he dreams of fleeing the city. Outside the city is an area with forests and mountains. The climatic conditions are critical, but not as in Taursiti, and after the man-made disasters, life is regaining its place. In this difficult environment, but full of possibilities, inhabited by animals and mysterious presence, destinies and stubborn resistances are crossed. Maristella Lippolis made her debut in fiction by publishing short stories in the magazine Tuttestorie directed by Maria Rosa Cutrufelli. In 1999, with the short story collection The story of another won the Piero Chiara Award. The novels follow The weather on the island, Adele neither beautiful nor ugly (finalist at the Stresa 2008 award), A hidden tear, Tell me, Pomegranates will not save us, Take care of yourself. She is a member of the national board of the Italian letter company. She collaborates with the magazine Leggendaria, with the online magazine Letterate Magazine from SIL, with Magfest (Festival for women in the theater). (PO / red)


Rai Host Beppe Convertini These days he is concentrating on the promotion of his latest book, entitled “Traveling with Beppe Convertini”, published by Admaiora Group, which successfully presented at the latest edition of the Turin International Book Fair. With this new volume, Beppe accompanies the reader to discover Italy, between history, traditions, food and wine and curiosities. The volume, which consists of 160 pages, is divided by region, and is filled with photographs and advice also related to restaurants and hotels. And waiting to see him again from next fall at the helm of “Linea Verde” for the fourth time, also this summer Beppe Convertini is one of the big protagonists in Rai’s program with “Linea Verde 100″ and second edition of ” Azzurro “. Stories. about the sea “. (red)


The sixth edition of the BCT – National Film and Television Festival of Benevento takes place from 12 to 17 July, an event conceived and directed by Antonio Frascadore, and which has always united and celebrates the world of small and large screen with a program , every year, increasingly filled with guests, previews, meetings, demonstrations and widespread events in the symbolic places of the city: Piazza Roma, Arco del Sacramento, Rocca dei Rectors Gardens, Piazza Santa Sofia and Piazza Federico Torre. At the BCT festival, there will also be room for the relationship between literature and serial, which will be at the center of the debate held on Tuesday, July 12, on the occasion of the presentation of the book “The illusion of the prince” (published by Homo) Scrivens ) and which will be attended by author Riccardo Staffa, Maurizio Pinto, director of the Rai Center in Naples, Alessandro Passadore, producer of Viola Film and Sergio Brancato, sociologist and professor of sociology of cultural processes at Federico II University of Naples. Appointment at Piazza Federico Torre at 20.30 (red)


Rapper Zoda returns after three years with a new album entitled ‘Self-Portrait’ out today – Friday, July 8 – in all record stores and digital stores: 13 unreleased self-produced songs, which are predicted by the singles’ Inferno ‘and’ Pezzi Da 10 ‘. Zoda is also the author of the book ‘Life is not an adventure’ (Mondadori), which has just been published: a short autobiography, a self-portrait, a stream of thoughts, is an introspective journey where the author finally reveals himself for what he is. Daniele Sodano, alias Zoda, was born in 1996 in Trentino (Cavalese) and then lived the rest of her growth in the province of Latina. Depopulated online after only 14 years, conquered millions of people, became one of the leading exponents of video production on Youtube, realized various audiovisual projects, including a series on MTV and starred in the movie “Game Therapy” as the main character. At the age of 18, he stopped making videos to devote himself to writing poems, which later became songs, with which he manages to get his torments forth and those from the boys his age, creating a movement and motto called “YOLOWN” in the name of freedom, a battle cry to resist the adversity of life, whatever they may be, and subsequently become a clothing brand and therefore a brand in all respects. So he starts recording and releasing his first songs, which are already very mature. His first completely self-produced singles and music videos arrive, including “APORIA”, “EGO” and “NO / WAY”, but it is with “BALLA” that the world really notices him, a song released in September 2018 at a distance of almost 3 years of absence, where Daniele would take some time for himself during a rather dark period and then write what would become the pages of the new chapter of his life. He quickly reached the top of the charts of stores, Spotify and Youtube, and the first gold records arrived and released an EP “UFO”, his first project released in 2019. (red)


Simona Marchini has signed a contract with “Corpo estraneo” for Baldini + Castoldi. a life outside the box of a woman full of talent and imagination, always lived with courage, at the height of emotion and creativity: “Strange Body” is not “just” a biography, but an intense and enchanted monologue, recited for the reader as a kind of new and crucial play. With a passionate and disturbing narrative that is not afraid to meet serious and profound reflections, Simona Marchini – a beloved actress, as well as director, theater woman and opera lover – reveals her whole world and her historical family, by becoming naked in intense pages , characterized by an ironic and bittersweet style. Hers is a complex personality that she herself outlines for the reader by composing a portrait, sincere and authentic, with words that reveal the nostalgia for the past but above all the enthusiasm and desire to live the future as the main character. In the book, there is the story of all phases of the artist’s life, both from a private and professional point of view: first and foremost childhood, lived under the sign of the resistance movement in a communist and eccentric family; the early fascination with the world of entertainment and art, which she experienced from an early age, also by going to the Nuova Pesa Gallery, which her father opened in 1959, and which she will take care of herself; the great love stories, such as the marriage of Ciccio Cordova, the then captain of Roma, at the time when her father, Alvaro Marchini, was president of the club; the intense experience of motherhood, pain and loss; and then of course the landing in theater and television: The debut took place in 1979 with Romolo Siena in “A tutto gag” with the character of Iside Martufoni and then with Renzo Arbore in “Quelli della notte”, in 1985, for which he invented ” My Lady, se … “. In its long history, there is no shortage of theatrical tours, directing experiences, travels, good friendships, curiosity about any kind of art and the constant commitment to design with great ingenuity a cultural quality offer in theaters all over Italy. “I have always felt like Alice in Wonderland. Once I thought it was a limit, naivety, today I am convinced that it was my greatest trait,” writes Simona Marchini in the book. The title chosen for the volume also refers to the uniqueness of an eclectic artist and for this reason difficult to validate: the author, who after his degree in modern literature did not follow a traditional academic path, often felt like “a body stranger” in theatrical panorama, with all the effort associated with being accepted and included. Simona Marchini, born Simonetta (Rome, December 19, 1941), is an Italian actress, television host, comedian and theater director. Daughter of entrepreneur Alvaro Marchini, president of Roma from ’68 to ’72, married in 1970 the then captain of the team, Franco Cordova. From the previous marriage to Ernesto Palopoli he had a daughter, Roberta. He debuted at the age of five in the theater thanks to his father. After her debut with Romolo Siena and Renzo Arbore, she starred in comedy films such as Miracoloni (1981), I carabbinieri (1981), Acapulco, prima spiaggia … a left (1982) and is then the main character in Separati in the House of Riccardo Pazzaglia (1986 ). From 2000 to 2007, she devoted herself mainly to theater and to the creation of the Todi Arte Festival and the activity of the Nuova Pesa Cultural Center. (PO / red)

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