Children and harmful pictures on TV

Nowadays, from magic box that fascinates and fascinates, it has been transformed into an object of daily use, which keeps company, entertains and entertains, even the little ones. They pick up messages from different lifestyles and behaviors.

Many times, these messages are positive and constitute a kind of teaching, as they allow them to know situations and lifestyles that are valid, even if they are different from theirs. Other times, however, it can happen through television that boys, girls and young people are overwhelmed by violence and particularly gross images and that they receive messages that are harmful to their development. Let us understand together how to manage this media and not make it harmful:

Children and television, a complex relationship

TV has become for girls, boys and teenagers the first strong contact with reality, a little as a “window to the world”, a simple, immediate and easily accessible way to experience what surrounds them, and therefore no longer just a playful-recreational moment.

They find the TV at home from birth, in most cases even more than one, and consider it an indispensable component in the furniture. They no longer perceive it as a novelty or something to be dispensed with, and since the TV “is a part” of the house, the children they receive its messages with the greatest naturalness, as they associate them with the good and reassuring sensations of the domestic nest. In fact, for most of the younger generation of boys and girls, watching television is one of the most obvious daily activities, such as eating, sleeping, playing and going to school.

Television is a source of entertainment for everyone, but especially for the little ones, so much so that it greatly affects their development. However, these are children very often exposed to the risk of running into unsuitable programs and particularly violent and negative images for their growth path. Television has a strong power over people, and a large number of pictures and messages are provided to the public regardless of age, gender and city of origin.

The news broadcasts usually report on the most striking, most unusual and often crudest events that took place in the world during the day. If it’s true that little girls and boys they must not be enclosed in a shell that isolates them from reality, it is also true that they are I more vulnerable to the negative effects of television, as they have a low capacity to separate the real and the imagination. They must be protected from all the external circumstances that can cause them trauma as well strong images which are often broadcast in news, reports, cartoons, movies and talk shows.

What should the parent do?

There are elements that every parent should keep in mind when communicating a news story that may have one reassuring value for a boy or a girl. These elements are of two types: First, they relate to The “type” of information which boys and girls must have. Secondly, it is important “the road” in which the information is given, that is, the words used, the time spent, the adult’s emotional disposition, all factors that can constitute a strong protective factor.

Here are 6 helpful parenting tips for one proper handling of their children’s relationship with television.

  • 1. It is important do not associate television programs with violent video gamesbecomes an excessive stimulus. If the boy or girl is allowed to watch a program with strong content, it is best not to let them play a video game with war or violence in general.
  • 2. Always acts as a filter and explain difference between reality and fiction.
  • 3. Always explain consequences of serious acts in reality.
  • 4. Avoid educating children / and with authoritarian methods based on punishment and screaming because they can reinforce the model based on violence.
  • 5. Lending pay attention to the number of hours that boys and girls use technology in the development phase.
  • 6. Vigilance of a reference adult develops one critical ability in the child.

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