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Bologna, July 9, 2022 – This year, the 10th anniversary of the discovery of the Higgs boson, one of the most important revelations in contemporary physics, is celebrated with the aim of understanding the universe. TO Bolognaon the occasion there will be free exhibitions and “escape rooms” to immerse yourself in the world of Cern (European Organization for Nuclear Research).

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The season off concerts in the city parks and beyond: this week the festival revue will be inaugurated “DiMondi”in the new Lucio Dalla square. And then one must not miss the theater performances and workshops for children. Here’s what to do, despite the scorching heat of July, under the two towers.

Saturday, July 9th


The Chemical Brothers

The two English “brothers” have been active since the nineties and are considered to be among the biggest exponents of “big beat”: a mix of techno, triphop and rock. Their electronic set will be the fourth date for Bologna Sonic Park 2022, at Arena Parco Nord. The doors open at 18.00, tickets for 46 euros.

Joan Thiele
Joan Thiele grew up between Cartagena and Italy and cultivated her passion for music in London and developed an international taste in music. In Italy, on the Milanese stage, he collaborated with important artists in the world of electronics, such as Myss Keta and Mace. Joan Thiele performs at Dumbo, via Casarini 19, at 21. Admission costs 12 euros.


In Rome, their hometown, they would be called two “little boys”. This is the duo consisting of Drast (Marco De Cesaris) and Lil Kaneki (Alessio Akira Aresu), born in 2001, who in the world of pop rap were able to beat their way among the “big ones” right from the start. Their are genuine generational songs. They will be on stage at Sequoie Music Park, via Corticella 147, at 9pm. Tickets for € 26 plus pre-sale rights.

Savana Funk
They opened the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Florence, and now they are back for a fire and flame night in Bologna, where they play at home. Savana Funk embodies the essence of psychedelic 70s funk rock with arousing beats and irresistible grooves. The concert will be at the Botanique, at Filippo Re Gardens, at 21, med Free access.

Eugenio Bennato

The new musical program is underway Lucio Dalla square (under the “Nervi” canopy) with the DiMondi festival, which in Bolognese it means “much”. This is because the music will be a lot, but also because the review, curated by Estragon, will be based on “world music”, music from the world, with pollutants from other genres: electronic in the first place. The program opens with a concert by Eugenio Bennato, accompanied by the musicians from the Taranta Power project, with Neapolitan music. The exhibition is at 21 and the entrance is available.

Meditation, The Four Seasons of Luth
A concert in tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini, curated by the Entroterre Foundation. Simone Vallerotonda will perform, a prestigious soloist in the panorama of ancient music, who explores the metaphysical and sensual world of lute. The background will be the monastery complex San Colombano, via Parigi 5. The concert is at. 21.00, entrance costs 6.50 euros.


In a world where the theater has been relegated to offices, a group of truckers roam the squares. Each person gets on the cart and competes on who has the most problems. At Cava delle Arti, via Cavazzoni 2, an original prose show – outdoors – staged by Compagnia Temporanea, which deals with human hypocrisy and how the theater can still survive and demonstrate that we all have our stories to tell. Written and directed by Giuseppe Armillotta. The performance is at 21.00, entrance available.

The wait

200 years after the birth of Ana Maria de Jesus Ribeiro da Silva, or Anita Garibaldi, she relives her “post mortem” life through the interpretation of Valeria Magrini. The story of the Risorgimento icon will be on stage in Piazza San Francesco at 9 p.m. availabletickets that can be picked up via Indipendenza 44 or booked online.

Exhibitions and science

Hepscape Room

Hepscape Room is an “escape room” designed for the whole family, where physics is the main character. The public will get the impression of visiting the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. Through a virtual viewer, participants will immerse themselves in the LHC, amidst questions and challenges. The event takes place at the Academy of Sciences via Zamboni 31 from kl. 18:00 to 21:00 with entrance available and reservations required.


On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the discovery of the Higgs boson, an installation arrives in Bologna to show the public what is happening in a particle detector. It is located in the covered space of the Salaborsa Library, Piazza del Nettuno 3. The event is free and available from 9 to 16 July from 9 to 19:30.


Small explorers

Games and activities for little explorers while mom and dad relax with an aperitif on the “Fic nic” towels. The agreement is at the orchard in Parco di Fico, via Paolo Canali 8, at 19.30. Tickets for 12 euros for children (8 euros for companions).

Sunday, July 10th


Excursion, sounds to the hills

A music festival at sunset on the hills, curated by Fienile Fluò, via Paderno 9. On July 10, singer-songwriter Miglio will perform at 7pm Admission is 5 euros.

Jesse The Faccio

Born in Padua, but with American music in mind, Jasse The Faccio weaves fi-rock sounds together with the Italian singer-songwriter. The lyrics are a game with pictures that the indie school learns. He performs at Montagnola Park, via Irnerio 2, at 9 p.m. available.

Stefano Zenni, let’s dance!

Kick, spin, walk, spin, even fly. African slave dances brought rhythmic dance to the United States and then to Europe. That of Stefano Zenni, professor of history of jazz and African American music at the Bologna Conservatory, is a real “Jazz lesson”. His show available will stand on the stage of Piazza San Francesco, kl. 21. Tickets can be picked up via Indipendenza 44 or booked online.


Andrea Pucci

At Parco delle Caserme Rosse, via di Corticella 147, the Milanese comedian reproduces the sketches that made him famous in the national public. The show is at 21.00, tickets start from 40 euros.

That with dolls in Bologna is an old tradition and it is not just an exhibition for children. Each performance will actually be preceded by an introduction in Italian and English to frame the phenomenon of Bolognese dolls. Burattdays this year will return to populate the summer evenings in four Sunday appointments, at the Cortile d’Onore in Palazzo D’Accursio, Piazza Maggiore 6. The first appointment will be Sunday, July 10 at. 18. Full ticket for 5 euros, reduced to 4.

I anticipate

In the cultural space in via del Paleotto 11, a poetic and passionate tale of two performing dancers entering the plant world. A dance that is not stereotypical, but direct. The performance is at 5.30 pm and costs 3 euros. For reservations it is necessary to send an email to [email protected].

Exhibitions and science

Enrico Magnani, Light in the Dark

Supernovae, dark matter, dark energy and multiverse. The events dedicated to physics and modern cosmology continue. On Sunday 10 July, the agreement is in the Enzo Biagi Auditorium, Piazza del Nettuno 3, with an artistic research between real and digital through fluorescence, phosphorescence and ultraviolet light. The seats will be open from 9 to 19.30, free admission.

Michele Liparesi. Gateway
There is a particular type of literary or visual narrative in which the various temporal plans are confused and the viewer is unable to distinguish the past from the future. There is disorientation, a “feeling of anachronism”, the same as can be perceived in front of Michele Liparesis’ installation “Gateway”. Liparesi further develops his beloved theme of the archeology of the future, which has already been explored in the earlier works “Anaktisi” and “Roomscape”. The work, designed specifically for the place where it is installed, is located on the Centro Cultural Mercato Sonato, via Tartini 3, and can be used every day from 10 to 24. Entrance available.


Blublublu Galleggi Pure Tu

A workshop for children aged 3 to 8 years to discover the most valuable asset: water. Together we will discover the liquid materials or not, to finally build a boat ready to sail. It will be at Montagnola Park, via Irnerio 2, from 10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Free access with reservations required, by sending an email to [email protected].

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