Accademia dell’Acciuga boat trip to promote the culture of the sea

Some elements undoubtedly make life worth living, including love of the sea, friendship and good food. The Accademia dell’Acciuga, a cultural association that promotes the use of blue fish, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a non-competitive food and wine sailing trip to defend the culture of the sea.

The theme of the cruise will be food and wine to highlight the importance of our choice at the table for the protection of the sea: Learning to buy what the sea has to offer, depending on the season, is also an organic choice that brings attention to small fisheries, economic as well as cultural heritage.

The Italian food and wine tradition is immersed in water and tells our identity, the main fish is often the one called “poor”, despite being rich in flavors and nutritional principles such as omega 3 and omega 6,

The purpose of the sail, defined by Tommaso Ponzanelli, President of the Accademia dell’Acciuga: “CulturalGaudente”, will be to share the passion for the sea, sail with the food and wine culture and a good life in complete harmony and mostly absolute respect for nature.

Under the banner of these values ​​was born the non-competitive sailing “AggrapparMivrei on the friendship route”, organized by the Accademia dell’Acciuga in collaboration with the Nautical Club of Marina di Carrara section in Viareggio and the delegations of the Italian Naval League of Viareggio and Capraia, which will depart on September 1 from Marina di Carrara and end on September 3, 2022 with arrival in Capraia. The municipality of Capraia welcomed the initiative that improves “sustainability” in its broadest sense.

Always in the name of friendship is the dedication of this voyage, which through the Tuscan travel association wants to remember the figure of Vieri Bufalari, great communicator of food and wine, expert sailor and lover of the Tuscan archipelago.

The philosophy behind the event is shared by Vetrina Toscana, the regional food and wine tourism project and Unioncamere Toscana, which makes sustainability one of its pillars and which has carried out significant campaigns to promote Forgotten Fish for over 20 years.

Sara Panseri also participates in the initiative, researching and teaching at the University of Milan in the DIVAS department, an inspection laboratory for food of animal origin, which together with the Delicius company is carrying out a project related to the health of the sea in connection with the theme blue fish. on food safety to promote the consumption of local and seasonal fish with the motto: “Be blue”

The participating boats will be provided with a galley of food, wines, sparkling wines, spirits. During the navigation via radio, there will at regular times be guided tastings of the excellence begun, and on arrival in Capraia it will be possible to deepen the knowledge of the agricultural food products on the island, in the Tuscan archipelago.

The program envisages a meeting on Thursday, September 1, at the headquarters of the Nautical Club of Marina di Carrara, where the companies and products that will participate in the “Cambusa della Veleggiata” will be presented. Friday 2 September: departure from Marina di Carrara and on the way to Capraia, Saturday 3 September in Capraia, after a visit to the island, meeting with the products and producers of the Tuscan archipelago’s agricultural food chain. The two meetings are expected to be attended by journalists and authorities from the world of the sea (fishermen – sailors – scientists).

The sea was the key element that allowed the food and wine culture to spread, and with this initiative we want to bring the respect for the “world of the sea” back to everyone’s attention.

Thanks to: Acqua San Carlo Massa, San Biagio Brewery, Scovaventi Farm, Delicius, Cantine Lunae, Giorgi, Antico Pastificio Morelli di San Romano, Valle Del Marta Distillery, Tuscan cigar.

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