78 years after the murder of children, Bonefro remembers the day of pain

He does not forget Bonefro. Molise must not be forgotten. Because war is always a criminal act against humanity. The tragic episode, which at the time shook the whole community and filled it with unprecedented pain, has gone well 78 years old. TO Piazza Grandebehind Palazzo Agostinelli, denJuly 8, 1944after the German occupation, four children died, for manipulating unexploded ordnance. May be exchanged for cans that contain something to put in the teeth.

Thanks to the historical research conducted by Joseph Blanco we also know exactly the exact hour in which every single child sadly ascended to Heaven. The group of boys was between eight and eleven years old. “The most painful day / a cruel fate / with his hands / he would go out / the stars more belle of Bonefro“. The sky is getting darker. A black cloud sends the light of heaven into the darkness. It covers the whole of Bonefro. Pain is like a deep abyss. A bottomless void. Where every feeling is suspended. Without reason.

July 8, 1944. 13.00 The first victim is Mario Iacurti, a nine-year-old child of Vincenzo and Fantetti Santa. His heart stops beating as he is taken by rescuers to his home on Via Solitaria. On that day, Archbishop Don Domenico Giannotti compiles the register of the dead. 13.15 Second victim of 11. It is Mario Ricciardelli by Francesco and Giannotti Carolina. He walks out into his home on Via Piazza Grande. 15.00 Third victim in eight years. He always dies in Via Solitaria, in his home, where he is taken unconscious. It’s about Iacurti Tito or Attilio Minnito di Giuseppe and Spada Maria, buried in Bonefro Cemetery. 18.00 Third victim in eight years, Nicolino Pettigrosso by Raffaele and Picchione Maria Costanza. In his home, in Via I ° Gaifo, his pain is longer. The massacre could have been much more serious.

bonefro children massacre

Another boy, Giovanni Di Staola, on the other hand, he manages to save himself when he had gone away from the group of his companions to go and fetch bread. The knowledge of the outbreak in detail is due to this survivor. More than a few details emerge from his story. And many unknown details that make the story even more unique. Then there are many preconceived dreams that resonate the night before the tragic event.

That Lina’s story as stated in the publication “It simply came to our notice then world war, bonefrans “. Lina, mother of Mario Ricciardelli, specifies in an interview several years ago, when she was 94, that before the massacre she had dreamed that in a church similar to the church of San Nicola di Bonefro, there was a long row of sun loungers. lined up. The first one seemed to be reserved. It was actually covered in a sheet that Mama Lina knew well. On the eve of the massacre, but in the dream, a lady appears to him and takes a white note from the drawer and asks her to take it immediately. And among the personal belongings in Mario’s coffin, mum Lina wanted to put the white note she had been given in the dream. So a cruel fate would have Mario run out in the heat of his mother’s arms, via Solitaria. Because little Mario, two years earlier, fled from Arco di Trento, where he was to treat pneumonia, from the bombing that destroyed the very church he was visiting. Where so many children died, his companions in everyday life. In its development, this story becomes more and more unusual and unique. At that time, the mothers of the children in Bonefro wanted separate funerals. For a very simple reason. Because for every child he had to ring his own bell.

In the heart of the village, next to the monument, a stele remembers their names along with other civilian victims. The pictures we see are due to Lucia Iarocci. IN “Piazza Grande”an unpublished poem a little yet, one imagines that the eruption will deeply disturb even Saint Nicholas, child protector and patron of Bonefro. “From the arches of the fountain of the Earth / St. Nicholas comes running out / He carries a bishop’s ring / all of gold / With his hands together / a prayer is whispered / without songs / The patron saint is an infidel / He keeps the unhappy children to himself / Li takes in hand / They go for a walk / In the brightest garden of Heaven / Among colored flowers and scents of incense / that never go out “. THAT children, in places of remembrance, must have a reserved place. Lively. Full of light. Because children always smile. They are angels between heaven and earth.

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