works for the new primary school delivered

This morning, the conservation and extension works at the former “Silvio Pellico” boarding school in Ala were delivered with a view to building the new elementary school. Present were the President of the Province of Maurizio Fugatti, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Ala, Claudio Soini and Luigino Lorenzini, the Head of the APOP Civil Works Service Marco Gelmini, the Head of the Technical Area of ​​Ala Nicola Passamani Municipality, the Construction Manager Mauro Sommadossi and the CEO of the company Manelli Srl – the company that won the job – Gianfranco Donisi.
“The Council’s will is to speed up the start-up of construction sites, to finally see this work, which took a rather long process, to finally get started, is a source of satisfaction for us, especially because it concerns a crucial sector such as the school – has stressed President Fugatti – Along with the boost to the economy, in a phase where we are witnessing a slowdown in growth due to the international situation, there is the awareness that giving new generations modern and more appropriate space represents an investment in them and our future “. Finally, the President recalled other works that will soon begin in the area, including the Ala / Avio motorway exit.
Mayor Soini highlighted how it is: “A work that society expects, the first step for the new school complex, which will be completed with the future restructuring of the primary school”. The mayor of Ala then also reminded of the project with the multifunctional center that is underway, funded by the province, where “all functions and associations dealing with the security of society” will take place.

The executive design was delegated by the Ala municipality to the Provincial Agency for Public Works (APOP) – Civil Works Service.
In detail, today the first of the five lots into which the intervention has been divided has been allocated, which will be carried out by the company Manelli Srl in the province of Bari, which has been allocated the workers for 6,778,427.81 euros.

Interview with President Fugatti:

Interview with Mayor Soini:

The intervention envisages a conservative rehabilitation of the former Convitto S. Pellico, to which a new volume is added, which will complete all the functional requirements for the inclusion of the primary school in Ala. On the historic building, restoration and maintenance work will be carried out on protected valuable elements, while the expansion will be carried out with a traditional system in reinforced concrete and infill walls partly in brick and in some cases in xlam wood panels.
The building will guarantee functionality for a primary school that will be able to accommodate 500 students divided into four departments, each for five years, in a total of 20 classes. There will also be space for intercycle activities (library, support classrooms, n.2 computer / language / science activities laboratories, one for artistic activity, psychomotor skills, music lessons and a large laboratory for cooking.). There will also be a canteen on the ground floor in the new part. In the design, special emphasis was placed on adopting measures where possible to improve the energy conditions in the building complex and the related future administration costs. The building complex will be certified in energy class B.
Section 1 allows for the construction of almost all building and civil engineering works for the definition of the work. The expected times are 725 consecutive calendar days. There are also subsequent smaller batches for completion of completions, where a total of an additional 60 consecutive calendar days are expected.

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