when the law is buried by the bureaucracy

“In Rome,” writes Sofia Donato, “services in schools to guarantee the right to inclusion of students with disabilities have become a task incumbent solely on the families who pay for any lack of public institutions.” In fact, they desperately have to go around in circles among the various offices in search of certificates and answers. And the user’s free choice? Guaranteed by law, but buried by bureaucracy and effectively prevented. And the administration? Save formally as long as everything falls on the families! “

In Rome i services in school to guarantee the right toinclusion of students with disabilities has become onea task that is solely the responsibility of families which pays for the lack of public institutions. “I, we hope I get away with it!”: This is what the families of Rome with a minor with a disability sent to school next September. Let’s see why.

With Board Resolution No. 758 of last June 23, Roma actually approved the Capitale RUAS (Single Register of Accredited Schools), in which the various bodies provide OEPAC professionals (Educational Operators for Autonomy and Communication), regulated in Rome by the Capitol Assembly resolution 23/22, was able to choose the max. four municipalities to work in. The user’s free choice was so limited to the municipal affiliation, disregarding this Rooms are a single municipality and that the location of one’s home depends on many factors (first and foremost the economic one!), which are not always chosen by the citizen.
Furthermore, RUAS does not bind the Administration any contractual relationship with operators or organizations. For OEPAC, from this year onwards, families must fill out a form stating which management they prefer. But the free choice lies with the operator, who has a direct relationship with the learner, so what does the management body have to do with it?

Distribution and acquisition of the module is delegated to the Educational Institutions by the Municipal Executive Order. The family declares in the form of “free choice” to have been informed about the characteristics of the accredited bodies and the methods for delivering the service through the Service Charter and Technical Sheets provided by the Municipality. But if the compilation report, for municipal communication, is between family and school, when and how is the municipality then obliged to present the said documentation, which is still present on the municipality of Rome’s website? And therefore a burden for families to look for it and study it!

And again, the school institutions must send the forms that the families have filled out to the City Hall / Municipality. Therefore, even though an expiration date is not specified by either the municipality or by the municipality, the various schools are there freely coercive “so families also suffer from significant pressure as they are also the carriers of greatest interest in ensuring that their children are cared for well in their schooling.

As this is a new system, introduced this year, it is also up to families the burden of inquiring about the body delivered which your child’s reference operator belongs to professionally. And given that direct operator / family relationships have been banned so far, what is this option based on?

Our families are currently literally overwhelmed by input from operators who do not want to change cooperative – the only way to stay on the same student, if the institution has not chosen the municipality to which the school / family belongs, is the “social clause” -; Give her cooperatives the same ones that come into the OEPAC service thanks to RUAS and therefore have to be chosen by the users; Give her schools, who do not want to deal with various governing bodies, etc .; and still give it operatorswho still want to secure their jobs for the following year.
Families must also submit ARE YOU THERE (Evidence for Scholastic Integration), where on the basis of the Functional Diagnosis it accompanying figures in the minor’s school life. CIS is issued exclusively by TSMREE (Mental Health Rehabilitation Development Age Protection Service) of ASL with territorial jurisdiction and it is known that the ASLs have huge problems with staff shortages and are unable to respond to requests from all the beneficiaries, not even to take responsibility .

In addition to families whose minors also needassistant for AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication), also Lazio regionwith resolution no. G07959 of 17 June last year, has included some news for next year, which coincide with uadditional duties for families.
The submission of applications to the Lazio region is the responsibility of the educational institutions, which must therefore receive them from families. The school must then identify an AAC project manager among its staff. Among which professional competencies and with what preparation?
In addition, the application for the AAC Assistant includes the following documents that the family must provide to the school: Functional diagnosis and CIS specifying the need for the AAC Communication Assistant; a summary report prepared in .pdf format by NPI (Child Neuropsychiatrist) by ASL / TSMREE. This relationship is also mandatory for students who already benefited from the AAC service in the last few years; the project for the assistance service for the implementation of school integration, a project where, however, it is not stated who is responsible. The AAC facilitators who work with students throughout the school year within the school are certainly not entitled to draft it or release it, it is therefore necessary contact a specialized centerwhich in any case has its own times for submitting reports.
The deadline for sending the full documentation to the Lazio region of the schools is set at July 19th. So further urgent and anticipation for families.

Finally, it should be added that all these professionals who intervene to guarantee the right to study for the learner with a disability should be jointly evaluated and decided in STARE (Operational Working Group). It is in the GLO that PEI (Individualized education plan) in the pedagogical alliance, where students, family, school and academic team together choose strategies, professionalism and intervention methods, also with indication of hours. But all too often schools do not call GLOs or it is not possible to realize them in a spirit of active and fruitful participationaimed at the student’s greater interest, and places him at the center of the analysis along with his family.

Anyone who knows the various public institutions they do not talk to each other and that the times for submitting an application and issuing the relative certification are never secure or even less rapid. But the municipality of Rome and the Lazio region think so not be aware of it And everything falls on citizenship who desperately walk around in circles between the various offices in search of certificates and answers.
The user’s free choice? Guaranteed by law, but buried by bureaucracy and effectively prevented. Administration? It is formally safe as long as everything falls on the families!

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