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After the stage in competition at Taormina Film Fest, from July 7 in Italian cinemas with Aldler Entertainment Spotty and me, second feature by director Cosimo Gomez (Brutti e cattivi) with Filippo Scotti, Michela Rossi and Paola Minaccioni. The film is a comedy that tells the bizarre story of a very special girl and dog.

Plot and cast

The official plot: Matteo (Filippo Scotti) is twenty-seven years old and is the main animator in an important company that produces cartoons for children. He is an introverted boy, loves solitude, talks very little and is suspicious to the point that he is angry. In his lonely world, every night when he comes home from work, he wears a fur suit, a mask and plays with being a dog named Spotty. Contrary to what happens in real life, in the clothes, in the childish game, Matteo seems to reach a state of freedom, of happiness. But something is missing in his life, and one day he decides to put a search ad for a dog sitter online, of course for Spotty! Eva (Michela De Rossi), a twenty-five-year-old student away from home, responds. Eva lives a chaotic life, goes to university with poor results, lives only improbable love relationships and loses one job after another. After the initial embarrassment that the days go by, a special, unique relationship, not without challenges, begins to establish itself between Eva and Spotty, which will also make Eva and Matteo, two souls in search of themselves, meet.

The cast of “Io e Spotty” also includes Paola Minaccioni, Violetta Zironi, Alessia Giuliani, Laura Dondoli, Rosa Canova, Gelsomina Pascucci, Mario Russo, Francesco Turbanti, Giacomo Tamburini and Stefano “Vito” Bicocchi.

Spotty and Me – trailers and videos


  • Director and set designer Cosimo Gomez is on her second feature film after her debut with Ugly and bad (2017) directs “Io e Spotty” from a screenplay written with Alex Infascelli from a story by Gomez, Infascelli and Giulia Morelli. Gomez and Infascelli are in their third collaboration since The vanity serum by Infascelli, of which Gomez was in charge of the scenography and “Brutti e cattivi” by Gomez, with whom Infascelli collaborated as co-author.
  • The team that supported the director Cosimo Gomez behind the scenes included editor Federico Maria Maneschi (Dibolik), costume designer Ginevra De Carolis (the monster in the crypt), production designer Noemi Marchica (Ammore and Malavita) and director of photography Francesca Amitrano (Take Five). ).
  • The film was presented in competition at Taormina Film Fest 68, where it received the popular jury award.
  • Filmed exclusively in Bologna, the film was supported by the Emilia Romagna region and the Emilia Romagna Film Commission.

Director’s notes

“Me and Spotty” is a film about a soulmate, the miracle that sometimes takes place in people’s lives, and which allows you to meet and share your life with a completely similar person. A gift of destiny that enables billions of people for two individuals to come into contact and for a relationship to be created between them that complement each other, that helps them overcome their boundaries, weaknesses, insecurities, even more serious pathologies. , through love. The film tells the story of a shy and introverted boy who at home seems to feel good about only disguising himself as a dog, and about a girl with depressive disorders who, due to the twist of fate, finds herself working for him like a dog. dog sitter. A meeting between two suffering souls who come out of their shells and make an inner change by unconsciously translating the beginning of our story, the famous phrase of Antoine de Saint-Exupèry: “Love is the delicate process through which I accompany you to the meeting with yourself “. The film’s stylistic idea is functional in relation to the theme, in the sense that by treating a deep archetype as the search for love has always believed that the project to touch the hearts of the public and make them identify with our Eva and Matteo, should have an extremely realistic implant. It’s not just about the visual aspect, but above all about the actors’ acting and their emotional strength. The goal was to get the soul of our characters and their emotions in a direct, true, profound way, stay away from comedy with grotesque tones and spot-like characters, and instead try to tell the story of two real people in a surreal situation. . To want to frame Spotty and I in a genre, it would probably be “romantic comedies”, but if there were, I would prefer a “romantic comedy next door”, which therefore in a true, possible way tells the absurd relationship. of a boy as he dresses up as a dog, and an insane girl who begins to be his dog sitter, a relationship that will turn into love. Which will cure both ailments better than any psychiatric drug. [Cosimo Gomez]

Who is Cosimo Gomez?

He graduated from the Statens Institut for Kunst in Florence and subsequently from the Art Academy in Rome in the scenography department. As an assistant set designer, he took his first steps in cinema and opera in the early 90’s, where he worked with great masters such as Ermanno Olmi, Giuliano Montaldo, Franco Zeffirelli and Roberto Benigni. From 2001, he began personally signing the scenography of film and fiction, to date over twenty, including major international Rai television co-productions such as Beauty and the beast, Mary of Nazareth And Anna Kareninaand cinema films such as Where ever you are by Michele Placido, The vanity serum by Alex Infascelli e Anita B. by Roberto Faenza. In 2005, he won the Cinearti “La chioma di Berenice” award for the scenography of the film Il serum of vanity by Alex Infascelli. In 2012, he won the Solinas Prize – Stories for the Cinema with one of his subjects. Thus begins the path that leads him to debut as a writer and director with the film Bad and ugly of which he co-wrote the manuscript with Luca Infascelli. The film was presented at the 74th Venice International Film Festival in the Orizzonti section. He was nominated for six David di Donatello Awards, including Best New Director, Best Production Design, Best Costumes and Best Digital Effects, four Golden Globes, including Best Film and Best First Film, and two Silver Ribbons. Gomez is currently working on post-production on his third feature film, the thriller My name is revenge with Alessandro Gassmann and Remo Girone. The plot follows a former mafia murderer and his bubbly daughter, who, after losing the rest of their family to old enemies, flee to Milan, where they hide while planning their revenge.

The soundtrack

  • The music in the film is by composers Pivio and Aldo De Scalzi (Razzabastarda, Song’e Napule, The Startup, Diabolik, Belli Ciao) created in collaboration with Luca Cresta and Claudio Pacini.
  • Pivio & Aldo De Scalzi have chosen an electro- and minimalist musical line that essentially uses analog synths and a deep vocal arrangement for the numerous songs present.
  • Many of the songs on the album, which were originally intended as a single project for the film’s original soundtrack, have not found the intended location, but are presented here to recreate the original sound design. Among the artists involved are Mimosa Campironi, Chiara Franzi, Simone Meneghelli, Ginevra Nervi, Shyama and a non-original piece by Scortilla.


Cycling ***
Del tu (feat. Simone Meneghelli) ***
Eva and Spotty doctors ***
Aria (feat. Mimosa Campironi)
Spotted acting
Spotty’s records
Beautiful Deception (feat. Ginevra Nervi)
Here is Eva
Spotty’s first appearance
After the girl’s scream
Unwelcome guests §§§
Pap music
Panic (intro) ***
All I Want Is You (feat. Armanda De Scalzi) ***
At Spotty’s house
Sleep with Spotty
Nobody’s Perfect (feat. Chiara Franzi) ***
I am going home ***
The break stained
Del tu (female version)) (feat. Chiara Franzi) ***
Eva fixes Spotty
Papmusik (del III)
Wedding Song (feat. Shyama)
Eva disappears
Ambient taxa

*** not included in the original soundtrack to the movie Io & Spotty
§§§ earlier in Fahrenheit 999 – Scortilla (2020)

Oath. Creuza Srl

1, 3, 6, 9, 10, 18, 25, 26 (Aldo De Scalzi – Pivio)
2, 20 (Aldo De Scalzi – Pivio – Luca Cresta / Simone Meneghelli)
4 (Aldo De Scalzi – Pivio / Mimosa Campironi)
5, 12, 19, 21, 22 (Aldo De Scalzi – Pivio – Claudio Pacini)
7 (Aldo De Scalzi – Pivio – G.Nervi / G.Nervi)
8, 13, 15, 16, 23 (Aldo De Scalzi – Pivio – Luca Cresta)
11 (Pivio / M.Odino)
14 (Aldo De Scalzi – Pivio / A. De Scalzi)
17 (Aldo De Scalzi – Pivio / Simone Meneghelli)
24 (Aldo De Scalzi – Pivio / Pivio – A. De Scalzi)

Aldo De Scalzi: synth, piano
Pivio: synth, piano
Luca Cresta: synth, piano
Claudio Pacini: synth, piano
Roberto Piga: violin, viola in 14
Simone Meneghelli: voice in 2
Mimosa Campironi: voice in 4
Ginevra Nervi: voice in 7
Armanda De Scalzi: vote in 14
Chiara Franzi: voice in 17, 20
Shyama: vote in 24

The soundtrack to “Io e Spotty” is available on the official website of Pivio & Aldo De Scalzi.

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