To make Ukraine’s visually impaired children smile again

“In Ukraine, there are about 160,000 absolutely blind and over 2 million and 100,000 visually impaired, children, teenagers, adults and the elderly who are unable to leave the country, or very young people who have lost the necessary aids to write and read, or even adults or the elderly, even with very severe or multiple disabilities, who run away to save themselves “: Based on this awareness, the UICI, in collaboration with the EBU, European Union of the Blind, has activated a solidarity competition under the banner of the motto “Beauty flourishes with all children’s smiles”

“IN Ukraine underline fromUICI (Italian Union for the Blind and Visually Impaired) – there are approx 160,000 absolutely blind and further 2 million and 100,000 visually impaired. It is children, teenagers, adults and the elderly who are unable to leave the country under attack, or very young people who have lost the necessary aids to write and read, or even adults or the elderly, even with very severe or multiple disabilitieswho runs away to save himself. They are united by the impossibility of thinking of a future, because even where they are trying to find refuge in the countries bordering Ukraine, they cannot access specialized structures of welcome and support, now on the verge of collapse “.
Therefore, the UICI itself takes into account, in collaboration withEBUThe European Union of the Blind, has activated a solidarity competition starting from the territory Marchand in particular the area of ​​Pesaro and Ascoli Piceno, and part Cuneo area in Piedmont, it gradually became extended to all of Italy, to help the most vulnerable and the most forgotten in any conflict, as is always the case with people with disabilities. The goal is especially to guarantee hospitality, school inclusion, in the case of male and female students, and support for families. All under the banner of the motto launched to raise funds, ie “Beauty flourishes with all children’s smiles”.

“And today – tell the UICI – Elisabeta, Sofia, Mattvi, Nicolai And Nicoleta they have already begun to find this smile again, no longer chased by bombs, and many others have begun to take refuge in Italy. Elisabeta12 years, absolutely blindtoday welcome in one of our facilities and supported by various operators, have begun to overcome the language problem and thanks to typhoid tactical aids made available, he can continue his learning path, but above all return to smile at life. It also affects the history of Sofia And Mattvi5 years, visually impaired she, absolutely blind him, that thanks tactile books they started sharing games and reading with their classmates again and went to kindergarten. The little one joins them Yaroslav, Just turned 3, welcomed in Pesaro with his family, after a very long journey, where he was included in a multidimensional socio-health and rehabilitation program. Children with severe disabilityincluding epilepsy, brain abnormalities and changes in neurovisual functions, Yaroslav was first intercepted by staff at the Gemelli Polyclinic Foundation and then handed over to Caritas, which offered free accommodation, while our staff became a mediator of health and education services to welcome and participate. in an integrated path with physiotherapy, neuropsychomotorism, assistance and support for the family “.

“But we need to do more, much more – continue from the UICI – because the flow of people, the sea of ​​suffering does not stop, the conflict and indeed the needs they rise every day and you can not handle it. To relaunch the goals of this campaign, which, however, two months after its launch made it possible to gather a first important core of resources and support dozens of children, we also promoted an information initiative in our area a few days ago. web radio, Slash Radio, a reference point for information to the world of the visually impaired, an initiative attended by many personalities from the worlds of entertainment, culture, journalism to bring our appeal to an even wider audience. Among these RAI journalist’s special correspondent Tiziana Ferrario, Ugo Polettieditor of “Odessa Journal”, the musician Max Cutthe pianist and the singer Silvia Zaruthe musician Franco De Feothe author Desi Icardi and many others”.

“With this campaign – he comments Mario BarbutoChairman of the UICI – we put ourselves one dual purpose: on the one hand develop support interventions of the population affected by the war both on the territory of Ukraine and by the specialized institutions involved in reception in neighboring countries, such as Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, through the management and coordination of the deployment of aid and resources. On the other hand support reception operations in Italian territory in facilities that specialize in intervention, rehabilitation, and educational and family support for people with visual impairments. And we did so, just as we actively involved our territorial sections and activated cooperation with the EBU, creating a system with other realities both internally in our network and externally, but with which there has been a long-standing dialogue, as is the case with Caritas And Italian Red Crossbecause there is a need a choir and integrated commitment, to provide effective responses to an emergency of this magnitude. That is why we hope that many will respond to our appeal and help us gather as many resources as possible to help all the people who need us in this time ”.

In addition to the territorial sections of the UICI involve the campaign, which is still ongoing – as mentioned Entities affiliated to the Union (IRIFOR, Department of Research, Training and Rehabilitation, Regina Margherita Library for the Blind in Monza, School of Guide Dogs-Regional Center Helen Keller, Regional Braille Printing House of Catania, IAPB, International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness and UNIVOC, Italian National Union of Pro Blind Volunteers), as well as several Institute for the Blindsuch as the Sant’Alessio Regional Center Institute in Rome, the Francesco Cavazza Institute for the Blind in Bologna, the Florio and Salamone Institute for the Blind in Palermo, the Officina dei Sensi in the Ascoli Piceno and the Ardizzone Gioeni Institute in Catania. (SB)

At this link, the place is dedicated to UICI at campaign for Ukraine Beauty flourishes by the smile of all children, with the conditions for any donations. For further information: Angela La Terra (
In the column to the right of our article with the title Living with a rare disease during the bombing (at this link) is present the list of contributions dedicated in recent months by «» to the war in Ukraine and the situation of people with disabilities.

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