the new design for the home in 2023 –

Each year, the city of Milan is the scene of enchanting scenography that stretches between the Rho trade fair and Fuorisalone and attracts thousands of visitors, including industry experts and lovers of simple design. The news that is discovered in the neighborhoods of the metropolis is always many and relates to all the spaces of the house.

Kitchen sculptures

Often the real sculptures, they are made by skilled craftsmen who experiment with attention to detail and in the processing of quality materials, such as natural stone or metals. The furniture in this environment they melt more and more in the living room and become changeable objects without fulfilling only the primary function for which they were born;. This is because kitchens are often installed in open spaces, they are part of living environments, and must coordinate with them, hide faucets or accessories strictly related to the food world.

But what is the main news specifically?

  1. Combinations of different materials. More and more often, kitchens are not blocks of one color, and that is what happened a few years ago cno color block. Today, different materials are combined in an excellent way by artisan factories: Marble slabs, doors with an aluminum structure and wood filling seem to spin around in rooms like light elements. If you are a lover of this mood I suggest you admire the great mastery of Marble vases.
  2. 3d panels. The material effect is a priority in the design of a kitchen. To create a connection with the living room, the 3d wooden slats, which we have seen depopulated on Pinterest and in homes in 2022, flow into the world of the kitchen (and bathroom), cover the bottom and transform themselves into corrugated glass into high wall elements. Pure astonishment!
  3. Independent furniture, without wall elements. Magazine kitchens come to life, where exposed marble shelves replace tall containers, creating a strong visual effect.
  4. Stove on top. Technology is increasingly helping design to explode, and that is one of the concrete cases. If before there was a clear distinction between the hob and the hob, or the top, it is now often impossible to distinguish the two elements. Sophisticated materials, in ceramic stoneware, Laminam or in sintered stone they make the cooking area invisible or almost invisible, which expands the cooking surface when the fire is extinguished.
  5. Super equipped columns. This is a trend that has continued from the previous year, but which sees companies improving the quality of details, such as integrated LEDs, coating materials or glass finishes.


This room is seen more and more with special attention than the other rooms in the house. The desire to create a personal space is growing, the so-called Private spa, which is designed with obsessive care, to make every visit a sensory experience. Beauty is a priority linked to functionality, and to achieve this, a global project is taken into account.

THAT washbasin furniture they are real masterpieces, the most beautiful are made:

  • and corian
  • in marble, sometimes backlit to define sensational light play
  • solid wood. Cannicciati and spells are the news not only for furniture but also for wall coverings

The details are studied with great attention, the grooves are refined, with 45 ° cut, the inner inserts in eco-leather (AntonioLupi and Edonè), velvet or leather, with dedicated spaces for jewelry (Devon & Devon).

That baljer they are rounded but also rectangular with rounded edges, in smooth materials like Corian, sometimes integrated into the floor or walls.

Thatpedestal sink they are no longer the exclusive production of some major brands, but are made by many brands also in colors other than white.

That showers they are real theatrical scenery, if space allows, they are located in the bathroom’s most focal point to define a unique area.

That shelves they are indispensable for the design of the bathroom, and become even more important if they are part of an aesthetically valid interior design project. Thin metals, transparent or smoky crystals combined with neutral or dark colors are the main characters in the bathroom. They are integrated into the walls and often hide the objects they support.

Wall finishes – wallpaper

Wallpaper is becoming more and more popular, favoring all-over, that is, the coating on all surfaces, walls and ceilings. Therefore, it is enough to cover single walls, which create the rigid “square effect” by tightening the space, yes instead of the choice of covering at least all the vertical walls in fantasy. Simone Guidarelli together with Office Architecture, leading brand in the production of wallpaper, has shown the scenographic power of the pattern, which invades the world of the home, and adorns beds, lamps and household linen in an elegant and fearless way.

The production cycle is given important value with special attention to the environment. Stella Mc Cartney, in collaboration with the historian Cole & Son this year produced a wallpaper made with natural fibers that comes from tree roots (picture below).


Tables with massive crossed and thickened legs disappear, instead they become depopulated glazed structural elements, thin, transparent and essential. As for the support surface marble replaces stoneware marble effect, prefers resins for single colors, lacquered wood or stained glass that appear as bright golden plates.


The design follows human habits, rhythms and daily routines. In order to be adaptable, sofas are increasingly modular, with pieces that adapt to spaceto be transferred from one area to another as needed, or even in different rooms.

Materials and colors. The colors are delicate and often reflect the areas found in nature, mainly white, rope, powder, warm gray, but earth tones and those with high contrast intensity are also preferred. The smooth materials are smaller than in the other years, although the velvet never disappears, in favor of soft contrasting textures or delicate weaves.

Forms. French charm characterizes the world of interiors, with bean-shaped sofas in bright colors, as well as the 1920s, with vintage pieces renewed with eccentric fabrics, with a nature theme or with patterns taken from the world of the past.

Sculpture armchairs

From soft shapes to more articulate, irregular and bizarre shapes, they become real artistic elements. The materials are precious, such as marble and brass, but there is also room for resin, or even mirrored surfaces and polished chrome.

The fabrics are structured, which favors quality and the ability to personalize the single seat, which binds less to the decor of a room.


The trend of upholstered headboards continues by increasing the volume of these vertical panels. Oversized headboards more and more soft and important adorn the bedrooms, without the need for other interior details. They can often be used as pillows, and they do not leave very ergonomic square shapes, but instead prefer a more refined design, with headboards that are often oversized in relation to the bed. as for the colors, artful colored fantasies and irregular geometric patterns are popular.


Irregular in shape and design, they become more and more paintings. The patterns are a mix of colors that work in harmony with each other, and the textures create interesting contrasting reliefs.

The new models have different shapes than the usual rectangular and round rugs we are used to, they are inspired by nature’s organic shapes, with broken crystals that look like real abstract works. Examples are the pieces from CC tapis, Studio Campana for Nodus rug, Ligne Roset or Amini.

Lamps and lighting

The world of enlightenment seems to be moving towards more traditional trends, who prefers handmade glass and natural materials of Japanese origin, with long, hanging and wrinkled threads. Or even pleated, tapered and grooved shapes, covered with fabrics reminiscent of the 1920s and 1950s.

That light bubbles already present in the houses in recent years are enriched, become transparent, which promotes the artisanal effect of manufacturing. The reason lies in the harmony of these forms, which never appear rigid and intrusive.

There are many companies that have exhibited Murano glass chandeliers made by Venetian companies that pay attention to the quality and aesthetic value of each piece, making them genuine works of art.

Yes to suspended groups which in addition to creating a punctual light that is indispensable for some functions, become accents for the space.

In summary

At the bottom of today’s design isattention to the environment and to the world of recycling, to materials that, when recycled, come to life in a new environment that bears a trace of the past. Marble is increasingly in demand for making kitchen countertops, bathroom furniture or covering parts of walls.

One of the key points in 2023 is detail-orientedRegardless of the scale: whether it is wardrobes, shelves or chandeliers, the detail today is increasingly sought after by people who are aware of the quality of the product they buy, as well as the production process.

The salon reminded us of the importance of the past, as a trace of a present and a future that remembers him: the will to a return to the past is evident in any artisan business, in terms of style and production methods. Especially for furniture, lamps and accessories.

Unique and isolated elements, seemingly separate from the context, but completely in line with the style and aesthetics of the space in which they are deployed, they are becoming more and more coveted. This is to define a unique, no longer standardized aesthetic: Capturing the value of your property by sewing it to your liking is an absolute priority.

The importance of textures and fabrics it is more and more intense, so through the materials, each room plays a key role in the cohesiveness of the neighboring environments.

Yes at curved lines that softens any space, making it romantic and timeless.

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