The new Ausl General Manager visits Vignola. Stages in the hospital and in the nursing homes

The visits to the territory of the new Director General of the USL in Modena, Anna Maria Petrini, continue. This morning – accompanied by the director of the district and the head of the hospital’s health management, Federica Casoni, together with the director of health of Ausl, Silvana Borsari, on the last day of service – the planned stop was the Vignola district. The day was an opportunity to greet and thank all the principals’ health professionals and the most important assistance services in the area. DG Petrini met in person the leaders of the various operating units and all the staff, health and non-health, who work daily and provide assistance, also at home, throughout the Vignola district, which has some mountain municipalities and a large catchment area. He also met the district representatives of general medicine and pediatricians for free choice.

The visit began at the Casa della Salute in Guiglia, which also guarantees the accompaniment and care of citizens living in areas furthest from the city. Subsequently, the new Director General of AUSL in Modena moved to Vignola Hospital: here Petrini visited the main departments of the structure, starting from the construction site of the new emergency department – whose work is now in the final stages of completion expected by the end of July – and then continuing in Radiology, in Operation Block, surgically homogeneous area and internist area including Oncological Day Service.

The Directorate-General then participated in the Vignola District Committee together with the mayors for the first appointment of its mandate. In the afternoon, it was the turn of the meeting with all health personnel at the district headquarters. The moment of sharing also gave Director-General Petrini the opportunity to thank the staff, who for the past two years, despite the Covid emergency, have shown commitment and dedication. Finally the end of the day at Casa della Salute in Spilamberto.

Both at Case della Salute and at Petrini Hospital, he met some voluntary associations that provide services in the company’s offices to support and integrate company health programs, and in particular Avis di Guiglia, the association “I am with you” that accompanies cancer patients in Vignola- area, and finally AVO and Avis di Spilamberto. With them, he was able to briefly share perspectives for improving the processes, to qualify and humanize the assistance to especially chronic and fragile patients.

“The visits to the different districts, also in Vignola today, are for me a basic experience to have an organic and complete vision of all the health facilities and services that are active in the area, a vision that goes to put together the image of our province, in all its complexity, but also in all its richness – declares the director general Anna Maria Petrini – lives in the mountain towns and has more difficulty reaching the hospital.The meeting with health professionals was then an opportunity to get to know personally a unique human inheritance, which, especially during the pandemic, guaranteed health care almost uninterruptedly, even in the most difficult periods.

The numbers for the Vignola district

Consists of 9 municipalities, of which 8 make up the Unione Terre di Castelli (Vignola, Marano, Castelvetro Guiglia, Savignano, Spilamberto and Zocca) plus Montese, the Vignola district has almost 92,000 inhabitants. Hospital assistance is guaranteed by Vignola Hospital, which is able to accommodate and treat major pathologies, offer surgical skills related to various disciplines, including general surgery, orthopedics, otolaryngology, urology, ophthalmology and gynecology, associated with an anaesthesiological-resuscitation presence, also supports the needs of the emergency department, in addition to the presence of an internal multispecialist outpatient clinic. There is also oncology day service, digestive endoscopy and dialysis service.

To meet citizens’ needs for health and social assistance, Case della Salute (Spilamberto and Guiglia) is located in the Vignola district; General Practitioners (General Practitioners) and Free Choice Pediatricians (PLS); Continuity care, specialized assistance. The district also has a home and local nursing service; home dialysis; a network of sampling points; an Emergency-Urgency system, consisting of the Vignola Emergency Department and the 118 Territorial Emergency Network, capable of handling all emergencies-emergencies and of selecting, right from the territory, situations in need of direct centralization to Modenese Hubs (emergency heart attack) myocardium, stroke cerebri, etc.). In addition, there are the following health facilities in the area: Mental health center for adults; Pathological addiction service; Single Access Point and CUP / SAUB; and the outpatient clinics of Castelnuovo Rangone, Zocca and Montese. Among the projects that will be carried out in the next few years in the Vignola district are the new socio-health center in Vignola consisting of Community House and Community Hospital (OsCo) as well as the Territorial Operations Center; and the community centers of Castelnuovo Rangone, Zocca and Montese.

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