Mafie, De Lise (Ungdcec): “Network to create a culture of legality”

(Teleborsa) – “Creating a culture and education in legality where accountants are the protagonists. In Italy, there is no choice but to invest in the parameters recognized by the law, even within a moral ethic that brings benefits to our generation of accountants, through training and specialization, can be an additional factor, and therefore we wanted a good event on legality, with evidence of great courage from entrepreneurs, institutions and professionals.We want to continue a culture that respects the rules, preparation and skills “. He said that Matteo De Lise, President of the National Union of Young Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts, during second edition of the “United for Legality” conference, promoted by Ungdcec at the Azienda Agricola Suvignano, in the province of Siena, the largest asset confiscated from crime in a region of central and northern Italy.

Today’s symbolic moment was the awarding of the “United for Legality” award, created by UNGDCEC. The award went up this year National anti-mafia and anti-terrorism prosecutor Giovanni Melillo, in the category of institutions; to the Progetto Olimpo Cooperative led by President Gaetano Salpietro in the Confiscated Property category; to the entrepreneur Barbara Mezzaroma in the category Companies against extortion “; to Don Giacomo Panizza from the Progetto Sud community in the category Civil Society.

To Caterina Chinnici, MEP, Vice-Chair of the Committee on Budgetary Control, “The aim is to equip the European Union with new and sharper tools to enable the effective confiscation of assets of individuals and entities that violate the law, whether they are Russian oligarchs or members of organized crime. They are necessary tools., of the huge amount of funds made available by the PNRR “.

“The role of state – authorized public accountants in the field of legality – he stressed Bruno Corda, Director of the National Agency for the Administration and Determination of Assets Seized and Confiscated from Organized Crime (ANBSC) it constitutes the first barrier against the intrusion of organized crime into the territory. Professionals are asked to be aware of what surrounds companies and try to prevent scenarios and prospects “.

Paolo Bernardini, CEO of Equitalia Giustizia, he noted how “in 2021, the Joint Fund for Justice (FUG) managed around 79,000 judicial rulings with 31,000 kidnappings, 17,000 refunds and 13,000 confiscations. In total, from 2009 to 2021, over two billion were reallocated to Angiv. how efficiency and cooperation are needed to fight crime “.

“If professions, institutions and the judiciary – he said Giuseppe Visone, Deputy Advocate DDA Napoli they do not work in harmony, it will not be possible to win the battle against the mafia, and it will not be possible to create a culture of rule that is needed in Italy today. In addition to repression, we need a preventive activity starting from the schools to prevent the new generations from approaching criminal realities “.

During the day, they spoke, among other things Sonia MazzuccoUNGDCEC Vice President; Enrico Lombardo, Ungdcec junta; Francesco Puccio chairman of the Ungdcec Study Center Foundation; Carolina Rumboldt, Chairman of the UNGDCEC Commission “Criminal Law of the Economy”; Lorenzo Sampieri, Odcec President of Siena; Gabriele Berni, Mayor of Monteroni D’Arbia; Davide Ricci, mayor of Murlo; that administrators of Suvignano Agricultural Estate; Joachim Natoli, former President of the Court of Appeal in Palermo; Giovanna VannettiFree Associations.

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