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In recent days, with the signing of the founding document, which sanctioned its official determination in the presence of the lawyer Paolo Napoli from Studio Baralis, a new reality was established which fully falls within the group of those engaged in territorial promotion.

The Monferrato Live Experience Ets Foundation, a non-profit organization included in the Third Sector specification, starts from the collaboration between two already existing cultural associations, Casalese Nuove Frontiere and Alexandrian I Marchesi del Monferrato, which act as founding members along with some other private individuals.

The foundation is led by Alessandra Bozzo, who in her role will be flanked by Vice Presidents Emiliana Conti and Alberto Riccio, who along with the other founders will soon meet to nominate the seven directors who will complete the board.
Later, other realities already active in the area will join the new group in the role of participating members.
Furthermore, a press conference will also be held for the presentation of the newborn fund in the coming weeks.

Monferrato Live Experience Ets, which will be based in Casale Monferrato, has as its ultimate goal the motivating, perspective and prestige rebirth of this special geographical area, Monferrato, where Casale was the ancient capital, with economic, tourist and of the quality of the inhabitants life, while aiming to make the city a pole of a homogeneous society and territorial identity for the whole of lower Piedmont. All this by implementing a multidisciplinary and diversified approach that aims – as can be read in the statute – to identify common denominators at the value, strategic, cultural and operational level.

From this point of view, the establishment of a fund to undertake the task of catalyzing the resources potentially available for the benefit of the territory, whether public or private, was a necessary step in order to be able to concretely realize the intentions which the founders had signed. at the time of establishment: territorial promotion through cultural and economic development, tourism, history, art, sports, as well as the improvement of any excellence that characterizes this part of Monferrato.

The activities that the associations that have formed the Monferrato Live Experience Ets Foundation continue on a daily basis are part of this process. The cultural circle of the Marquises of Monferrato, for example, has worked for years in the area to promote its historical spread, as one of the priority purposes of this body is precisely to promote contacts and gatherings of people interested in the transformations of the Marquisate, later the Duchy, of Monferrato.

In light of this, the association has over time come to represent a significant point of connection between the various realities and individual researchers who, for various reasons, deal with territorial promotion.

“With the election of a new president, following the untimely death of Roberto Maestri in 2018, the Marchesi del Monferrato constituency – explain the representatives of the dynamic cultural association – had set out to expand the association’s horizon and open up to the territory and to constructive amalgamation. And it is in this collaborative perspective that we took advantage of the opportunity represented by Monferrato Live Experience Ets, a valuable opportunity to strengthen the synergy and community action of so many actors present and active in the area, with the aim of channeling efforts, allocate resources, optimize the effects of the unification of a network of people, institutions, competencies without proliferation that can characterize the actions performed by smaller realities ».

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