“Gargano Sacro, culture is on the way”: FestambienteSud and Monti Uniti Foundation of Foggia together to promote the first tourist-cultural itinerary.

FestambienteSud is a network in the territory to promote cultural, landscape and identity values. The news of the XVIII edition of the Legambiente National Festival for Southern Italy – planned from 15 July to 4 August 2022 – is”Holy Gargano, culture is on the way“, the first tourist-cultural itinerary which will cross the “Mountain of the Sun”. The project is supported by Monti Uniti Foundation of Foggia and will support FestambienteSud’s actions in the three-year period 2022-24.

«Thanks to the precious contribution of the Monti Uniti Foundation of Foggia, FestambienteSud opens this year a new history for our territorywith the birth of an itinerary configured as an articulated path that touches the most culturally and naturalistically significant places in southern Gargano. The fact that they are largely the places of the spirit has suggested that we simply call this itinerary “Sacred Gargano”, which will be curated by us for the next three years to make it grow and take root both in the local community and in the imaginary of possible users “, says Franco Salcuni director of FestambienteSud and the green cave.

A road which therefore develops within FestambienteSud, but which does not end with the festival, on the contrary it becomes a permanent endowment to the area. ONE cultural journey traveling at different times and by different means – from slow to fast mobility – involves museums, archeological sites, monasteries, shrines, historical centers and areas of naturalistic interest.

“The Foundation of the United Mountains – declares the President Aldo Ligustro – decided to support this event with conviction and enthusiasm and to become a partner in the “Gargano Sacro” project with a dual motivation. The first is extremely clear: over the years, “FestambienteSud” has been characterized as the most qualified cultural event of an environmental nature held in the province of Foggia. The second, no less important, responds to a need that has become particularly relevant, namely to combine the themes of environmental justice with the themes of social justice. In fact – explains the chairman of the foundation – with “Gargano Sacro” we want to give life to a strategic action for tourist-cultural improvement of the territory, aimed at designing, equipping and animating, also from an economic and employment point of view. views, a cultural itinerary that crosses the most significant sites in southern Gargano. The fact that the initiative is worthy of support also testifies to the very high profile of the partnership that gathers around the festival, of which the foundation with conviction and an active role is a part ».

The artistic events of FestambienteSud 2022 will inaugurate the “Gargano Sacro”, which also includes initiatives for discussion, public enlightenment and use of heritage.
The venues for the festival for the three-year period 2022-24 include: Rignano Garganico with Grotta Paglicci and the Grotta Paglicci Museum; San Marco and Lamis with the Franciscan monastery of San Matteo, the annexed historical library and the naturalistic itinerary of Fajarama; San Giovanni Rotondo with the church of San Giovanni Battista called “la Rotonda” and the monasteries of San Nicola and Sant’Egidio di Pantano; Monte Sant’Angelo with the convent and hermitages of Santa Maria di Pulsano, the Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo (protected by UNESCO as part of the “Lombards in Italy” series), the castle, the museum system (Angelos Road Multimedia Museum, lapidary and sanctuary of the sanctuary, META, Rotary tomb and church Santa Maria Maggiore) and the historic center; Morning with the Dauna necropolis of Monte Saraceno, the monastery of Monte Sacro and the “Matteo Sansone” pharmacy museum; Vieste, with the historic center, the cathedral, the castle, the bourgeois museum, the island of Sant’Eufemia with the cave of Venus Sosandra, the early Christian necropolis La Salata, the malacological museum and trabucchi; there Umbra Skov with its biodiverse forests and ancient beech forests (protected by UNESCO as part of the series “Old and primitive beech forests in the Carpathians and other regions of Europe”, a true naturalistic sanctuary).

“Gargano Sacro”, which in addition to the Foundation and Legambiente Circolo FestambienteSud with its green cave and the festival also involves the Legambiente lo Sperone di San Giovanni Rotondo club, also arranges the holding of div. instruments – including a cultural guide in paper and digital version, a number of totems and communicative actions – able to make the path usable over timeeven after the festival, which accompanies the inhabitants, tourists and anyone who wants to know this less traveled part of Puglia.

“Gargano Sacro, culture is on the way” will also be talked about in FestambienteSud press conference – planned Thursday, July 14 2022 at 11 in Foggia – which the festival management wanted at the Monti Uniti Foundation’s headquarters just to celebrate this strategic project.
In addition, within FestambienteSud there will be a moment dedicated to the project, the Forum “Sacred Gargano, culture is on the way”which will be held on Saturday, July 30 at 7 pm in the Palazzo Mantuano in Mattinata.

FestambienteSud is promoted by Legambiente and organized under the leadership of the Legambiente FestambienteSud Club in Monte Sant’Angelo, with organizational support from Legambiente Puglia and Legambiente lo Sperone di San Giovanni Rotondo.
The media partners are RAI and Nuova Ecologia.
The festival’s social and economic partnership is nearing completion and currently involves, until the latest confirmations, the six host municipalities of Vieste, Mattinata, San Giovanni Rotondo, Monte Sant’Angelo, Rignano Garganico and San Marco in Lamis, the Brazilian Embassy in Italy, the Apulia Aqueduct, the Monti Uniti Foundation of Foggia, Confindustria Foggia, Federalberghi Foggia, Mecenate ’90 Association, Vivilitalia Firm, IPEOA Enrico Mattei – Vieste.
The many professions that are made up are also important the technical partnership which we will announce at the press conference.

Info: festambientesud.it.

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