“Ederson, the children, the city of Clusone and the masks” “Bergamo and sports

“Thank you with a big G to the municipal administration and to the citizens of Clusone who has turned Atalanta. Let’s start again after the years of covid: a message to all, an invitation to normality. I feel great enthusiasm, but the post-pandemic path is not over: the message we want to send is to avoid gatherings, engage in sensible behavior, and wear a mask in closed or otherwise crowded environments. “. Umberto’s words MarineNerazzurri general manager presenting the Atalantine event in Valseriana from 8 to 16 July: “The intention was to return to the territory to try to retain the team and the fans. On the calendar, a series of events to bring players closer to the public. Clusone is a postcard with its sports center: I admired the combination of passion and professionalism that is typical of the Bergamo population, to prepare the center, the course, the fitness center and the changing rooms “.

The top manager expects the audience bath: “I expect passion and enthusiasm. The numbers on the season ticket campaign say it, the Atalanta successor says it. Training will be open in the afternoon. The team is there and we will definitely do well. We really want to get away.”. Tickets for the three friendly matches at 17.00 on the 10th, 13th and 16th against Valle Seriana, Valli Bergamasche and Gambarogno-Contone, to avoid queues in the sports center, are already on sale for 5 euros in Sports Bar, Caffè Fanzago and Bar Gepe (headquarters of Club Amici- the club). Marino also comments on the first shot at this summer’s transfer market: “I’m very happy with Ederson, it’s a great investment in a very strong player. The Percassi family believes in it a lot: He is one of the players who has attracted the most attention last season. From January onwards he had an excellent championship. D’Amico, Congerton and Luca Percassi, if they chose to do so, they did so with care and conviction. “.

Maximum MorstabiliniMayor of Clusone, welcomes the institutional: “It was not so obvious to have Atalanta back after two years of pandemic. We are holding the retreat with great pride, the preparations are now complete. I thank everyone, starting with the municipal technical office and the ASD Città di Clusone, who will take care of the management and set up the sports center. he pressed -.
Our work is centered on relaunching tourism, and Atalanta is a fantastic campaign. Our city loves it and welcomes you on Friday at 16.30 in front of the sports center with 500 children from the Summer Leisure Center. A presence of players is also expected in the 3 on 3 tournament in Piazza Manzù “. A stream of initiatives: “On Sunday the 10th afternoon, the Nerazzurri in the piazza Orologio is organized by Turismo Pro Clusone, in the evening the anniversary of the Amici di Clusone Club. During the friendly matches, the ticket price is 5 euros in favor of the sports club that manages the centerASD City of Clusone just got into the second category, but admission is free for under 10s “specifies the mayor.

Morstabilini, while the bakery’s patisserie Tiny offers the buffet with a delicious gift of biscuits in the form of A, he focuses on his country’s Nerazzurri DNA: “A consolidated bond since 2019, the first time of the withdrawal here with us. President Antonio Percassi is from Clusone. We are from Bergamo and from Atalanta doc. A positive sign of hope, after two years of forced distance, because we have not yet come out of the “. In conclusion, Clusone celebrates: “The raviolata on the evening of the 14th at Club Amici’s headquarters will not be in all the streets in the center: the transition to normality requires caution, infections are still rising. The capacity of the stadium is 1,500 people plus under 10. The municipal technical office has used every last drop of sweat The task force with the police, the local police and the Carabinieri as well as the civil protection and the Carabinieri in Dismisso serve to guarantee the safety of the public.During the matches, the players will be accompanied by the boys from the Fiorine Sports Group and the Oratorio, while the elderly from the nursing home and disabled people have demanded that we attend the trainings. “.
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