Divide by decorating is the goal of the new designer screens

Creativity and craftsmanship unite in new stands with great sculptural effect, selected as objects to collect at the recent Salone del Mobile in Milan. Real works of art that combine the poetic vision of creatives with the know-how of companies that are able to work with the most valuable materials by integrating modern processes and manual knowledge. THAT the author’s screen presented in June are elements that remain pragmatically associated with their function of separation and reconfiguration of space, but by observing the material with a new sensitivity, they generate new paths and unusual shapes. The result is an aesthetic that defines the world of life in an unmistakable and unique way.

Armani / Casa – Side

Courtesy Photo Armani / Casa

In the room of Armani / Silos, on the occasion of Design week 2022, a real exhibition came to life with a sequence of suggestive environments that staged the pieces in the new Armani / Casa collection. Following the stylist’s typical language, which consists of evocative reworkings and subtractions, the vertical rhythm of the millerighe paulownia tree strongly connotes Side, decorative screen composed of three curved elements. The thin and meandering structure outlined is born from the adaptation of these parts, generating a three-dimensional surface that is underlined by the wood’s natural warm color, reminiscent of the classic canneté motif typical of the floor-to-ceiling aesthetics. .


DelSavio1910 – Win

design screen

Mauro Tittoto

A pattern of 7 precious spheres composes Vento, the work of the South Tyrolean architect and designer Hannes Peer, which has thus followed the path that DelSavio1910 took, to its 110th anniversary, to innovate the company’s tradition by opening up to hybrid and global scenarios. Thus, a sculptural element is born, where the radial development in points refers to the wind rose, and the graphic effect, which seems to have arisen from a random process, is actually carefully designed so that the components respond to a very precise design. Wind is also one symbolic tribute to Milan and to his most iconic architectures, the city where Peer founded his studio and graduated, highlighting light and mobile shapes reminiscent of the Duomo’s spiers, while the sloping edges are reminiscent of the interventions of Gio Ponti and in particular the Pirelli skyscraper.


Manerba – Bulrush

design screen

Courtesy Photo Manerba

Designed by DEAMICISARCHITETTI for Manerba, Giunco ​​was born to create reserved corners in open space, waiting areas, restaurants or hotels and is suitable for modeling configurations for new ways of working and distancing oneself. Inviting and handmade, it is a series of extremely versatile curved screens consisting of three basic types that can be combined and available in two different heights (curved, linear, circular) to give rise to multiple spatial configurations. Now the version of cylindrical elements in natural wood, arranged along a saber-brown painted metal plate, added to the two variants with matt black lacquered wooden posts and chromed metal elements, and with matte blue-green lacquered wooden posts and white painted metal elements is opaque.


Palmalisa Zantedeschi – Tiepolo

design screen

Carolina Zorzi

In the 5VIE district, in an art gallery, Palmalisa Zantedeschi exhibited Tiepolo, a concept of screen revisited in a modern way using Rubelli’s stone and silk. The element thus retains its function, but assumes an artistic and poetic value. “Creative of marble”, as she herself defines, Palmarisa comes from four generations of stonemasons and sculptors and processes the family’s stones in a masterful way. “I love Japanese culture with its purity of form and rigor,” he comments. “From this I created an object for everyday use, a four-door artistic screen very special by using Venetian silk, onyx shaded in the surface treatment to make it indeterminate where to find the physical boundary “.


Scapin Collections – BI

the author's screen

Photo © Beppe Brancato, Art Direction & Set up by Studio Milo, Video Art by ty-project

Under the artistic direction of Studio MILO, on the occasion of it Milano Design Week 2022the firm Scapin Collezioni suggests screen mirror BI among the news in the Nazca Booby collection designed by Matteo Cibic. An object that provides a dual function: the two wings that make it up, in addition to guaranteeing privacy and intimacy, become an elegant full-length mirror. BI is a piece of great aesthetic sophistication that confirms the visionary and nonconformist nature of Scapin Collezioni, who loves to explore the boundaries of design with curiosity, creativity and disrespect, experimenting, emphasizing and questioning the material to force it to reveal an expressive potential not yet imagined ..


Cassina – Sunset in New York

design screen

Valentina Sommariva

That the screen Sunset in New York by Cassina is based on the iconic sofa by Gaetano Pesce and will be part of the new Cassina Details Collection. This time, however, the artist recreates the city’s profile by pouring the colored resin into molds, in different phases, to reproduce, layer by layer, the evocative shades of the building facades. A kaleidoscope of colors, from purple to blue, and then pink and green, and the intense red chosen for the big round sun, all specially designed and made by mixing a calibrated amount of pigments to create the different intensities. A complex handmade process that makes each piece unique and never quite the same as the other. Even the hinges connecting the three panels are specially developed in satin brass, and the uniqueness of each piece is guaranteed by a plate showing the year of the project, the progressive production number, the Cassina logo and the signature of artist Gaetano Pesce.


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