De Luca attacks Speranza: “The ministry is non-existent and thus nurtures inequalities”

The president of the region returns to attack the ministry led by Roberto Speranza and accuses it, for example, of having punished Campania in the distribution of anti-Covid vaccines and of having made it “guilty”. Then he added: “Campania does not intend to negotiate any more, we intend to achieve respect for the equal right of all citizens to health”. Also stored for the Regions of the Center-North, “which, once they have solved their problems, do not have the great inclination to think of those who live poorly”.

07 JUL – “The Ministry of Health does not exist. “Between the so-called Ministry of Health and the concrete reality, there is the same relationship that exists between a fortune teller and an astrophysicist”. This was stated by the President of the Campania region, Vincenzo De Luca, in his speech at the ‘Laboratorio Sanità 20730’.

“The latest evidence of the ministry’s non-existence – added De Luca – we had at the end of June, the expiration date of the time-limited contracts for doctors and nurses in Usca, the only garrison left in the area. The Ministry of Health was on holiday, not even a word , and therefore we as a region had to take responsibility for the case, because if we had counted on the ministry, we would have wound up the only territorial medical unit we have. It is shocking. But we are in a country where things are concrete ”.

For De Luca, the demonstration that the Ministry of Health is “virtual” arises from a balance about the pandemic. “The ministry should have ensured that vaccines are handled fairly: one head, one vaccine. It did not. He dumped the responsibility on the commissioners, the campaign region in June had 2 thousand doses of vaccine less than at work. A shame. As for January, we are launching the vaccination campaign, we were told ‘let’s first give the vaccines to the regions that have the oldest population’. We immediately said yes, with the understanding that in April the balance would have been found: a citizen, a vaccine. In April, however, they forgot to do so ”.

“When the vaccination campaign started in the schools, where there was therefore a greater need for the regions with the youngest population – De Luca continued – no one thought of adopting the same criterion that was adopted for the elderly in January. Therefore, the Ministry of Health was non-existent, guilty, because it must guarantee equal rights to health for the citizens, otherwise it is useless.

For the president of Campania, the ministry is also guilty of “breach of trust between citizens and the state”, which occurred due to lack of communication from the department about risks associated with the use of the Astrazeneca vaccine, “where nothing was understood”.

For De Luca, the project failed to produce vaccines in Italy as well. “Campania had also started an operation, which was blocked by the ministry because in Rome it was decided to launch a project for the production of vaccines. Major project failed and rejected by the administrative courts for the procedure was incorrect “.

“For this – still De Luca – I am moved by the trust that is still destined for this virtual entity”. “We in Campania – he continued – do not intend to negotiate any more, we intend to gain respect for the equal right of Italian citizens to health, from Piedmont to Sicily. And that is it.”

De Luca also announces a match on the award criteria for the National Health Insurance Fund: “Everyone pretended not to see the problem, all political forces: center, right and left, united in opportunism. We have decided not to remain silent and we will not take a step back, if we do not have the same distribution of the sickness fund to all Italian citizens, then emergencies will be dealt with on the sidelines “.

“In the latest informal proposal from ‘Virtual Rome’ – added the President of Campania – the grant of 99% follows the historical expenditure and attributes 0.5% and 0.5% to social deprivation and to ‘life expectancy’. For me this is a political criminal act, which of course we will not accept. I imagine that the brothers in the regional presidency are ready to sign “because” our fellow brothers from Center-Nord, once they have solved their problems, do not have the great inclination to think about those who live poorly. not a piece of land to be erased, but it is the soul of this country and deserves respect “.

Speaking of Covid as a tsumami that has overwhelmed everyone and “he called us to deal with decades of delays,” the Campania president stressed how “we have a duty to express deep gratitude to the medical staff and nurses for what they have done and for the results they have produced.” De Luca also expressed concern about the progress of the pandemic: “We have ten times more infections than a year ago, four times more admissions to general wards, 20% more to intensive care, where it all holds. But it is clear for statistical reasons “If we reach 100 times more infections, we will eventually reach the intensive care unit as well.”

All this is happening while the situation in the hospitals “is dramatic” because “some of the medical staff are infected and therefore do not go to the wards and moreover we are now in the middle of the holiday plan for the staff who are exhausted, there is no one doing it anymore. holidays, retirements and infected staff, we have a hard time keeping up with ordinary departments. They do not know in Rome, this is the concrete reality that the regions have to manage, and thank God. “of the regions, not Rome. Rome did nothing. We are awaiting indications that the ministry should define the protocols, but let alone if it addresses the specific problems of managing the departments,” he concluded.

As for the PNRR, he added, “when they say they have allocated 40% to the South, they must know that they made the minimum wage, because we did not have the 209 billion that Italy had for general reasons, but to compensate for the difference between north and south. We should have set aside 60%, not 40%, to close the territorial divide. With regard to the Community Houses project, in the Regional Conference, Campania asked only one question: are we starting with the construction of hundreds of community houses, but do we have the resources for the staff? They said no. So we continue to talk about the plan for communal houses, but the Ministry of Economy said in a meeting with the Regions that it is not able to guarantee financial coverage for communal houses. But what are we talking about? But the ‘altar boy’ goes on to tell us that we are making community homes and territorial medicine, to date it is a big lie, it is not politically correct but it is like that “, said De Luca and quoted him without openly quoting the minister. of health. Roberto Speranza.

July 7, 2022
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