Dad dragged on a strict child plan with daily operations, screen bans and housework

A father was criticized online for his strict approach to parenting, prompting Internet users to ask, “Are you running an army unit or a family?”

In a post on Reddit’s popular r / AmITeA ** hole forum on Wednesday, the user u / phileo56 shared the story, which has since received thousands of votes and comments.

He explained: “It’s summer, so while Mom and I are working, our three children are at home between the ages of 8 and 15. We talked to other parents about what our children do during the day, and some friends were shocked that “I was so strict during the summer holidays. Here because they have to do the housework every day”.

The three children are entrusted with the daily chores for the whole week, the father explained that they include the daily cleaning of the bathroom, bedrooms, playroom and any dishes. In the meantime, extra tasks are assigned to specific days. On Mondays, they have to wash, fold and put the laundry away. On Tuesdays, they sweep and vacuum. On Wednesdays they mow grass and weeds in the garden and on Fridays they sweep and vacuum again.

An archive photo of a child doing chores washing up. A father was beaten online for his children’s tight summer vacation plan.

In addition to the list of daily chores, Dad also explained that he sets a training goal for them. “Monday to Friday they wake up and run a mile and have 15 minutes to do it,” he wrote, “If they do not do it in 15 minutes, nothing happens, I just give them a very achievable goal. “

Additional house rules include that all electronics are turned off from 6 p.m. 12.30, until the parents come home from work at. 16.30.

“We have a pool and they have so many toys, they have a lot of things to do that do not include electronics,” Dad said. “They have to finish their duties before 4.30pm, so they spend the morning playing Xbox or watching TV, eating lunch, then doing their duties and having fun.”

Explaining the well-organized summer vacation plan, he wrote: “I do not want my children to sit in front of a screen all day because it is not healthy. Being forced to use his imagination is not a bad thing for me.” I am concerned. I want them to run because everyone does sports and they wear out pretty fast. I try to equip my boys in the best way I know ”.

But the parents had received comments from other parents about how they found their organized schedule unreasonable, telling them that the summer holidays should be dedicated to relaxation. As a result, they turned to the Internet for some extra opinions.

There is research that says it is a good thing to give your children duties. A study published in Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics in 2019, it reported data on children and their perceived interest or competence in studies, relationships, and their life satisfaction. The results showed that those who did more homework in kindergarten scored higher for social, academic, and life satisfaction when they reached third grade. Meanwhile, children who rarely performed homework scored lower in self-reported school skills, relationships, and life satisfaction.

Research also shows that downtime is incredibly important for children, and neurologists and psychologists say it is not good for them to pressure children to learn and practice constantly.

Psychologist Lea Waters wrote the book The power switch where he stresses the importance of relaxation for children’s development and mental health, saying that slowing down actually helps children reach their full potential and argues that children should have time to “hang around”.

The Internet rushed to the comments to share their thoughts on the parental regime: “YTA, be a parent and not an instructor,” a commentator said.

Meanwhile, another response was, “Don’t let anyone tell you how to raise your children, but I’m just glad you’re not my parent. You look awful.”

“Some chores are fine. This is extreme,” said another Redditor.

Another commenter said: “Structure is good … too much structure produces adults who are unable to make decisions on their own. Find that balance”.

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