Colpo Grosso was a blow to the stomach. The girls? In a retirement home, I think

The King of Nightlife on predicts his August filled with dates and live music and remembers the broadcast that made him immortal: “Colpo Grosso was a blow to the stomach on TV”. Then he jokes: “The girls today? At a nursing home, presumably. Time goes by for everyone “.

“Are you from Naples? Naples is one of the best places to play”. Word about Umberto Smaila which is ready for a new summer of live music, the first with a real semblance of normality after the Covid emergency. On, the king of nightlife talks about his successes, memories and the inevitable passage to the program that gave him TV immortality, Colpo Grosso:It was a blow to the stomach on television. We can talk about television before Colpo Grosso and after Colpo Grosso. The girls? At a retirement home in Northern Europe (laughs, red). Well, now some of them will be well over 60. Time goes by for everyone ”.

About the passage of time and the difficulty of updating the repertoire: “It’s very difficult to put the day’s slogan in line, between rappers and catchers, but the nightlife does not change. Everyone has fun in the same way as forty years ago.” So a passage about current events, Smaila worried about what’s happening in the United States: “A country traveling at two speeds. It’s absurd to refuse an abortion. Besides, how do you sell a high-precision rifle to the guy from Chicago?”

Umberto, how are you?

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In confidence. We got back to work pretty well, after all, after the hallucinatory time. I started walking around again and it gives me confidence. I can’t wait to see the audience, play and do my job.

Is it a full billboard?

Drunk full, really not. But let’s say it’s close, we mostly do a lot in August. The key phases of summer: every Thursday in August in Twiga in Forte dei Marmi, then there is a Smaila’s in Porto Rotondo, Magic, which is a dinner club by the sea, then we are in Monopoli, we want to be in Calabria. It’s going to be a beautiful summer.

Do people always have fun in the same way, or has something changed in the nightlife?

For what my goal is, nothing has changed. Because this is the soul of the Italians. They are a burning people who want to have fun, want to dance and can not sit still. Then, of course, there are some differences.

Does that mean?

And that is to say, the public in Naples, for example, is not the public in Gallarate to say. Naples is my ideal stop because we dance all the time. However, it is very difficult to relocate people from certain provinces, even though they are close to Milan. In general, however, I have not found the great difference compared to thirty or forty years ago. In fact, generational variation has improved because there are not only over 50s and 60s, but also those over 30s and 40s. The great classics continue to be sung, though the gap widens with new audiences.

Is it hard to get a song like Shakerando in the repertoire?

Rappers and catchers do things that are impossible for me to fit into a lineup. Even my son, Rudi Smaila, who now works with me, has a younger repertoire than mine, but some of today’s slogans are hard to insert.

Even a program like Colpo Grosso might today be difficult to include in a schedule. Do not you think?

Not only would it be difficult, but it would have no reason at all to exist. It would no longer have that effect. It was a blow to the stomach on television. We can talk about television before Colpo Grosso and after Colpo Grosso. The cards on the table changed, the idea of ​​seeing the small screen changed. Many are nostalgic for the period I am happy because the broadcast inaugurated me to TV immortality.

Umberto Smaila and the Cin Cin girls

Umberto Smaila and the Cin Cin girls

But Colpo Grosso caused you some costume problems, right?

There were the right-thinking people of the time who had put us on the index, there were those who secretly looked at him and then criticized him. There was a whole category of people with always vague ideas, we were also exposed to political attacks. It was a confused period, even a film like “Last Tango in Paris”, with all due respect to comparison, was opposed and even burned. It was a real inquisition, now it seems to be returning.

The Inquisition, even?

There’s a strange air, I think the problem is political, and I do not want to go into it too much. However, there are those who begin to punish certain customs too much, there are those who are immediately ready to indicate to put on the shoes of the moralizers. For me, this is not the time to waste time on junk stuff, I think there are more important things. There are also those who feel worse. I think about how bad Americans are, for example.

Are you talking about abortion abortion?

The abortion of abortion was something impossible to imagine, but not only. I love the United States, the point is, it’s a two-speed nation. There is the east coast, which is highly developed, but the central states still remained in the Ku Klux Klan things. Let’s think about what happened in Chicago. How do you sell a high-precision rifle to a guy with such a face? With the attitude he has? How can anyone think of selling a gun to such a guy?

Let’s go back to Colpo Grosso: of the girls, did you keep in touch with anyone?

Of course! I’m in touch with all the nursing homes in Northern Europe, they are all there with the blanket and looking out at life in the park (we both laugh, red). Well, now some will be well over 60. Time goes by for everyone. And yet no, I have never received good news except from a certain Monique, who was the main character, I know she still works as a presenter in Holland.

How’s Jerry Calà? From time to time, strange rumors appear about breakups and bad relationships …

No, but there have never been bad conditions. Maybe you read the newspaper’s headline forcing, which is one: “He gave me a stab …”. All fake. Jerry and I are on excellent terms, we meet often, we go to dinner together. Just a few days ago, for example, we had dinner with Nini Salerno. Recently, we were invited to Ale and Franz’s program dedicated to the history of the Milanese cabaret. Before that we had a great show in Verona Arena.

However, there was a moment of crisis.

Yes, but it happened a long time ago. There were moments of crisis because he left the group and let us sit on the ground. But it is wounds that time has healed.

What do you think of today’s comedians, those who move on social media?

I do not follow them, they bore me a little.

What about today’s comedy TV shows?

Also. There’s no comedy show I like. Better the TV series.

What are you looking at now?

I watch Bosch on Prime Video. I like series with 100-200 episodes, otherwise I do not watch them. I would like to see more films about the great composers, Beethoven’s life, Bach, it’s missing, and that would be interesting.

Now there is in the cinema Elvis by Baz Luhrmann. I understand it’s not Beethoven, but …

No, but I like my contemporaries less. I watched the Freddie Mercury movie and I did not like it. I really liked Elton John’s, it was done really well. But overall, I’m one who prefers to listen to music and not watch it. I think so, but I am an old trombone and therefore one must understand my words in the light of my age.

So maybe it’s time for a movie about your life?

Definitely in installments, because there is so much to tell. I want to make a book to begin with because I had a busy life, so many loves, so many children. It’s important that people learn a part of my story. But right now, I’m thinking about working all summer.

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