Cattolica, excellent response for the first two evenings of the “Festival of Sports Culture”

Delivery of the plate to Eraldo Pecci

CATTOLICA (RN) – Excellent feedback for the first two evenings of the “Festival of Sports Culture”, which takes place in Cattolica on Piazza I ° Maggio. The appointment with athletes, writers, sports culture personalities who tell us that sport is lived “with muscles and with the heart”.

The organization is organized by the association “Rebounds off the pitch”, with support and protection from the Municipal Administration and several sponsors.

The festival, now in its sixth edition, this year pays special tribute to Franco Bolelli, sportsman, author and philosopher who died in October 2020. “Sport is honored first and foremost by cultivating it, but also by taking its importance beyond the boundaries of the field.Why in sports – Bolelli wrote – there is the spectacular attraction, the strength, the epic, but above all there are situations and behaviors that are valid for our whole existence and that are able to make it – and make us – better. “(Like Ibra , Kobe, Bruce Lee – Add Editore, 2018)

Every night, at 21.00, opens Alessandra Giardina’s voice, which gives emotion by reading an excerpt from Franco Bolelli’s book. The task of leading the audience into the festival’s themes is performed with skill by the artistic director Paolo Pagnini. There was, however, the unexpected at the last minute with the opening guest Manuela Mantegazza, author and wife of Bolelli’s own, who was stuck in Milan because of Covid. The first night, however, brought one of the best “storytellers”, as he likes to call himself, Luca Pagliari, who instilled hope, zest for life and zest for sport, and told the story of Giacomo Jack Sintini. Volleyball captain who is able to win on and off the court after fighting and defeating cancer.

And again, for the second night, Leo Turrini (journalist, writer, TV commentator), Furio Zara (journalist, writer, TV writer), Eraldo Pecci (former footballer, writer, TV commentator), Gianni Bellini (collector of stickers ), Antonio Allegra (Director of the Italian Panini Market). In particular, Leo Turrini, considered one of the greatest experts in Formula 1 and Ferrari, involved the public in the story of the duel between the pirate (Marco Pantani) and the cowboy (Lance Armstrong). A tale of a rivalry that could have changed the history of modern cycling. Eraldo Pecci, on the other hand, was awarded the traditional “Cattolica for Sport and Legality” Award by the organizers. Finally, the story of Gianni Bellini, known as the “greatest collector of stickers” in football, is curious. It boasts 4,000 albums and 3 million stickers, together with Lorenzo Longhi he wrote the book “500 Figu per un Bordon”, where he tells the feeling of the first attached sticker and the passion that inevitably involved his whole family.

Two more events not to be missed until Thursday, July 7, to get excited with the stories of those who live and love sports.

This is the program:

From 21:00 to 23:30 – Piazza I ° Maggio, Cattolica – FREE AND FREE ENTRY

WEDNESDAY, JULY 6 – Sports, from a “social fact” to a tool for promoting inclusion and respect for cultures.
Simona Baldelli (author) “Alfonsina and the road”
Viola Strazzari (paramedic and Olympic flag bearer)
National Basketball Deaf The main characters in the book “We are not normal”
Beatrice Terenzi and Elisabetta Ferri (journalists and writers)
creators of the National Basketball Deaf project and authors of the book “We are not normal”
Gianluca Genoni (freediver and record holder) “Breathless”

THURSDAY 7 JULY – The biological nature of thought: from muscle intelligence to the relationship between performance and nutrition.
Giammaria Manghi (Vice-Secretary of the Presidency of the Council of the Emilia-Romagna Region)
Paolo De Chiesa (former Blue Avalanche skier, journalist and TV commentator)
Andrea Pagnini (sports coach and performance coach) from the MR Racing team
Iader Fabbri (Nutritional Biologist and Scientific Advisor)
Zico Pieri (life and sports coach)
Ultra endurance athlete and record holder – direct video link from his company “Most Consecutive Everesting

Theme music and music outside the theme of RIMBALZI BAND
Clarissa Vichi – Claudio G. Morosi and Paolo Sorci
Presents: Laura Padovani
Coordinator: Paolo Pagnini
Law: Alessandra Giardina

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