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MILAN (ITALPRESS) – Frontally, it is a circle enclosing geometric archetypes in bright colors. From the side it is a passage to cross. From bottom to top, it points straight at the sky and encourages the gaze to rise. It’s “We”, the installation presented by Iqos on the occasion of Milan Design Week and signed by Truly Design Crew. In other words, an invitation from the artists to imagine a new future and unprecedented possibilities. A monumental work that enriches the courtyard of Opificio 31 in via Tortona, created with anamorphic distortion technique, an artistic tool, thanks to which the depicted images dissolve when the point of view changes. From June 7 to 12 – in the heart of the district where Fuorisalone was born – Iqo’s hosts a “temporary art” intervention created by the Truly Design Crew, the collective of urban artists who have been active since 1996, known internationally scene for their characteristic use of the technique of the anamorphic distortion.
The work, created with Iqos and unveiled to the public at the opening party on June 6, represents the link between art and innovation, sustainability and progress and is part of the evolutionary path between art and technology that the company has undertaken in recent years. . .
“From our constant research into new forms of language, the synergy with Iqos and its community is born – says Emiliano Fava, co-founder of Truly Design – We wanted in a single element to represent the infinite views that belong to the very concept of community. To do this we started from a circle drawn on a piece of paper, which created a truly immersive journey: the one achieved by physically crossing the work.
Through anamorphosis, they explain, they have created “a drawing composed of different surfaces that help to create a great picture, just like a group of people who each have their own story to tell”. And in fact “like any person, each color is different and recognizable, but connected to the others”.
The collaboration with Truly Design Crew enriches the collection of initiatives between art and design that Philip Morris has launched in recent years, on the occasion of Milan Design Week, precisely to celebrate innovation through the creative vision of artists and designers such as Karim Rashid, Quayola, Alex Chinneck and Felice Limosani. “We are a work that looks to the future and pays tribute to the different views of each member of the Iqos community in Italy, of which 2 million people are currently a part – comments Gianluca Iannelli, Philip Morris Italy’s Marketing and Digital Director – The initiative aims to promote a dialogue about the positive impact that progress can have on individuals and communities, and it is precisely this idea that made the collaboration between Iqos and Truly Design natural. ”The work is also made on a structure treated with it innovative paint designed by Airlite to reduce pollutants in the air, a choice that reveals the American company’s attention to the environment.
Truly Design is a project born in Turin in 2003 from a passion for graffiti and visual art by three urban artists (Mauro149, Rems182 and Ninja1) who have been active in the graffiti and street art scene since 1996. Their works have “he inhabited the city walls “, museums, private homes and large corporate offices in Italy and Europe, as well as in New York, Hong Kong, Macau and Miami. In 2018, they received two golden lions and a silver lion at the Cannes Lion Award – the most prestigious international award in the industry – for the work “David Bowie is here”, performed for Spotify in the New York metro.

– Philip Morris Italia press office photo –

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