Ancisi (LpRa): a new brand for the city of mosaics, unaware of and in spite of it

“Suddenly, Giunta de Pascale informed the press the day before yesterday that it had awarded a new graphic” mark “to the identity of Ravenna, the city of the mosaic, due to a communication project carried out by “Eee study” of graphical designer Emilio Macchia and Erica Preli, at a cost of about 10 thousand euros. It will be launched with a whiteboard campaign (previously distributed in the city) and promotion on the web and in print. Any initiative from the city associated with the world of mosaics must undergo this mark, based on a geometric grid of squares inclined at 45 degrees to form a letter R on a field “Full and empty”and thus intends to use, albeit very abruptly, “The language of the mosaic” and synthesize them The “processes”. So far, in addition to the posters, a walking bag has been packed.

PLEBISCITO MOD – It is not up to a municipal council member to express assessments about the quality of the work, while objectively registering how the reactions from a very high wealth of citizens, on the online editions of the newspapers and on their Facebook pages, have been harsh counteracted. The disputes emphasize, first and foremost, how the graphic image is not reminiscent of the mosaic excellence that our city is the capital of in the world, and also triggers a wide range of ruthless confrontations, e.g. “A fast food placemat”or with “First Aid Box”or with “Cross-stitched initials for a towel”, many even use Paolo Villaggio’s famous joke about the battleship Potemkin. An “erudite” commentary glimpses technical similarities with the image, no matter how apt and pleasing it is, chosen by Reggia di Venaria for its 2022 dedicated to events, initiatives and suggestions about the game.

INVENTION AND IMPOSSIBILITIES – The list for Ravenna’s task, however, is to answer the numerous questions, received from many parties, about the method and way that Giunta de Pascale practiced to impose on Ravenna society a project of this value without everyone’s knowledge: city. Council and its Commission Culture; public information; institutions, associations and personalities of great importance active in Ravenna in the field of mosaic; professionals interested in presenting their own proposals. The Minister of Culture informed about this was not offered, but a random market study, with subsequent requests for offers from three parties and selection of the one that is best estimated, of which, however, nothing is known. Many have asked us to know how much the entire campaign costs. Others have explicitly pointed out some impossibilities to us, which in principle will exclude those associated with family ties, consists in the fact that the owner of the winning studio and the current cultural councilor, i.a. deus ex machina those concerned, they were in the years prior to 2017 affiliated with the organization from Fahrenheit 39 “private demonstration on design and the publishing industry, which benefited from the municipality’s financial contribution. The first worked on the two 2016 and 2021 election campaigns for the candidate for mayor de Pascale, while the second was even the coordinator in 2021.

RESULTS – By registering the above as the subject of political discussion, I felt the need to clarify everything that no one knows at the administrative level, but which the citizens ask to know, by contacting the mayor in accordance with the law in The cultural service request for a copy of the documents and administrative deeds that initiated, set up and completed the market investigation and the subsequent private negotiation entrusted to the service in question; those relating to the notification “Fahrenheit – 39 “ of 2021 (as soon as the department councilor Elsa Signorino resigned) and for the years before 2017 (when Signorino took office), with particular reference to the costs incurred by the municipality and to the reports submitted by the organization; and those useful for learning about the content, methods, and costs of the billboard and online advertising campaign and in print of the aforementioned new graphic identity of Ravenna as a city of mosaics.

Then it will be discussed in the city council, open to the public, with full knowledge of the facts. “

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