Amalfi, the city of children: a whole season for the little ones

At the start ad Amalfi the little ones summer: between art, theater, amusement park, foam party, pop art workshops, Andy Wharol, Van Gogh, Picasso, fairy tales and literary classics, all events ofAmalfi summer 2022. A daydream, a fantasy world where all the colors of the rainbow shine. The key word is creativity and room for imagination. Amalfi thus opens its rooms to “the little ones summer”, The exclusive event program designed for children. Fifteen planned agreements that will unfold between them July 14 and August 28 2022, which enriches the cultural and recreational offer designed for children. An extraordinary journey through fairy tales and classics in children’s literature, with the inevitable Alice in Wonderland which becomes a theatrical performance and stories that teach inclusion against all forms of discrimination. “Let us unleash the imagination! Through play, storytelling and theater, we promote imagination and aggregation. – emphasizes Mayor Daniele Milano – Even art becomes a social dynamic that from time to time will give children the opportunity to discover and learn about Amalfi’s symbolic places ».

The program opens on Thursday 14 July at 19.00 – 21.00 “The fun turf“Between games and music, the town hall square is filled with joy. Monday the 18th of July we start with the workshops at 5.30 pm Art for children – Child-friendly art in Amalfi pop art: Amalfi’s narrow streets and alleys, full of life and color, would have been a perfect source of inspiration for revolutionary artists with Andy Warhol. The children will try to create paintings reminiscent of Amalfi using pop art techniques. After Wednesday the 20th of July we pass to Pablo Picasso and Amalfi Majolica. A workshop inspired by this artist, and it will be the little artists who confirm Picasso’s theory, according to which “all children are born artists“. In the name of fun Skumfesten on Thursday 21 July.

Monday, July 25 “Starry night at Amalfi Cathedral “. Imagine Vincent Van Gogh with easel and brush in Amalfi, at the foot of the cathedral! He would definitely have painted a wonderful starry night. For the theater section on Thursday 28 July at Alice in Wonderland, travel show, in two shifts, with actors and characters. Monday, August 1 “Van Gogh in Arsenal”. Thursday, August 4 instead “Kiriku stories”, A performance for children and teenagers that speaks to the little ones about a delicate and current theme such as cultural integration. Monday, August 8 “Child-friendly art in Matisse and the Amalfi Sea. ”On Wednesday, August 10, we move on to the Impressionist Cézanne and the lemon groves of the Amalfi Coast. In this workshop, lemon groves will be the perfect topic for the works of small artists inspired by Cézanne.

Thursday, August 11 at City Hall “Mushrooms in the cityMarcovaldo“, A nice and funny story that tells about how a man, Marcovaldo, manages to find a small green corner between smog and the skyscrapers in a big city. An exuberant show, to talk to children about the importance of always being oneself and seeking beauty in a society that tends more and more towards homologation. On Friday the 19th of August we start again with the great classics. “The three little pigs”, A journey into a crescendo of emotions and twists. Monday, August 22 “Amalfi in the air“. One of the most anticipated and beloved events of the summer, where every little artist will create his work of art. Thursday, August 25”stories in the attic“. Two brothers decide to go to the attic to open a suitcase where the grandfather keeps a diary in which he wrote the stories to tell his grandchildren. The festival ends on Sunday, August 28.”Monet and Valle delle Ferriere“. If Monet had known the Valle delle Ferriere, he would certainly have chosen a waterfall and built a Japanese bridge from which he could observe the tirelessly changing nature. He would have chased the light in every corner, but so close to his bridge he would have painted a picture of wonderful water lilies.

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