Water games for kids: here are some ideas

The hot season has come and with it the desire to be outdoors and have fun. With the closure of schools, children’s leisure time it’s really a lot and we often lack ideas on how we can get them to spend their days in a peaceful and fun way.

Set aside televisions, tablets, and cell phonesthe best way is to involve them in fun games that are hard to resist, such as those who see water as the main character.

Water can be used to create tons of games which appeals not only to the little ones but also to the slightly older ones. So let’s see some games to play with water based on the age of the children, and keep in mind that adult supervision is always necessary.

Water games for 3-4 year olds

The village in the swimming pool

For those who have a balcony or rather a garden at their disposal, there is nothing better than filling a pool with water and putting toys like houses, cars, plastic dolls and trees inside it, to recreate a small town in the water .
Kids will have fun placing objects and getting them moving in the water.

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It would be even better if you had a small swimming pool, so that in addition to the games you can also slip the child inside. Be careful never to leave the child alone, to avoid falls or even worse.

The game is stackedthat

Maria Montessori, den game decanting allows the child to combine the fun of playing with the development of the motor skills of the hands, which helps him to concentrate and make his movements precise.
The transfer can be done using various objects, the important thing is to provide two basins, one full of water and the other empty.

The transfer can be done using sponges or plastic cups.
For greater concentration, the water can be transferred from the basin to bottles using a funnel.

Ice prison

From the age of 3, children’s fine motor skills will be able to the most delicate movements, and your young children’s patience will be a little more trained: yes, they must have a lot to be able to free themselves. many small objects (dolls, flowers, pieces of colored paper) that you want to place in a small tub of water and then placed in the freezer a few hours earlier.

Make brushes, pipettes, salt and hot water available to them: they will have a lot of fun “liberating” the prisoners in the ice.

Water games for 5 years and up

The race of dice

If you have a large enough garden or terrace, ice cube racing is the ideal game.
The children have to compete in a running or speed walking competition, where they hold a plastic cup, on which an ice cube must be placed. At the end of the journey, the cubes must be placed in a basin.
The winner will be the one who can transport 5 dice without making them melt completely.

Target shooting

One of the most beloved games of children is without a doubt the water pistols. With them, fun is guaranteed and you can spend whole afternoons outdoors.
In addition to being used to make each other wet, water guns can also be used for a real shooting competition.
Just place a row of pyramid-shaped plastic cups, or empty Latinos, and have them thrown down with the water from the guns.
The one who throws the most glasses or Latinos will win.

Cascade of balloons

If you are not afraid to find yourself with a little water on the terrace, or if you have a garden, you can treat yourself by hanging around with some balloons filled with water (the ideal place would be the line to dry clothes) .
At this point, children should only make them explode with their hands or with plastic objects, such as shovels and rakes used on the beach.
The goal of the game is to be able to crack as many balloons as possible, but to get as little wet as possible. Will they succeed?

The water games from the garden or terrace

Slides, blankets, fountains, water guns … the more you have, the more you have fun!

As with all games where you are expected to slip, think first and foremost secure the area. Keep in mind that basins, slides and carpets naturally pose a high risk of tipping over, so be careful where you place your equipment: better on the soft lawn than on hard concrete so you also water the grass and you do not have to worry about small floods.

Water table – Fountain Factory

ONE super equipped and portable table to play with water. Your child will have everything they need to create waterfalls, fountains and water sprayers. In this way, he will also discover the wonders of technology by creating new roads and discovering the dynamic effect of water with turbines and faucets. A sensory game suitable for children aged 2 and over.

Carpet – Super slide

A 7 and a half meter long carpet to make long ties on. Just activate the water sprays to moisten the surface well and let your kids’ momentum handle the rest. From 5 years.

Water play mat – Peradix

Resistant and colorful, this mat with lots of water spray will delight your summer days even for small parties in the garden. Very easy to install. It is available in both pink and blue.

Acquaplay – water circuit

A real circuit consisting of dams, bridges, cranes, toy cars and boats. The strong point? This version is portable as it closes comfortably in a briefcase and you can take it with you on holiday!

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