Unbelievable, but true. Now comes the summer camps for children too. . . Lgbt!

Summer? Summer camp time. But for “LGBT children” there are summer camps on purpose. It sounds incredible, but it’s true.

These camps – in the United States – especially welcome “LGBT” children and teens and their families for one or two weeks. The age groups are usually from 6 to 18 years old (it’s clearly a 6 year old kid who still can not distinguish right from left, can say he’s transgender or gay, right?) And welcomes campers from all over the US and elsewhere .

On the website of one of these fields, Camp Brave Trailswhich boasts of welcoming young people from more than 30 states, we read: “Camp Brave Trails’ mission is to help LGBTQ + kids find their place and their passions. Campers get in touch with LGBTQ + adults who support them, they make lifelong friendships and have fun like crazy! This amazing leadership-focused camp offers first-class leadership training along with core camp activities with an LGBTQ + twist, such as: archery, theater, hiking, drag lessons, dancing, swimming, dance nights. games, epic activities and MUCH MORE! A big plus: all the cabins and bathrooms in the camp are genderless! “


Some reflections on what we just read: let’s try to imagine a 10-year-old boy (if not less), confused about his identity, who thinks she is “female” despite her male body. This boy is sent by his parents to one of these camps, where he is joined by an adult “mentor” (usually recognized LGBT activists), who supports these trends, asks the boy about the pronoun he wants to be called by (campers usually have marks on their clothes indicating the pronoun), and treats him as if he were a girl. What’s more, that boy during camp it is “trained” by these activists participate in various activities and workshops such as “getting out of primary school” or “choosing my gender today” or “starting an LGBT group in my school”. Indoctrination totally, therefore, to the detriment of those who are unable to defend themselves.

Finally, to top it all off, the rooms and bathrooms in which the campers stay genderless and only broken down by age. Therefore, it is very clear the promiscuity and the unpleasant situations that can be created. All with main characters, we remember, children aged 10-12 or a little older. It will therefore be clear to everyone that the goal of the LGBT agenda is not so much young people but the very young, the pre-teens, if not even the kids (there are LGBT camps that also welcome 4-year-olds), indoctrinated into gender-fluidity from birth, who are taught how to tell parents to be gay as a 6-year-old, or how to enforce their LGBT rights in school. Can such a thing be normal?

Fortunately Italy has not yet reached these levels. But we can not hide our concern that children are increasingly at the crossroads of these activists: we remember what happened at a summer camp near Bologna, where 5-year-olds were offered LGBT activities to prepare them for gay pride that took place. held the next day; or – two years ago – as part of an event also announced on the Capitol’s website, some drag queens would have read sex stories to three-year-olds. All this without counting the onslaught that childhood undergoes by multinational corporations like Disney offering more and more LGBT cartoons and movies. as the latest case of Buzz Lightyear, featuring a kiss from a lesbian couple.


In addition to focusing on the normalization of gender fluidity, for which there are no more limits, in these summer camps activists want to shape future generations, create new LGBT leaders, exploit children who are insecure and fragile in their identity to their perverse purpose.

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