The 2nd International Archaeological Film Festival returns to Centuripe

STILL – Return from 8 to 11 July 2022after the success of the first edition, the Centuripe Archeofilm, 2nd International Festival of Archaeological Cinemahoused in the magnificent Centuripe Cathedral Squaretransformed the apartment into an atmospheric and spectacular scene.

The festival, organized by Centuripe Municipality, is organized in collaboration with ArcheologyLive. Each evening, two or more works will be shown, the theme of which is archeology and archaeological research: internationally produced films and documentaries that find the perfect location in Centuripe (the city has one of the most important archaeological heritage on the island).

The festival’s jury will be the public, who will be able to vote for their favorite film every night. In the evening d July 9th the best film in the competition, chosen by the popular jury, will be awarded Augusto Prize, created specifically by the municipal administration for the winning project. The third night’s guest of honor will be it Syusy Blady.

Admission is free, and access to the display area will be regulated by law.


FRIDAY JULY 8, 2022 / 21.30

The immersed legacy. A museum at the bottom of the sea

Country: Italy – Director: Eugenio Farioli Vecchioli, Marta Saviane – Duration 60 ‘- Scientific advice: Luca Peyronel – Production: RAI Cultura

Italian language

A journey to discover the submerged heritage of our garden. From the wonders of the submerged city of Baia to the history of the Roman ship Albenga. From the dancing satire of Mazara del Vallo to the beak of the navy from the Battle of Egadi on the island of Levanzo. The most important aspects of Italian underwater archeology: from Nino Lamboglia’s pioneering work to archaeologist Sebastiano Tusa, who tragically died in March 2019.

Buried Stories. Rites, cults and daily life at the beginning of the fourth millennium BC

Country: Italy – Director: Nicolangelo De Bellis / HGV Italia srl ​​- Duration: 10 ‘- Scientific advice: Davide Tanasi – Production: HGV Italia srl ​​/ Nicolangelo De Bellis

Italian language

The short film illustrates through reconstructions and 3D technology the burial practices of Graves 4 and 8 in the necropolis of Scintilìa (Agrigento) and the historical, social and cultural context in which these practices were deployed.

The bust of Nefertiti: birth of an icon

Konvolutterne fra Néfertiti, naissance d’une icône

Country: France – Director: Jean-Dominique Ferrucci – Duration: 17 ‘- Scientific advice: Adrien Genoudet, Bénédicte Savoy, Yann Potin, Patrick Boucheron – Production: Serge Lalou

Italian language

Nefertitis is the story of an old face that becomes a canon of contemporary beauty. Discovered in 1912 by a German archaeologist in El-Amarna, Egypt, the bust of Pharaoh Akhenaten’s wife is now an icon. Bénédicte Savoy tells us how archeological objects mobilize the imagination in industrial societies that struggle to conquer the aesthetic values ​​of today through the past.

SATURDAY 9 JULY 2022 / 21.30

In the time of the dinosaurs

At the time of the dinosaurs

Country: France, Japan – Director: Pascal Cuissot, in collaboration with Yusuke Matsufune and Kazuki Ueda – Duration: 52 ‘- Scientific advice: Ronan Allain – Production: Bonne Pioche Télévision / NHK

Italian language

Over the last twenty years, the discovery of new species of dinosaurs and sea monsters has changed the paleontological landscape. On a journey across the planet, audiences will learn about previously unexpected behaviors and characteristics: how these giants hunted, reproduced, and cared for their offspring. This unique proof is combined with highly realistic 3D images in an ambitious and spectacular documentary. An electrifying vision far away from the world of Jurassic Park!

Apud Cannas

Country: Italy – 3D direction and supervision: Francesco Gabellone – Duration: 16 ‘- Scientific advice: Marisa Corrente – Production: MiBAC Regional Secretariat for Puglia; delivered to Puglia Museum Complex – MiBAC / Realization: Technè sas di Maria Chiffi & Co. / Project: D. Campanile

Italian language

The Battle of Canne, “the battle par excellence” studied by the military of all time for a military strategy that has made the school, is described by many with significant differences of opinion. In this animated film, on a 3D basis, the direct study of the sources is combined with the use of technologies for the representation and communication of these events, the main characters, the political and social conditions in the context.

SUNDAY 10 JULY 2022 / 21.30

Mrs. Matilde. Gossip from the Middle Ages

Country: Italy – Director: Marco Melluso, Diego Schiavo – Duration: 50 ‘- Production: POPCult by Giusi Santoro

Italian language

Documentary and fiction are mixed in a film with funny tones that tell stories, successes and gossip about Matilde di Canossa, one of the most powerful and glamorous women of the past. The film intends to tell the story and its protagonists in a new perspective and with an ironic slant, with the aim of involving and approaching the general public, even the youngest. An ingenious interpretation of Maurizia Giusti (Syusy Blady), who together with the directors won “R. Francovich” 2018 for the dissemination of the Middle Ages.

Conversation / interview with Syusy Blady

Award Ceremony – Awarding the “Augusto Prize” to the film most appreciated by the public

Roman villa in Casale on Piazza Armerina

In search of Dominus through the mosaics from the late ancient residence

Country: Italy – Director: Maria Aloisi – Duration: 15 ‘- Production: Golemnet by Datanet srl on behalf of the Archaeological Park in the Temple Valley in Agrigento – Manuscript: Giada Cantamessa

Italian language

The construction of a large residence like the one in Casale is due on the one hand to the size and importance of the large reference farm for which it was the administration and management center. On the other hand, due to its architectural and decorative features, the home should reflect the prestige and culture of its dominus …

MONDAY JULY 11, 2022 / 21.30

Outside the festival

Old Sicilian transverse. The path of the Mother Goddess

Country: Italy – Director: Francesco Bocchieri – Duration: 80 ‘- Scientific advice: Giuseppe Labisi

– Production: Francesco Bocchieri, Sergio Francesco Distefano

Italian language

A journey through Sicily, following the path to the ancient Sicilian Transversal, one of the oldest paths in Italy. From Mozia to Camarina, 650 km of roads rediscovered by a group of enthusiasts inspired by research by archaeologist Biagio Pace, immersed in nature, landscape and history. A journey of places, people, encounters and strong emotions, an act of love for one’s country.


8 – 11 July 2022 / 21.30

Centuripe (En) – Piazza Duomo


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