Small steps in the Dolomites. Three easy hikes to go with kids in the Pale Mountains

Annalisa Porporato and Franco Voglino present 3 excursions ideal for hiking with children in the Dolomites: the Muse Fedaie Ring (Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Park), the Lach Ring (Val di Zoldo) and Lake Molveno (Paganella Plateau) ). The itineraries are taken from the new guide ‘A small step among the Dolomites. 35 travel plans for the whole family. ‘

“Who asks me” Why are you going to the mountains? I answer: “If you ask me, you will never know”. Ed Viesturs

The Dolomites, a name that evokes high cliff tops, climbing walls, epics from earlier times with heroes in flannel pants and huge boots. But the Dolomites are also meadows so slippery that they seem combed, fresh forests that hide fairytale lakes, quiet grazing cows. And then you can choose whether to follow in the footsteps of the bear in Val Fodon, play in the magnificent park Frainus in Val di Fiemme; go for the discovery of Latemar dragon eggs or art installations on the Latemar Art Trail; go to pay homage to an 8000-year-old tomb of the primitive Mondeval man in Val Fiorentina, or the footprints of dinosaurs left on the cliff in Val di Zoldo. But for the lazy, you can also limit yourself to the path to the ring of Lake Nembia, a treasure trove of blue and crystal clear water surrounded by the choreographic Brenta Dolomites massif and enjoy the healthy breeze basking in the sun on the grassy beach by the lake. , and then dive into a refreshing swim.

The Dolomites, a unique world capable of satisfying everyone’s tastes, whether it’s the esthete who wants a magnificent panorama, the glutton who seeks intense tastes and aromas, or the curious of local history, for that is when you walk through a city ​​that you end up loving and protecting it.

FORM: The Ring of the Fedaie Muses (Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Park)

FORM: Call Lachs (Val di Zoldo)

FORM: Around Lake Molveno (Paganella Plateau)

Small steps in the Dolomites – 35 routes for the whole family
by Franco Voglino and Annalisa Porporatodi by Graphot Editrice

1 Val Nambino, Val Rendena (TN) – Adamello-Brenta Nature Park
2 Guided tour Amolacqua, Val Rendena (TN) – Adamello-Brenta Nature Park
3 Vallesinella Falls, Val Rendena (TN) – Adamello-Brenta Natural Park
4 Malga Brenta Bassa, Val Rendena (TN) Adamello-Brenta Naturpark
5 Val di Sole (TN)
6 Val di Rabbi, Val di Sole (TN)
7 Val di Peio, Val di Sole (TN)
8 From Andalo to Plan dei Sarnacli – Paganella plateau
9 Malghe Andalo and Ceda, Molveno (TN) – Paganella plateau
10 Around Lake Molveno (TN) – Paganella Plateau
11 Lake of Nembia (TN) – Adamello Brenta Nature Park
12 Among forests, art and waterfalls, Stenico (TN) – Adamello-Brenta Nature Park
13 Limarò Gorges, Terme di Comano (TN) – Adamello-Brenta Natural Park
14 dinosaur footprints – Val di Zoldo (BL)
15 Call Lachs – Val di Zoldo (BL)
16 Belvedere of the Malghe – Val Fiorentina (BL)
17 To Mondeval’s House – Val Fiorentina (BL)
18 In the bear’s footsteps – Fodom Valley (BL)
19 The Way of Thought – Sottoguda (BL) – Marmolada
20 Val del Mis, Cadini del Brentòn and Soffia Falls (BL) – Belluno Dolomites National Park
21 Fuciade Refuge, Val di Fassa (TN)
22 Russi Falls, Val di Fassa (TN)
23 Intertwined in Time, Sagron Mis (TN) – Val del Mis
24 Musernes ring Fedaie (TN) – Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Park
25 Lakes of Colbricon (TN) – Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Park
26 Baita Segantini (TN) – Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Park
27 Malga Bocche, Val di Fiemme (TN) – Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Park
28 Bombasel Lake, Val di Fiemme (TN)
29 shepherds and dragons in Gardoné, Val di Fiemme (TN)
30 Latemar.Art, Val di Fiemme (TN)
31 Latemar.Alp, Val di Fiemme (TN)
32 Fiè allo Sciliar (BZ) Parco dello Sciliar
33 Fra Siusi Castelrotto (BZ) – Parco dello Sciliar
34 Somadida Nature Reserve – Auronzo di Cadore (BL) Northern Dolomites
35 From Lake Misurina to Lake Antorno (BL) Dolomiti Settentrional


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