Roccsecca, from the landfill to the Capital of Culture to the area government: Sacco’s initiatives

“Can it take a little over five years for a mayor to infect his colleagues with his global vision of a fragmented territory in planning and planning? Apparently, yes. It is 2016 where a young lawyer, with only five years of experience among opposition benches, he is chosen to manage Roccasecca, and inherits a hot potato like few others: the landfill in Cerreto, and then, while he is busy changing the face of his municipality, tries and manages to bring all the potential out of his village, which became In decades of general administration, Giuseppe Sacco has set himself the goal of closing the landfill in Cerreto. He succeeds in 2021, 4 years after the start of his term. But how does he come to this result? “: the reconstruction belongs to supporters of the mayor Sacco.

“He gets there – they add – first and foremost by committing all his energies and using all his energy. He is so convinced that only by closing the landfill can one begin to think of his city in a different way, which adds all the artillery Last but not least, he understands that the battle fought against far more armed forces can be won by involving the surrounding area, the area to be labeled as the one where the waste is disposed of !? he therefore begins. involve its colleagues and other institutions trying to infect them in what is beginning to appear insistent: the global vision of the territory, not without arousing some confusion: after all, for those who insist on defending their backyard, Mayor Sacco’s ideas seem a bit out of the box, if not the fruit of the madness of a fanatic who and he took it into his head to show the way by imposing themselves on others. a do not intervene twice “.

“Finally, the check: on April 2, 2021, the Roccasecca landfill is closed. With a lot of benefits for the whole territory, one can begin to believe that the future is very different from what has been tracked and imposed by others, and that the territory is not the one that disposes of waste, but the one that is rich in history, culture, art and traditions.And therefore one has to put the hot potato aside, now everything has to be reset and rebuilt.Of course, for those who now have got it into his head that Roccasecca and all the surrounding municipalities can and must start again from the landfill to build a different future, it is only necessary to identify the road, Giuseppe Sacco, who does not seem to rest, even when he “sleeps, throws himself headlong into the new challenge: Green Valley. Well, now he’s got it into his head to grow industrial hemp, many have thought. Because the same idea did not come to me, others thought”.

“But he has an overall vision, and he demonstrates it when, hand in hand with Cosilam, he involves the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, as well as industrialists, in the project. insisted, not only is the soil cleared of any pollution, but a scenario opens up for the development of industry, which was hitherto unthinkable, and this happens through the creation of bioplastics, which as you know can be used in various industrial sectors. it’s all a project capable of launching the whole territory towards a new vision of agriculture, capable of attracting investors who believe in eco-sustainability. Well, that means new industries, new hopes for young people and not for those from Roccasecca, but for those from all over the territory “.

“Maybe Sacco’s vision is the right one. Maybe it’s the one to marry, maybe it’s appropriate to get on this wagon. If anyone was still in doubt … This mayor surprises everyone with Roccasecca’s candidacy for Italian Capital of Culture 2025. Once again, Sacco’s vision is not about Roccasecca’s candidacy alone, but about an entire territory that must roll up its sleeves to bring all the best to Italy.

“From San Tommaso, which unites the municipalities of Roccasecca and Aquino, to San Benedetto, to the abbey of Montecassino, to Aquinum, to Cicerone and so on. Program together, work in synergy: the challenge, the great challenge belongs to all. An entire territory that has the irrevocable opportunity to recover, enhance and make known its beauties.A territory that, no matter how it goes, will benefit from it on a tourist, economic, social level and so on and so forth.Maybe this mayor has seen us really well.Maybe the winning key to revive once and for all this part of Italy with its immensely untapped potential is precisely Saccos.the mayor who simply gave a kick to the old and outdated politics in his own backyard.

“The mayor with a unique vision of the territory who knows how to imagine another future, the mayor who was ultimately able to infect all his colleagues, even the most reluctant,” concludes activists and supporters of the first Roccseccano citizen.

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