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It is of fundamental importance to bring to the table every day healthy dishesbalanced and genuine, especially for children. It is certainly not easy though. There are actually children who just will not taste some foods, fruits and vegetables at first, while others are unappetizing. Others still too much habit and reluctant to discover new flavors. Not only that, often there is little time available for cooking. That is why we have decided to give you some quick and easy recipes for kids to try. Experience them with us.

Recipes for children, an ideal first course at one year of age

There pasta with tomato sauce it is without a doubt one of the first dishes that are most loved by children. But always and only this first course is not a good thing. In fact, children could get bored of always eating the same food. Here are some recipes for children for first courses rich in flavor and originalwhich makes lunch time a real breeze.

Between best recipes for 1-year-old babies we must certainly remember semulje. To make this first dish really rich in flavor, we recommend adding a little cheese and maybe even a little grated parmesan. Not only that, we advise you to choose a fun dish. For example, you can turn semolina into a smiling face by using a nice red tomato for the nose, two olives for the eyes and a green bean for the mouth. Between recipes for one-year-olds this is without a doubt simple, fast, easy. Not only that, there is also one delicious and fun recipe. Impossible to ask for more from a recipe.

What to feed a 2-year-old child first

Between best recipes for 2-year-olds instead we suggest pasta with chickpeas and potatoes, also in this case with a focus on serving. After browning the onion, it came in the pan chopped carrot, diced potatoes and chickpeas. Add a little sage to taste. Cover with water and bring to a boil. Then cook for about 25 minutes, adjusting with salt if necessary. Then we advise you cook the pasta directly in the pan. This way you get one soup, healthy, nutritious and at the same time richa really single-minded.

The ideal dish is the one that allows you to create the face of a rabbit. Of course, you can also change this little creative idea from us to your liking, and create any kind of animal that your child likes. You can use olives for the eyes and cheese for the nose. The cheese must obviously be placed with the tip facing down and then garnished with strips of olives so that it appears more realistic. The rabbit is also missing earsthat you can reach with two slices of toastclamped vertically into the plate.

First dishes, recipes for older children

THAT children they need one funny and cheerful rightwhich allows them to approaching new dishes without fear and tastes they have never had the opportunity to try before. The situation is different for in older children. These trick they are more or less good for children up to 5 years of age. After instead children want to be treated like adults. That is why it is important to prepare only one right for the whole family and do not choose any kind of dish that makes children feel too small. It is possible to offer them any kind of recipe that comes to mind, but of course colored plates are always the best choice.

plum cake

Recipes for picky kids

THAT picky children they need a little push to taste a new dish. However, it is always possible to bring some really delicious recipes that it will be really impossible to say no to. We especially recommend all the dishes that we usually eat in sweet version offered instead in a spicy version. For example, you can suggest in pancakes but with a cream cheese to which you will also add a few cubes of cooked ham. Alternatively, you can choose to make gods muffins with chopped vegetables inside and a little ricotta to make the dough softer as well as flavorful. Self vegetable plum cake is a very valid choice, without forgetting salted brioche with a little bit of baked pork loin. You will see that with recipes of this type, even the most discerning children will have itmouthwash.

Children’s recipes for dinner

What to feed the kids in the evening? The best recipes for the evening are them read, perhaps with a good portion of vegetables. That creams and velvet they are without a doubt an excellent choice as long as they possess one sweet taste. Ja da a zucchini, peas, carrots and squash, without a doubt among the sweetest vegetables you can choose. To make them deliciouswe recommend that you always add one a little cheese. Younger children love sweet taste of the cheesewhile for older children you can choose one more delicious cheesefrom very spicy parmesan with pecorino, which creates a delicious contrast to the sweetness of the velvety soft proposal. Would you suggest one second court? Try it spinach and turkey burger. All you have to do is make a dough ground turkey, boiled spinach, an egg and a little grater. Boil in no stick pan with a splash of extra virgin olive oil and serve hot.

Recipes for children without cooking

What to feed unappetizing children? Often children just need it feel involved in the kitchen. However, many parents are afraid that children will burn themselves in the oven. You just have to choose recipes for children without cooking, easy recipes for kids to make with mom and dadengaging and real irresistible. Between recipes without cooking best, I bresaola rolls. All you have to do is fill a slice of bresaola with spreadable cheese and then close the top with one chives leaf. If children do not like bresaola, it is of course possible to choose another spiced meat. Alternatively, we recommend mozzarella roll to be filled with cherry tomatoes and tuna or with boiled ham and arugula.

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