Protecting the ceiling from the heat: VELUX solutions

We still often hear about ceilings, which are very hot in summer, where it is almost impossible to sleep at night. But with the right heat protection, you no longer have to worry: VELUX has investigated several solutions that provide effective protection against incoming heat during the summer period.

Many people are not aware of the important role that window accessories, such as awnings, play in keeping a cool environment: To prevent the heat from penetrating, you need external protections that prevent the heat from overheating the glass and keep the room more fresh.

The function of VELUX external protections is to block the sun’s rays before they reach the window pane, and to prevent heat from entering the room.

Before deciding on the most suitable option, consider what your needs are and what you want to achieve with an exterior curtain, as well as avoid the heat: dark room or have natural light and external view during the day, filter the light, have an easy to install product.

Sun protection and blackout

Solar exterior blackout curtains are a cross between roller shutters and exterior awnings, offer good thermal protection, effective shielding and are powered by a solar panel, for easy, cable-free installation.

exterior blackout curtain

They are designed to fit perfectly on any roof and block the sun’s rays before reaching the glass of VELUX skylights. They are made of weather-resistant material and very durable painted aluminum, for a long life,

When open, they can lower the room temperature by up to 5 ° from the outside and block light, to provide optimal blackout and contribute to a restful sleep.

The exterior blackout curtains are powered by a solar panel and are controlled by a remote control, ready for use.

Daylight without heat

In every room in the attic, such as the living room, the kitchen, the children’s room, daylight is essential. VELUX awning curtains not only provide heat protection, they also help keep the room comfortably bright.

The transparent fabric reduces the penetration of heat from the sun’s rays by up to 76%, to get a cool and comfortable internal temperature and at the same time allows you to see from the outside and let in the light. This factor is important, for example, when children play or do their homework.

VELUX awning curtains are available in manual, electric or solar cell versions.

Even more comfort with VELUX ACTIVE

VELUX INTEGRA blinds, both electric and solar, can be controlled intelligently thanks to the VELUX ACTIVE system, which allows you to control VELUX products based on internal sensors that detect temperature, humidity and CO2 and external weather data.

active in the kitchen

If high temperatures are expected during the day, the exterior blinds close automatically to prevent the room from overheating. This means that even in the attic you can enjoy the summer in comfortable temperatures and enjoy a healthy indoor climate.

VELUX ACTIVE allows you to have complete control over the blinds also via smartphone and voice commands.

The two-in-one solutions

You can combine an external awning curtain with a blackout curtain, with the protect and dark solution, or with a filter curtain, with the protect and filter solution.

The blackout curtain allows you to darken optimally as needed and protects the window from heat. This makes it an ideal choice for the bedroom and children’s room, to have a comfortable climate during the day and to darken the room at night or when needed. The blackout curtain is available in two colors, light beige and dark blue and with aluminum or white painted rails that match the interior of the room.

The protective and filter curtain allows you to let in the light while protecting against the heat. It is therefore suitable for environments such as the living room and study where you need to filter the light to avoid glare. The inner tent is available in two colors, beige and white and with aluminum or white painted rails for any type of furniture.

The blinds in the two-in-one solutions are all manual, easy to install, with good value for money.

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