Renewal of identity, narrative of the mission: this is the focus of the meeting on the mission report of the La Nostra Famiglia Association, presented this morning at Villa Parravicino in Erba (CO).

2021 was a year that was still marked by the pandemic, marked by a continuous production of national and regional legislation with important consequences for the association’s activity: the mission report actually captures a general recovery of health and social health activities and this year the total was over 24,000 children, adolescents and young adults with disabilities achieved with a reduction of the operating deficit.
“It was a difficult year, but the beauty of what we do every day, in our mission, does not depend on the absence of problems and complexity; it does not even depend only on the positive results,” comments President Luisa Minoli: “it depends on the more empathy for children and young people and their families, who make them familiar to us, and who find inspiration in the charitable motivation of the Association and in his name “.

“In the field hospital that is the world, the mantra will be in order, preventing us from seeing the complexity of reality, because it denies the evidence of pain, loss, boundaries – agrees the director of the Christian family Don Stefano Stimamiglio, who spoke with the event with a report of compassion as a figure of reality – to deny the proof of uncertainty is to give ourselves to despair: For if we understand happiness as the absence of pain and sorrow, then it will be natural to feel abandoned by a God who does not behave in the image and resemblance to our desires.On the other hand, life and pain dance together, and only through compassion can we get the passepartout of reality: to feel who is next to us, not to shut ourselves in, to take “against the poor who are in us or who live next to us. Only by putting the poor at the center can society be saved”.

“We have sought an organizational response to the pandemic to guarantee the accompaniment of users and families,” explains General Manager Marcello Belotti. Among apps and online platforms designed by the association’s specialists, the Win4ASD web portal recently won the award for digital innovation in healthcare, also adopted by the Lombardy region, to enable family pediatricians to identify people at risk for autism already during 18-month health reports. send them immediately to the Pediatric Neuropsychiatry.

“Here the theme is the association’s very high level of quality – comments the director of the newspaper La Provincia Diego Minonzio, who moderated the meeting – it is a historical reality that we must not take for granted and which helps us to stay together on the threads in a more viable society ”.

“The heart is the added value of this house, which looks to a future built together – thanks to the Councilor for Family, Social Solidarity, Disability and Equal Opportunities in the Lombardy Region. Alessandra Locatelli – Our Family Has Extraordinary Skills That We Will Bring Out With a new table in the Region “.

The association’s new logo was also presented with Mission Report, the first step in a broader communication plan: “For the new brand, we have designed a recognizable playhouse designed for children”, explains the consultant responsible for the Franco Barbano project: “a place where experiences and caring actions do not take on the distant character of routine, and where the basic idea of ​​a welcoming and family-friendly community, suitable for children, takes shape. “

In one year, 24,000 children, teenagers and young adults were welcomed
In terms of rehabilitation activity, the association’s 28 offices in Italy welcomed 24,024 people, especially children and adolescents with congenital or acquired disabilities, while 3,376 children and adolescents were admitted to hospital wards for neurological diseases and neuromotor disorders, e.g. cognitive or neuropsychological disorders, for emotional disorders or childhood psychosis, or because they have lost functions and skills following brain trauma or diseases of the central nervous system.

Scientific research on the pandemic and beyond
The research, entrusted to IRCCS Eugenio Medea, saw in 2021 the realization of 137 projects, the results of which were the subject of 143 publications in indexed journals, with the participation of IRCCS in the major international networks. In particular, the psychopathological studies of Lombard Poland are characterized by attention to children’s emotional and behavioral problems during the pandemic: a longitudinal work monitored couples of mothers with their children for 7 years and found an increase in problems with anxiety, depression and aggression even in the youngest during the lockdown, especially if it is associated with maternal stress.

The Veneto campus continues its commitment to the National Register of Rare Diseases, called by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità to be part of the task force for Pitt-Hopkins syndrome and for rare epilepsy. The Friulian center is characterized by important functional magnetic resonance studies of the plasticity of the brain, such as those on the effects of gliomas on the linguistic network. Medea in Brindisi is also characterized by a rehabilitation approach integrated with gene therapies for patients with spinal muscle atrophy (SMA): especially in children, today the disease, from fatal and incurable in the most severe forms, has become a treatable and significantly improved in its clinical course .

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