Lexus ES 2023: the new design version

Lexus ES 2023: Numerous improvements have been made to the Lexus luxury sedan with the new model year. The changes in the cabin improve the connection and the car is offered with a new design upholstery.

Lexus ES 2023: technology on board

Lexus ES 2023

The charm of this model is represented by the comfort and the practicality, and by new multimedia system easy and intuitive. Designed to improve access to information, communication and entertainment, it is faster than the system it replaces, with more intuitive operation and greater functionality. New features include wireless smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay (or cable connection via Android Auto), cloud-based navigation and voice recognition.

There navigation cloud-based provides access to real-time information on roads and traffic to facilitate travel planning and avoid delays, as well as access to information on local fuel prices and parking. In case of loss of the cloud connection, a built-in navigation system maintains the coverage.

ES now includesstewardess “Hey Lexus” which responds to voice commands to facilitate the handling of telephone calls, the use of audio controls, climate control and internet research. It recognizes 19 different European languages ​​and is able to understand and respond to voice commands, for example by increasing the temperature in the cabin with the “I’m cold” command.

Lexus ES 2023

New connection functions have been achieved thanks toDCM update (data communication module), which enables the vehicle to communicate with mobile networks and the Internet. For extra peace of mind, you can now connect to e-Care. This service can also provide advice to drivers, in the rare event of a technical fault, by diagnosing vehicle data. through e-Care Health Check report, Lexus monitors the vehicle 24/7 and makes this data available to dealers. This way, the owner’s favorite dealer can get in touch with him to schedule the maintenance of the car at the ideal time.

The DCM update also made it possible for owners to remotely access ES with the Lexus Link smartphone app. This allows you to remotely lock or unlock the doors, activate the hazard warning flasher and set air conditioning or heating before entering the car. This will also allow the Lexus ES 2023 to take advantage of the WeHybrid Lexus Insurance program, the first RCA mileage insurance dedicated to Premium Hybrid technology, which allows you to pay monthly “without prior” only the mileage in thermal condition as they drove in electricity is free ..

Also to make ES even easier to live with the center console in the cabin the front has been revised. It now holds two cup holders and the wireless charger is located on the outside of the console for easy access. Additionally, while previously there were two USB-A ports and an auxiliary port, there is now a USB-A port for playing high-definition audio sources and a USB-C port for charging devices.

The external appearance has also been revised with the introduction of new design version which expresses dynamism and distinctiveness with 19-inch black Design alloy wheels, dedicated FSPORT grill, exclusive badge on each front wheel box and the option to choose between 10 colors for the exterior and two for the interior.


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