Lang covid. In children with symptoms, the risk increases up to 46.5%. The Italian study

Having developed symptoms in the acute phase significantly increases the risk of Long Covid in children and adolescents, taking it from 11.5% to 46.5%. Dual incidence in the age group 11-16 years. They do not cause concomitant diseases such as asthma, allergic rhinitis or other risks. The results of the first multicenter study in Italy, led by the Città della Salute di Torino, published inItalian Journal of Pediatrics

04 JUL

24% of the pediatric population, 1 in 4 children who have passed the acute phase of Covid with mild or no symptoms, suffer from disorders related to Sars-CoV-2 infection at least 2 months after recovery and up to 9 months from the same. Having developed symptoms in the acute phase significantly increases the risk of Long Covid, taking it from 11.5% to 46.5%, while the presence of concomitant diseases (asthma, allergic rhinitis, etc.) does not cause any additional risk. .

In general, however, children and adolescents overcome acute Sars-CoV-2 infection with often mild or even absent symptoms. The problem is that many of them therefore do not come to the attention of the pediatrician, and any symptoms that occur after the acute phase may not be properly recognized by parents or associated with Covid.

These are the results of first multicenter study in Italy on Long Covid, with The health city of Turin leader, performed in 8 Italian regions on more than 650 children who became ill by Covid between October 2020 and June 2021 and just published in the international scientific journal Italian Journal of Pediatrics. They are part of the study group, coordinated by professor Enrico Bertino and the doctor Giulia Maiocco from the University Neonatology of the City of Health of Turin, Dr. Gianfranco TrapaniAsl1 Sanremo – Imperia, professor Vassilios FanosUniversity of Cagliari and Professor Giuseppe VerlatoUniversity of Verona.

Children should be supervised by their parents and, in case of symptoms, always visited by the pediatrician. The data confirms and consolidates the value of the recommendations from Italian Society of Pediatrics and by several other pediatric scientific societies: children and adolescents who have received Covid, although mild, should be monitored by their parents and should always be visited by the pediatrician in case of symptoms. The symptoms that the young patients most frequently complained about were in order: fatigue (7%), neurological problems – difficulty concentrating, fog and headache – (6.8%) and respiratory symptoms (6%).

The incidence of Long Covid has almost doubled in older children and adolescents compared to the youngest, who go from 18.3% (0-5 years) to 21.3% (6-10 years), up to 34.4% risk (11-16 years). In the older age group, the most typical symptoms may be associated with anxiety, agitation, sleep, and behavioral disorders. The only type of Long Covid pathology found more frequently in early childhood is the respiratory, with 11.4% risk in the 0-5 year range versus 3.8% after 6.

As the authors of the study emphasize, the results confirm the importance of vaccination in pediatric age as a preventive tool, even from the beginning of long covid pathology.

July 4, 2022
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