Kubota Pack: We played the new Farming Simulator 22 DLC

Three months later by Antonio Carraro PackageFarming Simulator 2022 returns with another extra content, this time dedicated to one of the most important companies of Japanese origin: Kubota package.

It is clear who is approaching Agriculture Simulator 22 as a “simple” managerial / simulation, it will not feel like who knows what vibrations compared to these continuous additions and integrations of park cars of the product. Fans, on the other hand, can only enjoy a DLC that brings 9 new vehicles with it, all signed Kubota.

We’re flying to Japan

Kubota is a Japanese company that was actually born to do something else (installation of pipes and water pipes). Over time, while still maintaining a supply chain dedicated to hydraulic installations, the company has moved on to the design, development and construction of agricultural machinery, tractors, industrial engines as well as garden machinery and small tractors. In general, Kubota’s approach is to deliver easy handlingreliability and great security.

A Kuboda made from a mud

Though multinational in word is not famous for vehicles giganticin this new Kubota Pack, the player will also have the latest tractor, the one produced Kubota M8. This is the largest tractor ever produced by the Japanese company: 200 horsepower and 50 km / h top speed. However, we remain within the “medium” size category, but it turns out to be a vehicle that can engage with satisfaction even in heavy tasks without sacrificing handling.

The complete list of tractors included in the Kubota package is as follows:

  • Kubota M5, M6, M7, M8 Series
  • Kubota R640
  • Kubota SSV75 and ADV
  • Kubota SVL97-2
  • Kubota RTV-XG850 Sidekick
  • Kubota RTV-X1140
  • Kubota M77
  • Kubota LA 2255

Small detail, not indifferent to the more attentive to precision, is that along with this filling of the car fleet, Pack will also integrate clothing of aspiring farmers, apparently all branded goods Kubota.

The result of this DLC in the game is a less interesting integration of Carraro Package, although it is certainly entertaining. THAT Kubota are reliable and manoeuvrable machines that will particularly interest players less accustomed to the sometimes cumbersome driving access Agriculture Simulator 22. Similarly, however, the lack of real specialization within this set of tractors undoubtedly makes the content more boring than its predecessor. As always, great attention is paid to detail with a faithful reconstruction of the vehicle’s interior, chassis and structures, as well as a well surrender of the same in terms of driving simulation and performance.

Farming Simulator 22
Farming Simulator 22

The focal point of Kubota Packagetherefore, apart from the beauty of expanding the buying opportunities, it is probably not always easy to do so simulation the driving experience of Farming Simulator 2022 smoother and more relaxing. In fact, the tractors Kubotaequipped with great visibility in the cabin and smooth steering like a small car, increases the lightness significantly action by the driver, even within medium-sized grounds.

A real Kubota in action
Farming Simulator 22

That DLC it has no bearing on gameplay and game structure, except for the mere content page (almost exclusively aimed at small and medium-sized tractors). It is therefore abundant to repeat what Agriculture Simulator 22 is satisfying from a fun point of view and how comfortable it is from a graphic point of view. It can, however emphasizeas always, the good technical work also done for this extra content, no doubt well integrated into the quality standard of the video game.


In conclusion, it is difficult recommend or not recommend buying Kubota Package. Without a doubt, tractor and agricultural enthusiasts, as well as hardcore contestants, would love to have their fingers in every DLC of Agriculture Simulator 22. However, we must warn: the Kubota package has many interesting tractors, but if you exclude their incredible handling, the effect of the same on gameplay it is far inferior to the Antonio Carraro package, which remains the title’s truly indispensable DLC.

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