July is the perfect month for electric bikes and scooters, thanks to these spectacular discounts

The colossal summer sale of Gogobest, a well-known online store specializing in the marketing of electric mobility products. There are dozens of products on promotion, with discounts of more than 50% and offers unavoidable options for those looking for a pedal-assisted bike, a scooter or other products.

However, there are some products that are particularly interesting both for their price and for their current use in light of the winter months. Let us discover the four models we have selected for you, along with a small list of specially discounted products. At the bottom of the page you will find the link to the page with all the products on offer.


We start with a spinning bike, which we hardly associate with the summer period, where the weather conditions are ideal for long outdoor trips. But these days, with the heat not seeming to provide respite, it becomes annoying and dangerous to even step on the pedals under the sun. So why not think about YESOUL S3an indoor bike that allows you to sweat in the cold?

It is a space bike with magnetic resistance, with the ability to have up to 100 different levels to simulate even the most difficult climbs, Bluetooth connection with smartphone or tablet to have your training data under control. And then you are also ready for next winter, when the cold keeps you at home. You can buy the YESOUL S3 on Gogobest for € 289.99 instead of € 699.99

King Smith Walking Pad R2

If you prefer a pair of running shoes over the bike, think about it King Smith Walking Pad R2, ideal for the colder season, but in the same way also for the warmest. It is designed for those who want to walk but do not mind jogging, as it allows you to reach 10 km / h, a discreet pace for those who do not want to overdo it.

July is the perfect month for electric bikes and scooters, thanks to these 2 spectacular discountsIt can be folded so that it takes up very little space in the house (behind a door, under the bed, next to the wardrobe) and has a support bar that must be pulled out to be able to exceed 6 km / h. It can be controlled with a remote control, but also automatically, depending on your location on the carpet.

It’s on sale for € 499.99 instead of € 899.99 on Gogobest.


If you want to move around in city traffic, for work, pleasure or just to shop, but you do not want to work too hard, BEZIOR S500 is the solution for you. It is an electric scooter, with a 500 watt motor that can reach a maximum speed of 25 km / h and cover up to 50 kilometers thanks to a 48V / 15 Ah battery.

July is the perfect month for electric bikes and scooters, thanks to these 3 spectacular discounts

The scooter can be folded for transport by car or public transport and fully charged in less than 7 hours. It offers an electronic front brake and a rear disc brake for maximum safety, position light and screen for controlling operating parameters. You can find it in the campaign for 329.99 euros instead of 699.99 euros.


Those who can not do without a bike, but would like some help on the climbs, but also just to avoid getting too sweaty at school or work, can choose BEZIOR M1a pedal-assisted city bike with a 250 watt motor located in the rear hub and a 48V / 12.5Ah battery that guarantees up to 80 kilometers of autonomy.

July is the perfect month for electric bikes and scooters, thanks to these 4 spectacular discountsIt is equipped with 27.5-inch wheels and in full compliance with the applicable rules, helps the user up to 25 km / h and then deactivates the engine and leaves the pedals to increase speed. On the safety front, we have two disc brakes, while the 7-speed gearbox is produced by Shimano. It’s on offer at Gogobest for € 799.99 instead of € 1,299.

Other offers

At Gogobest, you will of course also find many other models within promotion, especially pedal-assisted, folding and mountain bikes. Here are some of the most interesting promotions you can find these days:

  • BEZIOR M26, foldable suitable for all terrains for 899.99 euros instead of 1,299.99 euros
  • Niubility B16, small folding to the city for 559.99 euros instead of 899.99 euros
  • BEZIOR M2, a city bike for women for € 799.99 instead of € 1,299.99
  • Niubility B20, multifunctional folding for € 599.99 instead of € 899.99

At the link below you will find all the products in promotion for the colossal summer sale of Gogobest. Remember that prices include VAT and shipping costs, with fast deliveries from European warehouses.

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