General beauty states, starting from tourism and culture. Franceschini: “A duty”. Giani: “Identity and Enrichment”

Mayors, tourism and culture councilors from all over Italy attended General States of Beauty organized by Ali, the league of Local autonomies, and San Gimignano. It was an extremely constructive moment that put the spotlight on daily experiences, opportunities given by the prices as the Italian Capital of Culture or the most beautiful village in Italy, but also on critical issues caused by the post-pandemic and the Ukrainian conflict, by inflation and the increase in the cost of public works, which the local authorities present were confronted with.

On the occasion of this initiative is Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschiniwhich pointed out as valley PNRR important and cross-cutting resources will reach the six missions of investing in culture. Both in terms of restoration of the building stock for theaters and cinemas, but also for the conversion of villages now depopulated. All this has been possible thanks to the many valuable projects that public administrations have submitted to PNRR’s calls. Not everyone is funded, e.g. supply of small depopulated villages has been found 289 the winning projects, of over a thousand participants. Always for small villages is an option represented by smart workbecause there is no longer a need, for some jobs, to live near the headquarters, this can lead to repopulation of the villages also thanks to ultra broadband. Now for Franceschini it’s important “do not waste this legacy of planning ” and identify solutions for faster scrolling of the rankings.

An opportunity from this point of view is certainly represented by private investment which are added to public resources. “Much more can be done – the Minister declared – I expect more and more that the Italian companies that export the products and Italy in the world decentralize part of the profits to regain the architectural assets in Village”.

Invest in tourism and culturecontinued Minister Franceschini, “it is a duty and an opportunity“For Italy, which certainly does not need to promote the major museums and art cities that are already well known abroad, but can concentrate on projects such as. paths, small villages and historic railways. All measures that meet the growing demand for adventure tourism which, even if it is for a few days, allows you to experience one authentic experience in Italy. The ministry then addressed some critical issues and problems that are still being worked on, such as strengthening the infrastructure to make it easier to reach the villages and museums scattered across the peninsula. An open topic then remains with staff and initiatives that allow speed up the processsome of these are being tested for PNRR’s works, such as, for example, a single supervisory authority for major infrastructure works.

The end of these two days has been entrusted President Eugenio Giani which emphasized how tourism and culture in Tuscany are an important element of identity and enrichment. Sectors in which the Region invests with concrete projects and dedicated rules, such as the law on paths and historic buildings. “I’m grateful for Franceschini – Giani declared – because he does an extraordinary job with important proposals. The Minister has created a virtuous competition mechanism between the cities, which we wanted to copy here in Tuscany by proclaiming Tuscan city, capital of culture. This year it is Volterra, who arrived in the final election, where Procida won. For us, it is a great opportunity to offer prestigious and important events, and we will repeat it every year“. At the end of his speech, President Giani launched a proposal, which he will also present to the Minister of Education, or whatever”in each region there is one hour a week in middle and high schools to study local history“. This will allow students to understand why the city or country in which they live has had a particular path and development, a way of reflecting on the buildings and architecture of the place. All this because:”local history gives you the feeling of reading and falling in love for the reality you live inGiani finished.

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