Film festival, Taormina finds normality in the combination of tourism and culture

After TaoBuk, the 68th Film Festival also ended, giving the public an event that was finally free of restrictions and limitations. it’s the beginning of a restart summer

The 68th edition of the Taormina Film Festival was won by the film “Boiling Point”, an English film directed by Philip Barantini, who also won the award for best director. The prestigious Charybdis in gold and silver were delivered on Saturday night, during the last night of the historic film festival, in the magnificent setting of the Ancient Theater, which once again saw the audience at large events – after the last two editions rehearsed by the pandemic – but above all stars and dolce vita glamor that paraded through the streets of La Perla during the long-awaited week.

The star guest in this issue was undoubtedly the Italian-American director Francis Ford Coppola, who was celebrated on the opening night with the Taormina Arte Award, in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the masterpiece saga “The Godfather”, shown in an international preview in the restored version. now in distribution.

It was truly the edition of the return to normality and success with critics and audiences, the just concluded film festival directed by the Videobank franchisee and coordinated by the new Taormina Arte Sicilia Foundation, with the duet of the Sicilian region and the municipality of Taormina, assisted by the Ministry of Culture. Smiling again was also desired by the artistic management, composed of the trio Francesco Alò, Alessandra De Luca and Federico Pontiggia, able to reconnect the common thread that has always attached the city of Taormina to international film. Among Oscar winners and world stars, she was also the protagonist of the Sicilian director Giuseppe Tornatore, who after his latest work Ennio – a documentary in memory of Ennio Morricone – also received the Taormina Arte Award at the Ancient Theater, prior to the musical. performance of the orchestra in Plettro Città di Taormina, in the performance of some pieces of the deceased maestro.

“Boiling Point” collected awards, and also won the award for the Italian critics – Sncci from the National Union of Italian Film Critics, by a jury consisting of critics, Pedro Armocida, Alessandro Cuk and Michela Greco, and also won the best protagonist, with Mask of the Polyphemus Prize to British actor Stephen Graham.

The last gala also saw the presence of star artist Rosario Fiorello, Sicilian and at home in Taormina, who entertained the audience with the usual funny gags. Finally, a moment of special feeling for the awarding of the Taormina Arte Award for Lifetime Achievement to Ninni Panzera, the Historical Secretary of Taormina Arte has now retired after thirty-five years of service and success at the helm of the cultural event Pearl, finally ferried towards the epoch-making transformation from the Fund Committee. It will now be up to Ester Bonafede, the new superintendent, to continue the magnificent work that Panzera has done in recent years. Excitement also for the Videobank Award for the workers, that is to say for the technicians working behind the scenes, and without whom a show in this Theater over the years would not have been possible. The award, collected by the dean of technicians, Claudio Mazza, has a very significant value after the pandemic period that brought the sector to its knees.

A special mention also to the singer Noemi, who enchanted the audience with her extraordinary voice, which opened the award ceremony with a performance on piano and voice, with the cover of “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin, and the interpretation of “Glicine”, sung at the Sanremo Festival.

After the week of the film festival, and after the great success of TaoBuk, the Taormina Arte season – which this year celebrates forty years of events – is now in full swing, with the next appointments of music, dance and theater.

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