Creativity and a competition for the school logo: a regulation to make students the main characters

The creation of something is definitely that, more than any other experience, that makes our students’ duration at school unique. Regardless of the order and degree of attendance. The more this creativity vitalizes the presence of our students in their respective schools, the more exciting our students’ growth path becomes. A unique experience is, for example, as the story testifies, the creation of the school logo. Important because it aims to define the identity of the place one lives in a synergy of characteristics that only students can, better than DS and teachers, as well as better than ATA staff, see, notice and experience. But every good experience must be designed and, we often say from this magazine, regulated. Authoritative testimony is what is represented by the articles of association, which the school director Prof. Giuseppe Sangeniti wanted to “The competition for the school logo”.

Through imagination and creativity, children will be able to become main characters and see their logo on the Institute’s website

“Antonio Pagano” Comprehensive Institute of Nicotera (VV) promoted the competition “A logo for my school” for the creation of the institute’s distinctive brand. “Through imagination and creativity, children will be able to become main characters and see their own logo on The department’s website ”reads the regulation approved by CdI. The competition should, however, and always be aimed at all classes of. The papers can be presented by the whole class or by individual students and should have as a reference the “old” logo, which has no longer been used for years, as it dates back to the period when the school was configured as a didactic circle. Teachers will be able to decide how to manage the creative phase and the selection phase.

Preparation of a graphic elaboration using the preferred technique

Participation in the competition – as indicated in the specific regulation developed and in use in the “Antonio Pagano” Comprehensive Institute of Nicotera (VV) – involves the creation of a graphic elaborate, using the preferred technique: drawing with crayons, markers, pastels. wax, tempera, black and white, collage, mixed techniques.

The properties of the logo

The logo:

  • it must be original and unique;
  • it must be in color and / or black and white and have characteristics so that it can be reduced or enlarged without losing the communicative strength. The colors should be saturated and the edges well defined.
  • it may contain a drawing, symbol or other graphic form chosen by the competitor.

Evaluation criteria for the works

What are the evaluation criteria for the papers? Here are the ones prepared by the “Antonio Pagano” Comprehensive Institute of Nicotera (VV) excellently directed by the school principal Prof. Giuseppe Sangeniti promoted the competition “A logo for my school”:

  • The originality of the design and artistic idea.
  • Aesthetic and artistic value
  • Dimensions that can be reduced without losing the visibility, feasibility and reproducibility of the logo.

Announcement of the winner

Only one task will be the winner with the motivation expressed by the examination commission. A second and a third place will also be recognized. The results will be communicated by publication on the school’s website.

Prices and ways of expressing creativity

It is not necessary to award cash prizes, emphasizes the Comprehensive Institute “Antonio Pagano” in Nicotera (VV) in the rules of the competition “A logo for my school”. Instead, it is necessary to invite the participants to express their creativity and their artistic genius for the benefit of the institute to which they belong. Due to the competition, as in any selective procedure of this type, the school becomes the owner of the logo itself. The first three classifieds will be able to receive (and it is good that this is happening) prizes consisting of didactic material. The prizes will be awarded in the event that could (or should) be held at the end of the school year and where all works presented in the competition will be exhibited.

Regulations – education for creativity and a logo_ISTITUTO

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