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International Award “ART AND CULTURE” 2022, international competition for painting, sculpture, photography, baby artists, poetry and language use, fiction and young poets

Also this year, the award was held, with enthusiasm of unlimited presence restarts, which marked the spring of 2022. The only difference is the place that this year hosted the artistic-literary festival, which was held in many editions in Cava de ‘Tirreni. The Palazzo Genovese in Salerno, in the heart of the city of Campania, offered a very visible location for the competition and for the exhibition, which welcomed visitors during the week of 18 to 26 June.

At the end of the week with events and exhibitions, the award ceremony took place in Salerno in the Palazzo Genovese on 25 and 26 June 2022.

The competition, promoted by Michelangelo Angrisani International Academy of Art and Culture,

it took place with great success and with the participation of artists, poets and baby artists coming from the national territory, Israel, Algeria, Romania, Tunisia and Macedonia. They brought their greetings: the Archbishop of Amalfi – Cava de ‘Tirreni, HE Mons. Orazio Soricelli; Dr. Edda Cioffi, godmother of the competition, psychologist and TV host; the Councilor for Culture in Cava de ‘Tirreni, Prof. Armando Lamberti; Paola La Valle, journalist and author; Eleonora Davide, author and journalist; Antonella Cicale, poet and literary critic. The actor and ambassador for the smile in the world Angelo Iannelli, aka Pulcinella, and the musician Ernesto Tortorella attended. Led by Franco Bruno Vitolo, a teacher of profession and a journalist of passion.

As always, there have been events at the literary festival, especially the presentation of books.

A rich program was offered to the visitors, who started on Saturday 18 June with the opening of the exhibition of the works in the competition and saw the presentation of the novel by the journalist and author Eleonora Davide on Sunday 19 June during the inauguration ceremony of The Monteforte Irpino event, Dominus, the code of destiny, edited by literary critic Franco Bruno Vitolo and editorial curator Giovanna della Bella, while actor Paolo De Vito read some excerpts from the novel. Saturday, June 25, 2022 was the trip to the presentation of the book by the author Livia Carannante from Naples, How many children do you havewith a presentation by the poet Antonella Cicale, from Pozzuoli.

The artists and writers who were awarded by the jury were as follows:

Literary section (poetry)

1st prize ex aequo: Luisa di Francesco da Taranto

1st prize ex aequo: Francesco Terrone from Mercato San Severino (Salerno)

2nd prize: Lucia Fusco

2nd prize ex aequo: Fiorello Doglia from Genzano (Rome)

3rd prize: Ignazio Di Rosa from Salerno

4th prize – Emanuele Occhipinti from cava de ‘Tirreni (Salerno)

Special Reviews: Antonio Arpaia – Antonella Alari Esposito – Giuseppina Amendola –

Adrian Nicolae Popescu (Romania) – Leila Ezzine (Tunisia)

Mention of merit: Luciana Capece – Giuseppina Califano – Annabella Mele – Pasqualina Petrarca – Paola De Lorenzo – Sofia Colaiacovo – Angela Maria Tiberi – Sergio Zappia – Maria Stimpfl – Giuseppe Romano

Literary section (narrative)

1st prize: Assunta Sapere

2nd prize: Lucia Ruocco

3rd prize: Annamaria Farina

Special mention: Giada Masullo

Special jury prize: Antonella Alari Esposito

Sunday, June 26 at 6 p.m.

Closing evening and awarding of the artists who participate in the visual arts.

Opening of the evening with the Macedonian painter Besa Daotti, who also celebrated the event with her presence.

Awarding of the participants in the Visual Arts sections

Non-figurative painting:

1st prize: Nazina Sauli (Tunisia)

2nd prize Davide Pollina from Salerno

3. Aristite Aprea Prize

Special award for joy of life and for digitization technology

to the artist Liliana Scocco Cilla da Ravenna

Figurative painting

1st prize: Lina Di Lorenzo from Valle della Lucania (Sa)

2nd prize ex Aequo: Amel Ajjar from Monastir Tunisia

2nd prize ex Aequo: Paola Paesano from Caserta

Lifetime Achievement Award:

Anna Esposito from Sorrento (Na)

Special Academy Awards

BESA DAOTTI (Macedonia)

Ornella De Blasis from Fragneto Monteforte (Bn)

Sergio Grilli from Torontola (Ar) –

Barbara Spatuzzi from Cava de ‘Tirreni (Sa) –

Mention of profit: Manuela Borrelli from Cava de ‘Tirreni (Sa) – Enrico Di Filippo from Siano (Sa) – Rita Di Novi from Battipaglia (Sa) – Filomena Grimaldi from San Marzano Sul Sarno (Sa) – Pascale Gennaro from Mercato San Severino (Sa) – Maria Stimpfl from Padavena (Belluno) – Zambrano Raffela from Castel San Gorgio (Sa) – Dina Zilberberg (Israel) – Mohamed Larachiche (Algeria)

Baby artist section:

1st prize Iuganaria Denisa Paraschivva

2. Onisimiuc Ana-Maria Prize

Corona Ionut Prize

4 Morisca Alina-Ioana Award

5. Nchita Daria – Crina Prize

Special price

Anna Angrisani and Susy Angrisani from Mercato San Severino (Sa) – Sveva Adinolfi

Special reports

Mazzareanu Georgina – Daniela, Nechita Petruta-Valetina, Descalù Andrado, Gabriela, Lificiu Mihaela Ionela, Filip Maria, Mafieanu Gheorghe, Monteanu Alexandru Iulian, Vasileniuc Stefan – Eugen, Flutur Andrei, Sebastian, Miteschu Andrew

Photo section

1st prize: Flora Cocchi from Arezzo

2nd prize: Neji Chouk from Tunisia

3rd prize ex Aequo: Gianna Burroni from Castiglione Fiorentino (Arezzo)

3rd prize ex Aequo: Pasquale Esposito from Cava de ‘Tirreni (Sa)

4th prize: Lucia Ruocco from Maiori (Sa)

A parchment was handed out to the non-award winners in all departments for the prestigious participation.

At the end of the evening, President Michelangelo Angrisani, satisfied with the organization of the event, thanked all the participants, the authorities and those who intervened, the municipality of Salerno seems to have made the premises available for the organization of the event and to all the partners involved. in the organization of the event, and invites everyone to participate in the next appointments and sign up for the Academy.

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